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JUNE 2021

ISIS Lost Last Chance To Regain Initiative In Central Syria

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ISIS Lost Last Chance To Regain Initiative In Central Syria

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The article is provided by Islamic World News exclusively for SouthFront

The recent ISIS counter attacks were the terrorist group’s last effort to stop government forces progress in cetnral Syria.

The first attack toook place in the area southwest of Ithria where a synchronized attack from both ISIS and HTS militants against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) took place.

The goal was to  to lift the siege from ISIS militants in the east Salamiyah pocket. ISIS militants attacked Shiekh hilal from the south and HTS attacked Sa’an from the north. The SAA and the NDF temporarily withdrew from several points but then government forces gained the lost areas back and even captured some new points.

The second attack took place on the western bank of the Euphrates river in southern Raqqa countryside. ISIS militants carried out an attack against Tribal Forces positions and forced them to retreat from several villages including Moghlah Kabira, Moghla Saghira, Arrabiya, Albu Hamad and Ghanim al-Ali towards the Aljararih field.

In turn, the SAA Tiger Forces deployed reinforcements to the area and government forces conducted a counter offensive in order to recapture the lost villages. Unconfirmed reports indicate that Zawer ash-Shomar and Ghanim al-Ali villages were recaptured.

Summing up the recent events ISIS lost the last chance to regain initiative in central Syria and its defense collapsed in the province of Homs. Government forces are readying for the battle for Deir Ezzor.

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Michael Qiao

seems like the race to deir ezzor has begun


i think the east Hama pocket has to be secured first. Would be awesome though if the troops are heading to DeZ already. Very exciting

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They have already launched the attack some time ago and all points have been recaptured on both flanks. The faint hope charge failed and left ISIS extremely weakened and without the ability to mount effective defenses. They ended up losing the high ground to the SAA near T2 and the SAA expects to capture it by the weekend.


capturing t2 will be an important step. Would be great if that happens this weekend


I’d go for the central pocket. Less ISIS rats that can put up a long fight, plus it would open up roads that can function as an alternative to the road of life to Aleppo and the northern forces. It also has the advantages that it will make the offensive towards Deir Ezzor easier and leaves the East Hama pocket as a juicy tempting target slash killzone for future Al Nusra attacks. That way they won’t cause problems elsewhere that could pose bigger problems. Like Hama, Latakia or Aleppo.


Haha sounds good bruh


Cant Click on the Picture for Full-Size! Please Fix.


I can see it just fine, switch browsers…

Goran Grubić HardyVeles

I have the same problem, can-t open the map. (Chrome, Version 60.0.3112.101 (Official Build) (64-bit))


comment image

Jan Tjarks

This statement can’t be overrated.


ISIS never had a chance to regain the initiative in central Syria, both counterattacks were of limited strength and intensity, painting a clear picture of ISIS’ weakness and immediate demise.


The counter-attack on the Euphrates that gained some villages for ISUS was defended by the Raqqawi tribesmen. I imagine the casualties happened because the tribesmen stood their ground until the end, in order to allow civilians to escape to safety from the black-flag horde.


We can not say that this was their last chance since make they can get air support from their cretators, USA-NATO(Turkey)-Israel. Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran never must underestimate the enemy. Syria-Russia-Hezbolah-Iran must move fast, strong, and brave, and Russia must give stronger air support at all front of Syria army. Best wishes to all syrian-russian-hezblah-iranies heros.


But Russia can expose the obvious! That without doubts the USA and Israel are helping ISIS and al-nusra! They will show that defeating SAA forces are more important than fighting ISIS and for that, the enemy will collapse from within! This is why the West always creates smoke screen scandals in the news to distract the steeples attention away from whats being exposed!
This is where news corps like RT, SANA come into play and why they are pre-emptively being banned from youtube!
But this will fail!


These contained areas are extermination zones as the Jew world order death cultists retreat. The Jew’s reign of terror and atrocity in Syria is coming to an end. And the pendulum has swung from dishing it out to the Jew lackeys being on the receiving end of mass injury and death. That’s what they get for doing the Jew’s dirty work for them. Never trust a Jew. They’re trained, brain washed and mind controlled from birth to lie, cheat and steal for their evil pedophile rape cult.

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