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ISIS Moves Into Online Casinos To Offset Dwindled Oil Revenue

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ISIS Moves Into Online Casinos To Offset Dwindled Oil Revenue

Written by Tsvetana Paraskova; Originally appeared at Oilprice.com

Islamic State is running online casinos as the terrorists try to compensate dwindled revenues from oil smuggling after they were driven out of vast areas in Syria and out of Iraq, Vasily Nebenzya, Russia’s Ambassador to the United Nations, said on Thursday.

“They are honing their skills with modern technology,” The Moscow Times quoted Nebenzya as telling the United Nations Security Council meeting.

“Caliphate fighters are not shying away from seeking revenue from online casinos,” the top Russian diplomat to the UN said, citing a report by the UN Counter-Terrorism Office.

As of the end of last year, ISIS revenues from oil smuggling and extortion were down to US$2 million per month, while the overall monthly earnings were at US$3 million, according to Nebenzya.

To compare, the UN has estimated that back in 2015, the annual income generated by ISIS from oil and oil products was between US$400 million and US$500 million.

Over the past two years, the U.S.-led coalition that is fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria has managed to cut the militants’ oil revenues to less than US$4 million monthly from a peak of US$50 million, statistics by the coalition provided to USA TODAY in October 2017 showed.

According to the sixth report of the Secretary-General on the threat that ISIS (or ISIL) poses from January 2018, “The ability of ISIL to generate revenues was considerably weakened during the reporting period, largely owing to the group’s loss of control over oil and gas fields in the Syrian Arab Republic. Because of these and other losses, ISIL’s revenues have fallen by more than 90 per cent since 2015. These losses notwithstanding, the group may not have completely lost the ability to profit from hydrocarbons, and it could continue to obtain funds through extortion and the control of checkpoints.”

“ISIL is no longer focused on conquering and holding territory. It has been forced to adapt and focus primarily on a smaller and more motivated group of individuals who remain committed to inspiring, enabling and carrying out attacks,” Vladimir Voronkov, the head of the UN Counter-Terrorism Office, said at the Security Council meeting yesterday.

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If that’s true, it will be just another confirmation (among so many others) that ISIS and their Wahhabi ideology is not Muslim, as gambling is considered a very serious sin in Islam and participating, preparing, hosting and even looking at others who gamble is forbidden.

Well, considering they burn humans alive, it is one their minor differences with Muslims, but still… ;)


CIA has no religion, well, maybe Lucifer is worshipped.


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I reckon that they reckon that since its non-Muslims who are gambling its probably okay. Besides, a Dutch saying says that needs go above the law. These guys are by now probably seriously strapped for cash, so turning a blind eye becomes more acceptable.

Kira Binkley

It’s not really gambling; it is just risk-taking. Right?


Online casinos ??? XD. What a joke. They had time to reconvert from oil trafficking to program online casinos while being constantly bombed. XD.

leon mc pilibin

And these scumbags try to pass themselves off as Muslims, They are behaving just like their Zionist bosses,who are all into the same rackets.All they have achieved is murder,steal,and bring the Muslims religion into disrepute.All the work of satanic warmongering Zionists.


When ISIS start making porn films we will know 100% that ISIS is made in Israel :)


Where is Al-Baghdadi ?


in Vegas ?




Bahamas….. together with Bin Laden


Halal casino’s ? ?

Atif Ahmed

very unfortunate




Them Headchopper Boys should come work for me…… do some Moonshinin’. Them can chop’m wood……can use some handy folks…..


Just kidding….. I would feed them to my pigs……


Don’t be rude to ya pigs, they deserve better food


All the drugs they are taking… nah the pigs get crazy.

Bobby Twoshoes

I believe they’re actually haram, did you expect religious zealots to actually follow the tenets of the religion they murder for? Religion is for controlling peasants and justifying immoral actions, not to make your own life inconvenient. Though there’s a big chance this is just another Yank WTF propaganda fantasy piece to coverup their reduced, but ongoing, funding of ISIS.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

CIA rats don’t follow religions just where the money is going to come from, besides Mohsiyni eats pork.


