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ISIS-Linked Individuals Carry Out “Accidental Terror Attack” In Bangladesh

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ISIS-Linked Individuals Carry Out "Accidental Terror Attack" In Bangladesh

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On July 29th, three individuals carried out an “accidental” terrorist attack in Bangladesh.

The situation was this:

Law enforcement officers in Bangladesh detained three suspects in the city of Dhaka. When the men were searched, they were found in possession of firearms and were taken to the police station.

In the police station, during interrogation, the individuals admitted that they had IEDs in their bags.

“They also had a weighing machine with them, which they said, had a bomb inside,” allabi Police SI Aklima Khanam said.

Police informed the bomb disposal unit which inspected the device in the duty officer’s room. Later, another specialist team was called in but the explosive went off before it could arrive, DMP Commissioner Md Shafiqul Islam said.

“The device contained multiple explosives. One of them exploded but specialists are working to defuse the others,” DMP Additional Commissioner (Crime) Krishna Pada Roy said.

As a result of the explosion, five police officers were injured and nobody died.

“The three arrestees have a criminal history. We are investigating the matter and they are being interrogated.”

But DMP Deputy Commissioner (Media) Walid Hossain said there is information indicating that the detainees are ‘hired killers’.

“Police had intelligence that they were planning to murder a local political leader. An investigation is ongoing and the matter will become clear at the end of it.”

The detainees are in custody and were unharmed.

ISIS-Linked Individuals Carry Out "Accidental Terror Attack" In Bangladesh

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According to the police, they were planning an assassination attempt on a regional politician, as a result of some sort of rivalry.

Hours later, ISIS claimed responsibility for the accidental terrorist attack.


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Mostly peaceful protesters?

Bobby Twoshoes

They may have the same masters but ISIS can only dream of the media support BLM receives, even when the Yanks were sending out Hollywood crews to shoot ISIS propaganda they didn’t get half the verbal fellatio the presstitutes currently give BLM.

Lone Ranger

Never knew isis was doing stand up…

cechas vodobenikov

unlike ISIS barbarians that fight for their twisted principles the fake liberal fascist BLM sympathizers call their mommies and the pretend lawyers to defend their looting and vandalism

johnny rotten

Don’t believe the hype!

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