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ISIS Look at Deir Ezzor Airbase from Mountain Captured from Syrian Army with US-led Coalition Support (Video)

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The ISIS terrorist group has released a video that provides a look at the Deir Ezzor airport from the Turdah mountain, located south of this strategic eastern Syrian city. Controlling this strategic mountain, the terrorists are able to prevent the Syrian Air Force flights from the Deir Ezzor airport.

ISIS seized the Turdah mountain on September 17 after the US-led coalition conducted air strikes on the Syrian army positions in the area, killing 62 Syrian servicemen and injuring over 100 others.

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ISIS = Israel = USA

Tom Johnson

Your math sucks. Bobbbbbyyyyyy


Shut up kike

Harlequin A.D.

That’s not math. Tommmmyyyyyy. Why would Washington stop supporting groups of people who were doing their bidding, just because they coalesced into one huge force and declared a new caliphate? If it helps them achieve their ends (the overthrow of the Assad regime), they don’t give a shit how evil these animals are. They’ve waged a spectacular media campaign that has convinced most of our citizens that we are fighting AGAINST Daesh, when, by all accounts on the ground, we are assisting them. It’s sad to see my fellows gobble these theatrics up year after year for the last 15 years. My country doesn’t exist anymore, it was completely obliterated along with those towers, and the fact that this whole catastrophe was planned more than 20 years ago, goes unnoticed by most, it makes me sick to my stomach every time I think about it. People in our own government TOLD US THIS, they put it in ink, they delivered it to you on a silver platter in speeches (see: General Wesley Clark) and you still don’t get it. And Bobby, shut the fuck up, The Israeli regime are pieces of shit, but going around calling people kikes…. just kill yourself man, we don’t need people like you, the Israeli people as a whole are some of the best this tiny rock has to offer.

Tom Johnson

Hey fuqtard and you are. It’s not me attacking Israel, it’s the other fuqtards here that hate Jewish people. As for whose country this is, I gaurantee that you are some mongrelized genetic flesh sack post 1700 immigrant piece of shit, you should kick your dad in the balls and punch your mom in the gut for having an illiterate dumbass of a kid. GTFO.

Tom Johnson

Not sure about crazy Wesley, but I do know what Biden is pushing. I get it, O’blamer has put the US between a series of blunders, specifically the Baghdad bugout (resulting in the formation of ISIS), that require a military response and lies regarding the CIA program that armed the rebels that Putin has successfully conflated to ISIS. I see a greater evil and that is the “thugocracy” in Moscow, Putin has bankrupted his country and promised the Russian people a false path. I know and can smell propaganda both foreign and domestic-this site is nowhere near as bad as Dugin’s RT.

Peter Jennings

Isreali Secret Intelligence Sissy’s who’s fulfillment in life is beating women and children. They are proud of their racism too.


LOL, the graphics on that plane are awesome.

The thing that gets me is that ISIS dont even call themselves ISIS, they call themselves some squiggly lines that we can’t read. Like on the picture of the tank that appears to be being pushed in the previous article.

I dont think ISIS could operate a fighter plane. They probably couldn’t put the fuel in for starters or figure out the ignition sequence, and even if they did they would make 2 flights and then come up with airplane trouble they couldnt fix.

If ISIS wanted air power they would use crop dusters and small aircraft and drop hand grenades or something.

Total disinformation.

Or is it? Now what I have heard is that they have a special terrorist base in low earth orbit cunningly called ISS to hide the fact.

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