Americans and israelis are making money using sunnis. They steal the oil, the architectural treasures, mining ressources, the make cocain and cannabis trafficking, …. and are using sunnis to make the dirty job and be responsible for. XD

That’s because sunnis are so shit and bad.

Rodney Loder

Brother Baghdadi, and may Allah preserve his life on Earth for truely he saved Syria, he split the al-Nurash Front that were invincible as an Islamic contingency in that neck of the woods,

He achieved that distinction by head chopping Westerners, something Zawahiri never had the balls for.

Brother Baghdadi gave Putin a US green light from the US public thereby forcing it on to the Pentagon and Washington to enter the Syrian war, September 2015.

Turkey was backing IS then the same as America and israel, Brother Baghdadi verily was their ace in the hole along with al-Nurash and the FSA and let’s not forget the big one that took Idlib in 2014 the Chechen led Turkish Islamic Party, now calling themselves the (TIP) Turkistan Islamic Party to distance themselves from The Real current Saviour of Syria The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan.

Now, !! if here is a list of the saviours of Syria in chronological order.
1. Muammar Gaddafi.
2. President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.
3. Brother Baghdadi.
4. The President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan.

IS was always a Ba’athist Movement dressed up as Islam so gambling on line is OK, Saddam Hussein was a gambler.


I always thought Brother Baghdadi was a Mossad agent…….or some tormented Soul from the Dungeons of Abu Ghraib…..

Rodney Loder

You mean Camp Bucca I think, Abu Ghrabi is famous for US female soldiers enacting pernicious sex abuses against male prisoners, that’s why a lot of the lads fighting the Kurds carry a spare grenade, just in case they get captured by one of them sluts, better to be dead that abused by a despicable female abusing womanhood.

Now about Brother Baghdadi, he’s actually got letters after his name, he studied Phoneme and it’s attachment to the Qur’an and Sunnah.

I study the same discipline in a general form, and I feel affinity with him in that regard, after all, logic is the inspirational part of rational reasoning but falls short of being a capacity to operate of anything other than itself.

2001, Clinton Bush and Blair invade Iraq on a pretext set up by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia using Kuwait as the agent provocateur using the first oil well ever drilled by “slant drilling” that has become fracking.

It was used to upset Saddam Hussein as the bore crossed the border from Kuwait into Iraq, and it worked, but Bush was on top of it and realised the mistake, Saddam was one of us he said and only jealous rivalry was going on, and so naturally he threw the Kurds under the bus, as you would, I would anyway.

All was well until peak oil entered the picture and Bush decided that Iraq had much more oil than Saudi Arabia which is true, so he claimed it as US property an hung Saddam.

Actually those articles about who owns Iraqi oil are still in the Iraqi Constitution, and Trump knows this full well, he would often refer to Iraqi oils as US property, now he realises that is impossible to expropriate Iraqi oil so he doesn’t want to support rebuilding.

So Saddam’s Security Network latched on to Brother Baghdadi around 2007 and made him their front man, which he agreed to, I don’t think he will ever surface again because the US are using his brand name now, particularly in Afghanistan, I’m pretty sure Brother Baghdadi was staunch Mullah Omar.


Thanks for your info….the problem with the US & Allies is that they see the whole world as their property…. and thus can take whatever they like…. especially small & weak countries……because they are the easiest……shows how powerful they really are…

Rodney Loder

Agreed, very sad, but I think it is symbiotic, so concerning the after-life the lucky ones are the least fortunate, because its easy for them to be good.

Kira Binkley

Are you saying, Rodney, that is unfortunate when it is easy to be good? That only if it is hard to be good can one find satisfaction? There are times when I actually have trouble deciphering your comments. Are they in code?

Rodney Loder

To give searching immediate perspective being easy which it is, and verily that “very ease” is what I believe to be fundamentally problematic with all activities.

“So unfortunate to be good” your wonderful analogy, (are you familiar with OKW, WW2 SIGNALS Regiment? was it ENIGMA or something.)

