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ISIS Leadership In Euphrates Valley Refuses To Surrender Prompting New Attack By US-Backed Forces

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The US-led coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have launched their final attack on the remaining ISIS-held area in the middle Euphrates River Valley, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on February 6.

According to the UK-monitoring group, the terrorist group’s last positions are currently under bombardment. Heavy clashes can be also heard in the region.

ISIS Leadership In Euphrates Valley Refuses To Surrender Prompting New Attack By US-Backed Forces

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The decision to launch the attack was reportedly taken because ISIS leaders had refused to surrender. Most of them are now trying to flee to the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside or the group’s last pocket in the Homs desert.

More than 37,000 people have left the ISIS-held pocket since last December. The number includes 3,400 terrorists, mostly foreigners, who were captured by the SDF.

Despite the lack of manpower and limited resources, the remaining ISIS fighters appear to be willing to fight until the death. Due to this, the final battle may last for several days, if not weeks.

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Incredible how uneficient is SDF. So long time to capture this small piece of land. WOW ! Turkey or SAA will just destroy them so easily.

Pave Way IV

CENTCOM: Show U.S. taxpayers the prisoners or head-chopper bodies, otherwise your f’king LYING. You’re about as trustworthy as the MSM, SOHR or your neocon/Israeli-firster masters in DC. Why not just do your country a favor and retire now. Take that cushy defense contractor job and GTFO of the U.S. military. You’re a sad joke to your country today. Check with the Israelis or UAE if you want to remain in the military – those psychopathic bastards are hiring. You’ll fit right in and get to work with your ISIS buddies again.


SouthFront needs to grow a set of balls and get the US’s dick out of it’s mouth. Stop reporting fake news about he fake battle for Hajin.

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