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JUNE 2021

ISIS’ Media Wing Releases Report About Results Of ISIS Attacks In Southern Damascus

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Over the last week ISIS fighters had managed to capture the neighborhood of al-Asali and 90% of al-Madaniyah neighborhood in the al-Qadam district south of the Syrian capital of Damascu, according to an infographic released by the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq on March 21.

ISIS' Media Wing Releases Report About Results Of ISIS Attacks In Southern Damascus

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Amaq also claimed that ISIS fighters had killed 173 soldeirs of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and had destroyed 2 battle tanks, a rocket launcher, a bulldozer and a BMP-1 armored vehicle during their advance in al-Qadam district .

Syrian pro-government sources have acknowledged that the SAA and the Syrian Military Intelligence lost around 100 fighters along with a battle tank and a BMP-1 armored vehicle in the al-Qadam district.

The high casualties of the SAA in al-Qadam were a result of the bad timing and terms of the evacuation agreement with opposition fighters in the district, according to pro-government sources.

Currently, the SAA is deploying more units to its positions around al-Qadam in order to boost its defense there. Should the Eastern Ghouta region be fully secured, the SAA will likely launch a large military operation against ISIS in southern Damascus.

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Petrus Levelleri

Clean the shit up of Damascus area.


Unfortunately, ISIS it appears have indeed done a lot of what they have claimed.


It is surely not beyond the bounds of probability that NATO special Ops, set-up this whole scenario. Especially, when we consider Yanki, Izzi & Turki haste to help transfer Head chopping fanatics out of the Ghouta pocket to Idlib & Homs. The SAA onslaught in Ghouta over the first 10 days had smashed through terrorist primary and secondary defence lines, had almost captured 50% of the area and were about to split the pocket. This is when the first ceasefire happened and negotiations between JaI and the SAA seemed to be making progress, however, we were told HTS scuppered the deal. Now back to South Damascus where JaI were under attack from ISIS and the SAA have little time to access the situation, gave JaI their travel passes and tried to bolster the defence line as best they could. However, the Moderate Fanatics had also cut a deal earlier with the Fanatical Fanatics through NATO special op units and either placed themselves or allowed ISIS to place barrel bombs, or, other similar explosives at break-through points in tunnels. This is almost akin to what happened in Jobar last Nov/Dec when the SAA broke through al Rahman lines. Except on this occasion the bombs were already in place and awaiting the SAA……Just a thought

Langaniso Mhlobo

Very true with truth and reality.Thank man.


The commander in Yarmouk must be the same commander that was responsable for years and years of frontal attacks in Jobar, or maybe there are more than a stupid among the syrian commanders. Disciplinary platoon, as soldier, the same rank of the more than 100 guys that the imbecile has assassinated.

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