Up front, as, in your face, usually is marking satisfaction as being intangible and consequently unattainable, so ambition is all that there is for us humans, that puts distant perspectives as the only worthwhile objectives.

Feeling great is stretching a rubber band till its about to break then realising a projectile,
In this not so great example of a shanghai ( sling shot) the meaning is clear, the further the stone is from its departure, the easier it is to determine its good intention (aim) which I think takes the place of unassailable satisfaction.

Allah/ God is the only one that can be satisfied, because He is the only one who can Witness Creation, Space and Fate witness it too but they are not really people.

Kira Binkley

Are you searching for a national identity, Rodney?

Rodney Loder

A National identity must be a contradiction of itself and works only through aggravation, like Ned Kelly and the Eureka Stockade verses the Traps created Federation, or Convict settlement verses the Screws created the Colonies before Federation, before that it was the rough end of the stick verses putting arsenic in flour and giving it to Aborginals to feed to their Children.

I’m not looking for trouble, so I’m not searching for a National identity.

Only Personal identity interests me. I’m actually an Existentialist which therefore gives me a choice to define what I perceive sensually in my capacity for deductive reasoning, I’ve associated the validity of the continuance of the past from my empirical understanding by choosing to assume Scriptural history as Divine complaisance to necessary as Allah’s self preservation.

So my life story becomes the focus behind the fundamental questions, cause and purpose of cause.

As a anecdotal account I can say with certainty that the (P) Particle who went into occultation when two Fates were in the one place left a path for me to follow so He might be located and listed in Heaven, thereby causing a New Beginning.

I feel that this is important because all subsequent Fates which are newly created in every systematically sequenced Universal Creation is sympathetic to the missing second Fate, and keep screwing things up because of it.

Kira Binkley

Your comment: the further the stone is from its departure…
is a great comment on how and when humans can determine God’s goal.

Kira Binkley

Can you not see the “fallacies” perhaps “flaws” would be a better description in Rodney’s argument?


Sure…. I do…..Everyone entitled to his or her opinion or believe…. He seems to be a very smart Man or Woman…

Kira Binkley

This is a good friend of Rodney’s. A VERY good friend.
And yes, Rodney is extraordinarily brilliant.
And you are an interesting person.


Thank you…. you both are interesting persons too…It is good that there are people that dare to challenge opinions and ask critical questions. Counteract the entrenched social images… especially in these turbulent times…the world of today needs that…in my eyes humanity arrived at a crossroads….the old days of my people will not return…. but I’m curious what choices Humans will make.

Kira Binkley

There have always been times in human history when civilizations of varying aptitude and development meet and engage. That is a necessary part of advancement—the interaction of different cultures. How that interaction takes place has not always been pleasant. I have never cared for the concept of Manifest Destiny—but I do believe that both Native Americans and Europeans have, or at least should have, benefited. I am a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, by blood. And I am glad Columbus discovered America. I’ll explain someday. I am also the granddaughter of Italian immigrants. Somebody once told me “That’s twisted!” Jokingly, of course.


Perhaps you already read the mail I just posted on southfront….I consider Native Americans my brothers & sisters. It is their believes, their vision on life, their honesty, their bravery and coherence with their Surroundings & Universe…. many times I visited the Lakota and other northern nations. Their situation similar to the Palestinians, their reservations also still getting smaller & smaller. Pipelines across their lands and one of poverty…. … I see a devistated people, their hearts broken when the buffalo died and in the boarding schools.

Kira Binkley

Sorry, Merijn. I misread your last remark. Rodney insists that it is him, that is true. Sure as he** sounds like him.

Kira Binkley

It is more complex that what you have assumed. It is more than political; that is, geopolitical. It is also cultural, and commercial. By commercial, I mean involving geopolitical macroeconomic power games.


