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JUNE 2021

ISIS on the Verge of Collapse in Manbij

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ISIS on the Verge of Collapse in Manbij

After recent relentless advances on the part of the predominantly Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces, the SDF has managed to narrow the blockade against the ISIS stronghold of Manbij, placing them at less than 3km from city’s southern flank.

Over 26 ISIS terrorists were killed as the SDF captured the villages of Faras Kabir, Muhadatha, Al Buweir, Bor Keej, Mazra’a, and Jub Al Kalb seizing ample caches of military equipment belonging to the terrorist group in the process.

This operation coincides with the Russian-backed Syrian offensive on Raqqa and the Iraqi advance on Fallujah. The terrorist group finds itself facing unprecedented pressure across its territories in both Syria and Iraq.

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Well done SDF.

Don’t wait too long before investing the city itself.

Drive on to the west where there are many kurdish villages, as you know better than I do.

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