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ISIS Released Footage Of Recent Car Bomb Attack In Iraq’s Mosul

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ISIS Released Footage Of Recent Car Bomb Attack In Iraq’s Mosul

Screen grab from Amaq’s video.

On June 4, ISIS news agency Amaq released a video showing a recent car bomb attack in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul.

According to the terrorist group’s claims, the attack, which took place on May 23, targeted a gathering of Iraqi government troops in al-Ta’mim district in Mosul.

ISIS claims do not add up. The group didn’t announce the attack when it took place. Only now we are hearing about it from Amaq. Another problem with the group’s claims is that the Iraqi media didn’t report any attack on government forces in Mosul on May 23.

The only event that can be found from that day in Mosul was a fire that erupted in a civilian-owned Kia Rio car in al-Ta’mim district. The fire injured five civilians who were aboard the car at the time. Back then, security forces said the fire was an “accident”.

ISIS cells in Mosul city may have been behind the car fire. If this was the case, then the terrorist attack was a complete failure and the group claims are misleading and false.

In the last few months, ISIS cells orchestrated a number of bombings in Iraq. Three people were killed and 20 others were injured in the most recent attack which targeted the Shiite-majority district of al-Kadhimiya in the northern outskirts of the capital Baghdad.


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