It is this authoritarian system that is not mine…and never was. They should play their games somewhere else, the Earth’s landmass already for 2/3 destroyed, wildlife dropped 70%…. And the more little people will realise this (if ever), the more explosive the whole situation can become….more & more people are done with it… but are they brave enough to change current situations..? If they are not, fine by me…I’ll leave for them little woods left…

Kira Binkley

There is no such thing as anthropogenic global warming. You might want to visit One Political Plaza sometime and peruse my topic: “Reading Galileo”—under my pseudonym: CarolSeer2016:



Thank you, I will visit….no I agree, global warming is just like an ice age it will occur naturally too & CO2 levels in PPM can raise 5x to reach prehistoric levels, but both are nice ways for cashing some extra Taxes, but the emptied seas and forests stay unmentioned…biodiversity rapidly changing…


Your ‘brother Baghdadi’ is CIA field asset – with a contrived and cynical none-de-guerre.
Are you by any chance one of those lost westerners who ends up Muslim convert in jail?

Rodney Loder

Very strange comment Bob you know Brother Baghdadi do you ?, of course you don’t, but you can meet me, my address is on Quora I’mTerry Loder on Quora, I have nothing to fear Allah watches over me, I spoke from the cradle and everyone heard, my intellectual property was stolen by Christian swine, all pigs burn in the end my friend.

Kira Binkley

Your cover is well-kept, Rodney. “They” know nothing…

Rodney Loder

Thanks for saying that, I often wonder why you post me, anyhow, could you please come back on OPP so I can show you my new bike, it’s really high and heavy, to compensate Iv’e have doubled my exercise routine, as I would hate to drop it, I asked my mechanic yesterday, – who I might make my pit crew if I decides to race it, (it wouldn’t be competitive but would qualify as a tail ender), – if I should lower it, I’m on tip toes at the lights, but he said no don’t do that the aerodynamics and shock suspension would be adversely affected, I can’t wait to teach you to ride.

Kira Binkley

They won’t let me back on OPP, I’m proud to say.

Rodney Loder

Don’t worry, I might stay on, I got a friend BigMike but he might be a bit angry at the moment, I really got him a good one yesterday, you can see my bike some other time, speaking of proud I’m most proud of you putting truth above all else, not many people will do that if it means they have to think too much, thinking is a labour of love, like exercises the more you do the better it gets.

My latest thinking thing is a motif with a symbiotic beginning that is directed towards parasitism because sustainability is easier that way, but opportunity dictates that it’s the boss, so we like to be bossed about, I’m getting on with my homework Grapes of wrath is a hard way to prove that I love my teacher, but still imI hoping to be the teacher’s pet.

Kira Binkley

“…if it means they have to think too much.” puts me in mind of the Goths, and the other Germans, who would sooner cleave your head into two parts than reason with you. Don’t know why, but I’ve got some ideas…

Kira Binkley

Grapes of wrath? Are you quoting Scripture, or Steinbeck?

Rodney Loder

I hope you didn’t read the “Great Divorce” by C.S. Lewis, I mentioned it to you if you can remember I’d feel flattered, BigMike recommend it to be and I purchased a copy, it’s now on sale if you know anyone with an interest in bizarre fantasy.

The reason I compared bizarre fantasy with Grapes of Wrath is because you mentioned Scripture, and immediately I am turned on to House Pet in fact I’m writing a Logo on my racing leathers that I got from “Again Dangerous Visions” where Commander Glac is stimulated by Hyacinth and imparts a vision of curdled egg yokes that becomes her blood cells, and she cries out “death before dishonor”, I’m putting it on my racing leathers in bright light chrome finish.

Kira Binkley

I have to go now, Rodney. I’ll get back with you. Tomorrow, maybe.

Kira Binkley

Rodney, I’d like to go into Occultation, but “they” keep finding me. What can I do?

Rodney Loder

I was addressing the question of occultation on Quora (Terry Loder on Quora) as a comment about Meditation where nothingness is the quest as a search for an empty mental apparatus bas a meditated state, I am not going to be supporting meditation and it’s goal of emptyness in the question concerning someone’s urgent request for help with his depression.

Also I might remind you Kira Binkley that the real Sacred Chest contained the 10 Commandments chiselled in stone that went into occultation on the Blessed Mt Gerizim, along with the cave that the High Priest Uzzi put it in to protect it from the wicked Eli,, the information is contained in Chapter 42 of Samaritan Joshua.

