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ISIS Once Again Expands Control In Northern Hama, Captures 4 Villages


ISIS has further expanded control in northern Hama and captured 4 more villages from Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda).

According to reports, ISIS members have captured the villages of Aliya, Suruj, Abu Marw and Umm Sahnk. Clashes have been also reported in Abu Khanadiq. This village remains contested.

Earlier this week, ISIS cells captured the villages of Abu Hariq, Ma’sarah, Abu Kusur and Tulayhat and started the new wave of expansions in the Hama countryside.

The situation once again shows the real level of control of the sides over the captured areas. While Hayat Tahrir al-Sham formally controls a large area in the northern Hama countryside, indeed, the group does not have enough forces to counter even ISIS cells.

ISIS Once Again Expands Control In Northern Hama, Captures 4 Villages

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  • dutchnational

    It seems HTS has allies that support them :

    source :

    Qalaat Al Mudiq‏
    Volgen @QalaatAlMudiq volgen
    #Pt. #TIP officially confirms its involvement to counter Regime offensive in NE. #Hama. Pics show 10s of Regime fighters escaping on Shakhiter front.

    • Gary Sellars

      Our resident terror-sympathiser speaks out… he gets himself off on the idea of HTS holding its ground…

      • dutchnational

        It seems assaophyles think that because someone paints the whole picture and not only SF (or their own) propaganda, that that means someone is pro HTS or whatever. These onesided comments (and reports btw) are distorting views on reality.

        I my self prefer reality, even when I do not like the reality. As for my preferences, I tend to support minorities being repressed by dictators and as such, my symphaties here are with the kurds, and their allies, in Syria. The fact they have multi ethnic policies, multi religion policies and multi gender policies increases my feeling of support for them.

        To wrap it up, again a comment of a sexual nature. What is with you ass-adophyles.

        Are you all a wanking masturbating ass oriented lot? Go somewhere else then, please. There are better sites for those preferences.

        • Jc Plancarte

          You keep believing that propaganda campaign about the “heroic” Kurds, ha? I bet they used some of the same PR firms that came up with the anti-Syrian demonizing campaign to brainwash naïve sheep into believing in the “evil Assad” “dictatorship”, just like they did with the same old trick on the “evil Saddam Hussein” and “evil Qaddafi” “dictatorships”!!! Very good PR stunts to keep fooling old dogs with the same old tired trick, ha? The zio-Kurds are nothing but traitor dogs that bite the hand that fed them. Running away from persecutions in Turkey they found refuge in Syria, only to repay Syria by back-stabbing them and let in the Zionist mafia and their dogs in the US military!!! You “heroic” Kurds are conducting ethnic cleansing against Christians and Arabs. They murder their leaders, take away their properties and their rights which were guaranteed under Syrian and Iraqi law!!! Iraq and Syria should round them all up and march them to Turkey for their disposal!!!

  • Aquartertoseven

    Seems like the SAA is helping ISIS again.

    • Deo Cass

      Or Turkey you mean. It all comes with Turkish troops sending more troops to Syria.

    • Xanatos

      No army, not even cells, can fight and gain ground without supplies. If they are getting supplies from SAA, the fight is real. If they are getting supplies from HTS, the fight is a sham.

      Is southfront sure the fighting between Isis and HTS is real?

  • Trustin Judeau

    Looks like this ISIS members could be from the former Jund Al Aqsa.What a irony ah.Jund Al Aqsa which was almost every time one of the main force in Hama offensives is now attacking their former comrades

    • Thegr8rambino

      Lol why do u think they are doing this?

  • gustavo

    Again ?

  • VGA

    HTS may send reinforcements, the russians should discover them by drone and bomb them on the road to the area.


    let them kill each other SAA will have less retarded to kill

  • Richard Noel Hedditch

    No fighting occuring between HTS and ISIS. Just a NATO re-organisation of its proxies. Nothing new in that. Same deal as between SDF and ISIS, or, previously, the FSA [ heavily backed by USA ] and ISIS. They all had IDs for both CIA organisations.

    • Barbara

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  • eric zweistein

    The ever-dwindling ISIS is caught between a hard place and a rock in greater Idlibistan. Afraid of the SAA they run in the opposite direction – straight in the loving arms of Tahrir al-Sham. Ouch!

  • gold37

    Well, it seems SAA is using ISIS against other terrorists, it may have been the agreement during the withdrawal in Uqraybat area. But hey, its all hypothetical and I am not on the ground.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    somehow nobody want to write about trilateral sellot of syria in sochi. putin said: syria must alone solve his problems. everywhere talk about after assad syria in the next year.