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ISIS Operation In Al-Qaryatayn Was Supported By US-Backed Groups – Report


ISIS Operation In Al-Qaryatayn Was Supported By US-Backed Groups - Report

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Back on October 1, ISIS was able to reach al-Qaryatayn town in the southern Homs countryside thanks to a direct help form US-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups, the Hezbollah media wing in Syria said on October 22.

The report said the US-backed FSA groups of Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya and Ahmad al-Abdo Forces opened a route for ISIS fighters through an area under their control south of al-Qaryatayn town. ISIS fighters and former fighters of the US-backed New Syrian Army reportedly entered al-Qaryatayn town via this route.

Jaysh Usud al-Sharqiya and Ahmad al-Abdo Forces are both stationed in the US-led coalition base in al-Tanaf area near the Syrian-Iraqi border. The two US-backed FSA groups also control several areas in the Eastern Qalamun Region that’s besieged by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

The Hezbollah media wing didn’t provide any evidence to support its report. However, there is little doubt that some side helped ISIS to reach al-Qaryatain town in the heart of the Syrian government areas.

Syrian oppositions sources revealed that over 39 civilians were killed by ISIS fighters in al-Qaryatayn town. Syrian pro-government sources said that most of the civilians who were killed by ISIS are supporters of the government. Dozens of other civilians including women and children were freed by the SAA when it recaptured the town.

On October 6, the Russian Defense Ministry also accused the US-led coalition of turning the at-Tanf area into a “black hole” used by ISIS mobile groups to attack the government-held area.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    The US and Israel are in such a blind panic now that the US Coalition has been forced into overtly supporting their previously covert terror gangs and warlords.

    • Ace

      The way the US clings to Syria you’d swear it has vital strategic significance to the US on the order of Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Normandy,bthe Alamo, and Gettysburg combined.

      Israel and Saudi Arabia must really have laid down the law. Hold Syria at all cost!

  • Enkidu

    Once the SAA clears the Euphrates, they MUST clean up all those green pockets in western Syria, or else we’ll see a lot more “””ISIS””” attacks coming out of nowhere.

  • Lupus

    US , SA & Israël = axe of evil