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JUNE 2023

ISIS performs first attack on US mainland

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ISIS performs first attack on US mainland

AlMasdarNews reports: ISIS sympathizer / operator performs worst mass shooting in US history with 50 dead, 53 injured at an Orlando, Florida night club; The Pulse.

It is not yet known if the shooter was directly led by ISIS handlers or if he was self inspired. About 20 minutes into the attack the gunman called 911 and swore allegiance to Daesh and it’s leadership. The shooter was later killed in a shoot out with the police.

The shooter Omar Saddiqui Mateen born in NY with parents from Afghanistan was already on the FBI watch list of Islamist extremist sympathizers and had been interviewed twice by FBI in relation to extremist views and connections to another man who went to Syria and subsequently became a Daesh suicide bomber.

Despite being on the FBI watch list he held a security position at federal building.

During the day the US president stated “This was an act of terror and hate”.

All presidential nominees made statements condemning the attack and some took the opportunity to hammer down on the availability of firearms in the US, no mention of availability of weapons for terrorists in the middle east was however made in any of the statements

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Another reason to vote for Trump.

Real Anti-Racist Action

He was a registered Democrat. Once again, Brown-Democrats are committing Terrorist attacks. This is not a religious problem, this is a Racial problem. The Koran teaches peace. Browns are genetically violent.. http://conservative-headlines.com/ http://www.dailystormer.com/

Gabriel Hollows

The Koran does not teach peace. Chechen muslims are white and just as violent. You don’t see Christian terrorists of any kind.

Though one could argue all terrorism comes from US and Israel funding and training and has no religious fundamentation.

Gregory Louis

Umm..the OKC bombings -,- he was a christan radical militiamen

Real Anti-Racist Action

George Washington was a Terrorist who terrorist the UK-Empire’s police. The question is whether, the UK-Empire was the good guys, or the Terrorist. The UK-Empire terrorist a lot of people, so in the end the people terrorist them back into submission. http://faithandheritage.com/

Real Anti-Racist Action

Christ Immanuel, is not a Christian. Neither was Paul the Apostle. It is a Pagan name assigned originally to Paul the Apostle, which means “Little Christ” which Paul rejected. Hillary is a Christian terrorist. Obama is a Christian Terrorist. FDR was a Christian Terrorist. Bush is definitely a Terrorist. While non of these name were followers of Christ Himself, they are terrorist of the Pagan practicing “Christian” Terrorist. If someone uses the Pagan-Cross, they cannot be filled with Christ. As we are forbidden from making or wearing of any images.

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