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JUNE 2021

ISIS-linked Teens Planned attacks in Belgium

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ISIS-linked Teens Planned attacks in Belgium

Antwerp, Belgium

A group of terror suspects arrested in Belgium were planning attacks in crowded places in Antwerp, local media reported, citing sources close to the investigation. The city’s main railway station was among the aims of the planned attacks.

4  alleged jihadists are were arrested on May 25 in and around Antwerp on suspicion of planning an attack. The jihadists, edged between 16 and 19, were also suspected of recruiting people to travel to conflict zones in Syria or Libya.

“The four were more involved in the part of recruiting,” Eric Van der Sypt, a spokesman for Belgium’s federal prosecutors, told AFP. The official added that the authorities “found traces of plans for an attack in Belgium.”

The teens were charged with “participating in the activities of a terrorist group,” the prosecutor said.

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April 20, 2016 The Brussels Terror Attacks: Fake Videos and Images. “The Man in the Hat By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

After a month of exhaustive police investigations, the Belgian authorities have identified and arrested the alleged (surviving) terror mastermind of the airport bombing, the “man in the hat” Mohamed Abrini. The other four alleged terrorists involved in the kamikaze bombing attacks at the airport and the metro station are reported dead.

According to reports, Abrini was identified on a Brussels airport still photo released by one or more airport video security surveillance CCTV cameras. This photo –which identifies three of the terror suspects– has become a central piece of evidence in the police investigation.

In this still photo, the mystery “man in the hat” allegedly Mohamed Abriniis seen accompanying the two alleged suicide bombers, who according to reports blew themselves up in Brussels airport.



March 22, 2016 Fake Video Used in News Coverage of Brussels Terror Attacks By Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Brussels News media Dernière Heure at dhnet.be as well as La Libre reported on the terror attacks by providing a CC Camera Airport Surveillance Video of the terror attacks. The published video footage was fake as documented by a blog posting on Media Part. The video pertains to a terror attack at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport on 24 January 2011 (posted on youtube in November 2013).



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