Divine Favour was lifted for good on that day, it’s our job to locate the original Sacred Chest that Divine Favour might return again.

But not by going into Occultation ourselves, you’d best come over and get married to me, and live on the Sacred Mountain Scanzi, I’m sure that the Sacred Chest will turn up eventually.

Kira Binkley

Well, maybe you’re right. I could be well hidden with you.
I can hear your young men asking you just exactly what I meant by that remark!

Rodney Loder

Yes, I can hear them asking you that too, probably their only jealous of our relationship, there is a lot to be said for being in occultation together, whenever I think about it it makes me feel very sad that material manifestation was initially the result of a misunderstanding that went right to be the heart of matter, that’s why I want us to be together, to reverse a sad situation, the principal axiom is that reversed psychology is predestined by a bad phenomena.

Mainly because Creation was a reversal of nothing so Destiny must be a reversal of Creation, we could go back to the beginning together me and you, if you want to.

Kira Binkley

I think we will need to be married to do that, Rodney.
There is a saying about nothingness:
Nothing is inherently stable. Or, well, maybe it is Nothing is inherently unstable. Or maybe both. I never did like philosophy. I’m a material girl.

Rodney Loder

You said that you wanted to get married months ago, now I’ve only got 2•5 K Australian in the bank, just enough, so jump on a plane and fly over here, well decide what to do when you get here, we could go live in Western Australia but when you see this set up you probably won’t want to sell.
Try to come and have a look I promise to pay your dowry by installments, even if you don’t like it, I will still pay up.

Kira Binkley

Well, I would like to marry a more financially responsible man, Rodney. What can you tell me that might validate your acceptability in that regard?

Rodney Loder

Australia is not a USD subsidiary, when that collapses I will be OK, don’t have any bills to pay, excep Council Rates car, bike and trailer rego insurance house insurance that’s under 3k pa., No gas electricity and I get 450 $ a week on my pension.

But you could get an Solo Business name and sell kiwi fruit garlic semi-cherry tomatoes, passionfruit, tamarillo’s as I’ve mastered growing all of them but can’t sell anything because I don’t want any hassells.

Im very very financially responsible, and I’m a very safe motorcycleist, its really wet now so I’ve been practicing every day I love riding in the mud.

Kira Binkley

I don’t need financial statements, exactly, Rodney. Just tell me what you did with my dowry.

Rodney Loder

I was browsing on Gumtree second hand hand bikes and I saw that this gentleman in Bomaderry only about 35 k’s away from the Sacred Mount Scanzi, which has the blessing of a Spring of long long youthfulness, and I saw a 2017 model Suzuki 650 dual sport bike for sale 2k $ off the list price with only 360 kilometres on the speedo, now it’s got 1,400 k’s and I’ve had it 29 days.

When I was messaging this gentleman about the bike I purposely said that I would not be purchasing this month, indeed as I did with my mechanics 650 KTM in December, also I didn’t attach my trailor to my Suzuki Sierra so I couldn’t bring it home.

However the gentleman said to me why don’t you take it for a ride, in hind sight I realise that he tricked but it was too late.

Still please don’t worry if you’re not happy with monthly $300 USD installments and a $1000 USD down on our meeting at the airport, I have got access to a cheap Defence Department loan so I can pay you your dowry straight away depending on how long it takes to çome through.

My son wil be home in WA in 8 days time to do the paper work, if we really have to.

Kira Binkley

Your answers are so wordy, Rodney, that I have trouble making sense of them. Is this how you were trained?

Rodney Loder

I do study phonetic representation in word meanings because I’ve been in total isolation living as a hermit for 12 years now, to me meaning is best exemplified by correlation (mutual relationship) to Philosophy which was developed as Religion the first Philosophy was Idealism which is ritualistic Religion, when we prey we express the validity of Conception defining what we want to perceive as Pragmatism but to make it understandable without knowledge of Philosophy most people replace the pragmatic context with preordained (predestined) or an omnipotent Creator defining everything as a animated concoction.

It’s funny, Ludwig Wittgenstein was on the right track but he was a pupil of Bertrand Russell a complete imbecile, truth is often a tangent.

