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ISIS Loses Last Its Stronghold East Of Golan Heights, Syrian Army Continues Advance

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ISIS Loses Last Its Stronghold East Of Golan Heights, Syrian Army Continues Advance

A screenshot from the video

On July 30, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and other pro-government factions liberated the town of Shajarah from ISIS in southern Syria.

Shajarah had been the last ISIS stronghold east of the Golan Heights and now ISIS members are hiding in a few remaining villages with almost no fortifications around them.

During the past few days, the SAA and its allies liberated the settlements of Abdin, Saisoun, al-Awwam, Ain Hamata, Abu Raqqa, Abu Kharj and  al-Nafa’a as well as the al-Nafa’a dam and some other points.

The ongoing SAA advance will allow the Damascus government to restore a full control over the entire contact line withthe Israeli-held Golan Heights. The defeat of militants will also allow government forces to contribute efforts in other areas across the country – to elimiate ISIS cells in eastern al-Suwayda or to launch a military oepration in Idlib.

ISIS Loses Last Its Stronghold East Of Golan Heights, Syrian Army Continues Advance

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excellente news the pocket djihadist daesh will be annhiled very soon!! :)

Feudalism Victory

No survivors. Let the terror be ended


Daesh is done for good after this. Yes they still have some cells in the desert but thats handable just need to get a crew and clean them out, but Damascus is busy now extracting so many Jihadi terrorist to Idlib and finishing ISIL there. But 99% of Darra Province is been cleaned only 50km2 left to be cleaned from that filthy daesh.Soon SAA will declare victory to all Daraa governorate which means all will be clean in Southern Syria.




The thing that has always struck me wrong by that cartoon is that by sweeping that Jihadi filth over its borders they’re not saving the world, they’re just making it someone else’s problem.

Ideally it should show them taking a brewski amidst headchopper remains.


agree ?

Hisham Saber

On to the Golan at once. The Syrian Arab Army, HDF, Hezbollah, IRGC , Iraqi Hezbollah, Iraqi PMU’s and auxiliaries have the momentum now. And the Syrian people are fully behind the struggle. Syria is largely united as far as tribes and the rest of the populace goes.

Together, the forces of the axis of resistance have at least a 1 million man army, and a civilian pool to get reserves and volunteers.

They would rout the IDF in the Golan in short order, even if Israel, U.S., British and French use air power. That would prove to be ineffective against highly mobile, loose formational tactics, very efficient. The forces of the axis of resistance , after 7 years of grueling attrition type warfare in the desert, rural and urban environments. They have by now been distilled down to perhaps the best fighting forces in the world.

The IDF, mostly made up of LGBQT’s and exchange students from the U.S., as well as criminal Russian Jews, would be rolled over and Israeli society is neither morally nor psychologically prepared for a real battle. It will be a high mobility tactical war and missile war. Since Israel has No strategic depth to speak of, Israel will quickly be eviscerated and rendered militarily defeated.

All it takes is one phone call from Mr. Khamenei, to IRGC Gen. Solemenei, and its on.


Syria has Al Qaeda in Idlib to clean up next, then the Turks and Americans. Maybe Turkey will help remove the Americans, but that is yet to be seen. Syria does not need to open a new front with Israel.


Israel is nothing, with their 130,000 military and 30,000 reserve it is one of the smallest armies in the world, Israel tries to be and look tough to the regional states, like Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran. But in fact the Zionist regime is nothing.First the don’t have land and people to be something. They live in 28,000km2 area and population of 8 million. Small and tiny which means they can be hurt a lot. As of some big state where is has teens or hundreds of millions people and thousands of area km2 its hard to hurt places like that.


Celebrate!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nm7KumM4mqE Full Dabke (best part at 7:12): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5TYSxKN3xs&list=WL&index=18

David BlackBeard

SOHR reports : at least 280 isis cunts died in 12 days … sounds great )))

Feudalism Victory

Terrific numbers cant be too soon


The optics for Israel are just amazing. One of Daesh’s last strongholds a stones throw from Haifa and Israel never felt threatened by them! It’s just so obviously their buddies. Would love to see an expert Israeli explain this.

How would you start? Uh, we like their style of head chopping, so we, uh, provide them with free medical treatment and supplies. Now that they lost we will give them passage to the location of their next mission. It’s a big part of our final solution.


Bit like their falangist proxies in Lebanon.

Feudalism Victory

Final solution. I see what you did there

Gregory Casey

Hurrah for the Syrian Arab Army!!

Gregory Casey

All the ISIS Jaish al-Islam al-Qaeda et al scumbags can break for the border with the Golan and/or Jordan where some may be welcomed home from their evil warmongering wanderings inside of Syria for the past few years OR they can stand and fight and die but if it’s a case of “hands-up” and on to the busses to Idlib they should be taken there asap where they can fight with each other and with the remnants of other terrorist groupings within that Province and in the Mountains BUT we should all assume that there will be open rat-runs available to them across the Turkish Border and that some of these rodents will take their chances but, if Erdogan really is tied-in to the talks with Russia, Syria & Iran in Sochi, it may well be that those who do attempt to cross the border will be (either) shot and killed or imprisoned inside of Turkey upon arrival. Remaining in Idlib may suit some for a time ……. their women (or men for thos female Jihadis) together with children will need rest BUT time will come when the Heavens will open over Idlib Province and all who remain there beneath a sky raining down bombs will be dispatched to an accelerated meeting with Allah. Praise be!!




Isis might be having family reunions in Jordan


Amazing! ISIS has infested the area boarding to Israel occupied territory. Israel responds with bombing Syrian forces, that are fighting the same ISIS. What is going on should be no puzzle to anybody, maybe only to the MSM prostitutes. I guess there will be a while till we see headlines like: “Israel supporting headchopping terrorist group”.


Yes, it is time for Israel to cry for its children (terrorists).


Just as we expected from Syria and aerospace Russia forces, just like that. Well done. Now…, the rest.

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