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JUNE 2021

ISIS Members Flee To Libya And Southwestern Asia After Terrorist Group’s Collapse In Syria

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ISIS Members Flee To Libya And Southwestern Asia After Terrorist Group's Collapse In Syria

A fighter from Misrata shouts to his comrades as they move to fight ISIS militants near Sirte March 15, 2015. Goran Tomasevic—Reuters

The main forces of ISIS fled to Libya and southwestern Asia after they had been defeated in Syria, the chief of the Russian General Staff, Army Gen. Valery Gerasimov, said in an interview with the Komsomolskaya Pravda daily.

“Some of them return to countries, from which they illegally arrived. The bulk of them flees to Libya, to southwestern Asian countries,” the general said adding that certain groups of terrorists flee to Afghanistan, where “conditions are favorable for them.”

Gerasimov also noted that the eliminating of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and political settlement in the country will be among the key tasks of the Russian forces in Syria in 2018.

In the same interview, the chief of the staff said that soome members of the ISIS are now are undergoing training at the US Al-Tanf military base in southeastern Syria. Militant groups are deplooyed in the US Al-Shaddadi camp in northeastern Syria.

“This base in Syria’s south is located within an area with a radius of 55 kilometers. It lies on the border of Syria, Jordan and Iraq. According to space intelligence and other sources, groups of militants stay there. De-facto, they train there,” Gerasimov said. “Their task is to destabilize the situation. We know that about 400 people from the Shaddadi camp left for the Al-Tanf region. When the main forces of the ISIL [the former name of the Islamic State group] were defeated, they attempted to destabilize the situation by launching an offensive from the eastern bank of the Euphrates River, but sustained serious losses.”

Gerasimov revealed that about 750 militants stay at Shaddadi and some 350 – in Al-Tanf.  The general emphasized that the US has so far failed to offer any explanation for keeping is military presence at the Al-Tanf base after the defeat of ISIS.

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al quaida

Bahaha that picture! Looks like a midget standing on top of that gun.
Well played SF.

leon mc pilibin

USA fighting ISIS,!!,the sickest joke of the year,At least the world knows the truth now,,thanks to the Russians..


I absolutely don’t buy this. How can they “return” to Libya or Afghanistan ? By buying a plane ticket ??? XD.

John Brown

The USSA flies them there for free no ticket needed.


How did those fucking Chinese Uighurs make it to Syria? There were reports some brought their families. Where there is will there is a way. Wouldn’t be surprised if radicalized rich men from Saudi & other Arab countries pay their way.


They come in because Assad was not enough a dictator and they were not supposed to start targeting Syria. But now, they can’t cross several countries like it’s nothing.


Yep, the US is ferrying them to safety to fight in another theater of their choosing. Gotta make it look good for those that actually believe that ISIS is real and is still continuing to grow, thus requiring more money and forces to combat them. These terrorists are not breeding that fast, only taking advantage of US military transportation. China may yet regret not getting into the fighting and eliminating the Chinese ISIS that may end up returning home with new US taught talents. ISIS is a designer virus and the west is the creator and carrier of the infection.

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