The pragmatismi refer to above is nothing like John Dewey’s wild west scenario otherwise known as survival of the fittest.

Kira Binkley

Hmmm. You study phonetic representation, yet I have a visual mind. Maybe that’s the problem.
I agree, Russell was a complete imbecile. His need to find proof for everything must have weighed heavy on his mind. I know it does on mine. He, along with Whitehead, completely obscured the sense of numbers, its proportion and differences, in their Principia Mathematica, when they tried to “prove” them. That is, saying basically that “the class of numbers coming after the class that came before” was a proof for adding one.
He also once commented that he would have believed in God, but God didn’t give him enough evidence. Can’t you just hear God/Allah saying to him, as Russell met Him in heaven: “Just exactly what evidence would you require, Mr. Russell, and I will provide it for you.”
I’ve heard it said that science is proof without certainty; faith is certainty without proof.

Rodney Loder

Picture mentality is not all that common with mathematicians, how do you go with spelling, is it easy or hard, ? photographic memory is opposite to picture thinking, memory is affected usually, and abstruse relevance is more easily expressed and understood with pictures.

Ignorance usually comes with phonetic representation become the thinker often comes up against a blank wall, do you find total blank often, and when that happens most people freak out and cry to mummy for help.

The internet and being a hermit saved me, but I only started the Smart Phone stuff on the internet December 2012, I started Computer Science 1979 but the mole Sue was pregnant so I gave up Fortran.

I know I was a picture thinker then but couldn’t do much about it till all my responsibilities went away, now I can hit to kill, abstract does that, when you have proof.

The burden of proof was always put on the Prophet so they made up stuff, I was born with all the proof in the world the Christians nicked it but can’t hold on to it all I have to do is be a Muslim, and a covert Muslim is even better still.

Kira Binkley

You need to give me a question to search for on Quora, as I’m truly not fully operational there yet.

Rodney Loder

Blast I just answered a really good one concerning a girl who was having a problum with other girls appearing to be more beautiful than her, she had a disposition to punch them in the face, but I can’t remember the exact wording of the question, my answer went straight to the top of the thread.

I will write a reply to one of the many questions people ask me and make a note of the exact wording so I can let you know when you post me tomorrow.

Please try to remember to post me tomorrow.

Kira Binkley

Whose Chest, did you say, Rodney?

Rodney Loder

It was the Sacred Chest, Kira Binkley, the one that was made from acacia wood Exodus 25 ; 10 – 23, it had two winged creatures hammered out of pure gold and fastened to he lid.

Eli said to the people “Oh Children of Israel are you to be told what to do by the apprentice”, !! that’s not a quote I could get you that verbatim information if you ask me to, in fact there is little that I wouldn’t do for you Kira Binkley.

I think Eli was older than his cousin Uzi, they were both related to Phinehas, exactly why discord developed between them was because of Eli’s incompetence, also I do know that Eli was known as the insidious, he was 50 years old at this juncture, but more to the point the Sacred Chest is not even mentioned in Kings 25 and Chronicles 2 ; 17- 21.

I can’t find it now, and will look later (forced into giving up almost time to prey al-faj) but it is mentioned somewhere as being burnt when the first Temple was destroyed, however it’s a very ignoble ending, that’s because it was a stand in for the real Sacred Chest which is still in occultation on the Sacred Mount Gerizim.
The insidious (Eli) made a copy with nothing in it, except rubbish, to fool his people.

Kira Binkley

A Sacred Chest, Rodney? Like a Stand-In for Allah?
There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you, either, Rodney. But you know that. The Telepathic Bridge, without the Face—

Rodney Loder

Of course all rational people believe that the narrative of Religion is man’s deductive capability combining interest with vested interests.

Trump is going from harmful to Religion to being real harmful to Religion, bringing that stinking evil carcass of the grub Evangelical Billy Graham into hallowed halls, Graham is directly responsible for the Rwandan Genocide.

Actually I’m going Democrat Burnie Sanders because of it, queers are not so bad compared to neurotic narcessistic ignoramuses.

