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JUNE 2021

ISIS Lost 17 Militants, 2 Vehicles In Clashes With Army In Deir Ezzor – Syrian Defense Ministry

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ISIS Lost 17 Militants, 2 Vehicles In Clashes With Army In Deir Ezzor - Syrian Defense Ministry

Source: mod.gov.sy

The ISIS terrorist group have lost 17 militants, 2 vehicles and a 23mm machine gun in clashes with the Syrian Army in the past two days, the Syrian Defense Ministry reported on Wednesday.

According to the report, the army destroyed 2 vehicles and killed 8 ISIS members in the area of the 137 Infantry Brigade Base and killed 9 ISIS members and destroyed a 23mm machine gun in the Panarama area and nearby points.

In a separate statement, the Syrian Defense Ministry said that the Syrian Arab Air Force has carried out airstrieks on terrorists in the provinces of Homs, Deir Ezzor and Raqqah. The airstrikes allegedly destroyed a number of headquaters and killed doznes of militants. However, no videos or photos to confirm the claims were provided.

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Amazing that the ISIS mercenaries keep throwing their lives away to no avail. ISIS have nothing to gain anymore, just to cause some extra casualties but paying with their lives as the price for this.


i hope the keep this up to their last fighter


There is a theory that one of the reasons why Russia slow walked its efforts in Syria, rather then trying for a quick decisive knock out blow was to draw out as many Jihadis from the caucuses’ as possible. Much easier to kill them out in a Syrian desert then in Dagestan or Chechnya. In addition, you gain invaluable intelligence as to who these people are, recruiting centers etc.


Interesting where u heard this? Risky too tho cuz of how much damage and trouble they cause

Jc Plancarte

The Kurds are capturing some of them alive. I do not know what for, maybe to airlift them to fight the Syrian Army somewhere else. After what ISIS has done, they should be executed on the spot, like a rabid dog. Some are trying to leave, but if they get caught by their commanders, they are dead. If they make it back to western Europe, they will get a slap on the hand, given a new identity by those idiot governments and allowed to roam free and put their population in danger!!!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Some of the members of ISIS are also Kurdish and they will be inclined to save them. They are no worse than the Iraqi ERD units since they also torture and kill prisoners for sport, US training the terrorists to be better at it.


Maybe for prisoner swaps – these occur far more than is ever reported in media.


I think they do so because they hope that by dying so for the jihad they will get their 72 whores in the afterlife….


ISIS down to using Volkssturm cannon fodder. Yankee Jihad defeated until next time.


Great job by the Syrian and Russian air forces in keeping Deir Azzor alive and well . Godspeed .


Timely air drops of food and weapon supplies as well.


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Hhahahahah good I hope they lose absolutely everything soon :))))

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