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ISIS Makes New Gains In Yarmouk Camp South of Syrian Capital


ISIS Makes New Gains In Yarmouk Camp South of Syrian Capital

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On October 22, ISIS fighters captured the UNRWA medical center in the Yarmouk refugee camp south of the Syrian capital, Damascusб from the pro-Syrian opposition Palestinian armed group Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis, according the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

Amaq also reported that ISIS fighters attacked the positions of Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis around the Palestine roundabout in Yarmouk. 2 fighters of Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis were killed, and 11 others were injured during the attack, according to Amaq.

Meanwhile, Jaysh al-Ababe claimed that ISIS fighters used unspecified chemical weapon during its attack on the UNRWA medical center. However, Jaysh al-Ababe didn’t provide further details about the supposed chemical attack.

ISIS Makes New Gains In Yarmouk Camp South of Syrian CapitalSyrian opposition sources reported that Jaysh al-Ababe and Jaysh al-Islam groups are now supporting the Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis group to repel the ISIS attack. Back on August 13, the three groups approved a de-escalation agreement that includes several areas south of Damascus city, one of them is the Yarmouk camp.

The ISIS attack in Yarmouk camp will likely escalate as it appears that ISIS has got an upper hand in the camp. Back on 12 April 2015, Aknaf Bait al-Maqdis launched a military operation to eliminate ISIS inside the camp, however the operation failed within hours of its beginning.



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  • Zainab Ali

    these zio satanic terrorists’/isis days are numbered … everything they do will be in vain – losers

  • Cheryl Brandon

    Kaboom/Kabom/Kaboom says SAA. The ISIS snake will have it’s stood on by SAA foot soldiers. They are awesome and great exterminators! Keep stamping on their heads SAA. Viva la SAA/Warriors/liberators and HEROES.

    • bob balluga

      will have its what stood on?

  • TiredOfBsToo

    When they’re done fighting each other, the SAA and it’s allies can enter and take out the garbage.

  • dutchnational

    Again, those so called camps are not camps at all.

    They should be incorperated into mainstream Syria, no hodgepot of local militia. Those people are either Syrian of not. If they are not, they should leave.

    As all have been born within Syria, they are Syrian citizens or could pro forma apply to become Syrian. In or out. No in between for three generations.

    UN and EU should force this by stopping the flow of money and redirecting those funds to real refugees, of which there are plenty.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      all kurds whos ancestors went i syria after 1945, should leave the country.

    • Jc Plancarte

      No. those refugees are a reminder to the world of a great wrong that was done to the Palestinian people by the UNO, the US and the zionist mafia and invaders!!!! they still hope to return to Palestine and, hopefully, soon, they will. Death to zionist, terror, apartheid state of israhell!!!!!

  • Solomon Krupacek

    this pocket is also assad´s big shame

    • Jc Plancarte

      What do you do with a pocket populated by antagonistic population that is anti-Assad and, or, pro-islamist terrorist???? How do you liberate them, if they prefer to live under terrorist militants? do you carpet bomb the whole camp? The Syria government has higher priorities on liberating people who want to be liberated and be part of Syria society and not an islamist society!!!!!

      • Solomon Krupacek

        conquere them