I’m hoping he might be the new President sooner rather than later.

The point I always make whenever I can is that Allah has to be impartial, to preserve His capacity for satisfaction and His appreciation of His Witness, so He impounds Himself into our narrative of Religion.

That makes Scripture about the Sacred Chest and the concept of occultation probably the most important aspect of our deductive reasoning.

Nothing Kira Binkley, ? you should qualify that, I don’t have to, I’m protected by Allah, He won’t let you take advantage of me, but who is going to save you from me ?????????.

I now calls it the Telepathc montage if it comes from you it must be good.

I suppose that goes back to the old argument between Pantheism’s Consequentalists and their Pragmatic opponents.

Is possibility open source or closed.

We might be better to discuss that face to face.

Kira Binkley

You have it backwards, Rodney. It is “I” who won’t let Allah take advantage of you. This is a difficult concept to explain.
How do you know Allah must be impartial? He certainly isn’t impartial to Sin. Or Sinners.
Once I met someone in Colorado Springs who wanted to talk about sin, and I asked him who decides if something is a sin or not? And he answered, Jesus, I guess. And so I said, Well, that’s handy. The one who is going to judge you is the one who decides what is sinful and what isn’t.
Save me from you? I think that was decided decades ago.

Kira Binkley

Since you mention it, Rodney, at the Juan Tabo Branch Library in Abu al-querque, where I am, there is a mosaic, featuring a couple of chili peppers, with wings, making their way to heaven, I guess. The little chili pepper souls on their way to heaven, maybe. What else?

Rodney Loder

I just got this communication today, sounds interestingly trippy, just you don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, and I don’t do anything wrong, Chilly Peppers don’t got souls, if I hadn’t spent all my money on stupid motor bikes I would go to New Mexico just to keep an eye on you.

But I do trust you Kira Binkley.

Kira Binkley

Who said Chilly Peppers don’t got souls, Rodney? I can see them very well on this mosaic on the front of the Ju-Anne Table Branch Library in Abu al-Querque winging their way to Heaven.

Rodney Loder

I would like to agree but there’s a kangaroo fight going on it could be a Sign from Allah for me not to tell any lies no matter how much that I want to impress you.

What hàppened wàs in the beginning recognition caused association without morphology to direct it, accumulation only had substance in a conceived mind, and Chilly Peppers didn’t got one.

Fate looks after them, fortunately I am the representative of Fate so :-!

Kira Binkley

I’m going to let that one go, Rodney.

Kira Binkley

Brother Baghdadi is too smart to be a CIA field asset. Though he might enjoy letting “American Intelligence” believe he is.

Kira Binkley

Numero Uno is KiraSeer, Rodney.


And when this scheme inevitably fails like the others what can we expect – ISIL moving into smoked ham business? Halal Hama Ham and Prosciutto di Raqqa all washed down with Sauvignon d’Idlib…

That Guy

Isn’t gambling forbedin in Islam ?


“Over the past two years, the U.S.-led coalition that is fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria has managed to cut the militants’ oil revenues to less than US$4 million monthly from a peak of US$50 million”

Typical western propaganda.The US led “coalition” didnt cut ISIS oil revenues.Before Russia started bombing ISIS oil convoys, they were stretched from the South pole to Turkey


CNN actually tried to pass off Russian video footage – complete with Cyrillic letters in target screen – as being US aircraft strikes on the mass ‘ISIS’ fuel truck lines. The US didn’t touch those tankers sending Syrian oil to Turkey only the Russian’s did – and when Russian;s did it cost the Turkish haulage companies and oil market traders involved dearly.

northerntruthseeker .

Considering the fact that gambling is strictly taboo in Islam, I smell more bullshit here….

What we have here is just another cover story for the simple fact that the US is still sending money by the truckloads to these operatives/mercenaries, and people may start to wonder how “ISIS” is still getting their funding.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

My thoughts exactly

Bulgarian God

Tsvetana is a communist shit !

Cheryl Brandon

I am thinking the same way Garga; They are just your normal garden variety killers.

AM Hants

So much for their faith.

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