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ISIS Legacy: Camp For Terrorists’ Wives and Children Being Built Near Mosul


ISIS Legacy: Camp For Terrorists' Wives and Children Being Built Near Mosul

The infamous al-Hol camp in Syria. Click to see full-size image

A camp for thousands of wives and children of ISIS militants is being constructed near the caliphate’s former capital Mosul.

According to KirkukNow, the camp is currently being constructed and is 50% ready in the Zummar subdistrict, west of Mosul.

The Zummar subdistrict is located in Tel Afar district and is the subject of a territorial dispute between the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government in Erbil and the central government in Baghdad.

Zummar is a disputed subdistrict between Kurdistan Regional Government and Federal Government. The subdistrict is part of Tal Afar district, 63 km west of Mosul.

It is entirely unclear who is building the camp.

Ahmad Jafar, Zummar commissioner, said, “building the camp has started for three months. 50 percent of it is completed and ISIS women and their children are supposed to be transferred to the camp.”

“We have not been informed about the establishment of the camp, even the governor of Nineveh was not informed. People of Zummar disagree with opening the camp because they think it will lead to lack of security stability and service delivery,” he added.

Sherwan Jamal, who is an Iraqi parliament member and who has investigated the reason for building the camp, explained that, “the camp is being built for the women and children of ISIS.”

He said he disagreed with the camp and said that, “we will try our best to prevent the establishment of the camp as soon as possible and will collect signatures for it in the Council of Representative.”

According to Jamal, the transfer of the ISIS women and children to the camp in Zummar would begin in early March.

The children and women in these camps will come from the infamous al-Hol camp in Hasakah province, north-eastern Syria.

Rojhalat Ali, an advisor to the refugee camp in Jazira region, north-eastern Syria, stated, “72 thousand people who are ISIS women and children, Yazidis, and as well as people who were displaced due to Baghouz offensive live in the camp.” Baghouz was the last foothold of ISIS in Syria.

ISIS women and their children were supposed to be moved to Hammam Al Alil, Jida’a, Haj Ali camp in southern Nineveh but Jamal said, “people refused the decision which, as a result, was not implemented.”

The situation with both refugee camps and prisons in Iraq is deplorable. People are sent there, maybe because they were “noticed” during protests, suspected of assisting the “sleeping cells” and residents of settlements that were under the control of militants.

Prisoners are indoctrinated with the ideas of extremism and terrorism – and they have no alternative, because during the time of “imprisonment” hatred towards government structures only grows stronger, given the conditions of detention.

In this regard, the resettlement of ISIS wives and children in the province of Nineveh is a serious security challenge in the region. Since 2019, in the district of Al-Khader south of Mosul, attacks by ISIS fighters on Popular Mobilization Units positions have become more frequent. Terrorists on February 7th published another photo of the execution of local residents, convicted of sympathy for the government. The so-called “reconnaissance and search operations”, which are carried out by the Nineveh operational command and Popular Mobilization Units seem to fail to bring any results, with the attacks ramping up.




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