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JUNE 2021

ISIS Publishes Footage of Aerial Attack on Iraqi Servicemen in Mosul (Video)

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A video, showing an aerial attack of a drone of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group on Iraqi servicemen in Mosul, has been published online.

ISIS Publishes Footage of Aerial Attack on Iraqi Servicemen in Mosul (Video)

Photo: Twitter / dkimball12

The Islamic State (IS) terrorist group has published the first footage of a successful air attack on a group of Iraqi servicemen in Mosul. The video shows a bomb or a grenade, thrown off from a drone on the group of people, which struck all around.

Earlier, the IS at least two times reported about dropping bombs on the enemy’s manpower and military equipment (one of these attacks was launched on Kurds and the French Special Forces in the Syrian province of Raqqa). The last video of terrorists demonstrates the real effectiveness of dropping unguided ammunition on groups of servicemen.

The IS manufactures its own small unmanned aerial vehicles (both glider-borne drones and quadcopters). A significant part of reconnaissance is conducted by IS terrorists through the use of such drones.

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OH god

Toni Matsi

:D shitbomb


Why is the moment before the explosion blacked out? Could it be faked?

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