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ISIS Leader Flees after Robbing Treasury


ISIS Leader Flees after Robbing Treasury

An ISIS flag on a motorbike in Palmyra in March 2016. PHOTO: REUTERS

Originally appeared at ABNA

The ISIS leader who was in charge of Baitul-Mal (the state’s treasury) has reportedly stolen a sizable amount of money and fled along with a number of militants.

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) official from Mosul said in a statement on Friday that IS Wali (manager) of Baitul-Mal along with three other militants have fled the state to an unknown location after they took out a large amount of money and other valuable archaeological pieces from the state’s treasury known as Baitul-Mal.

IS later executed six guards of the treasury building on charge of facilitating the robbery, the statement added.

The Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul fell to the IS militants in mid-2014 after the collapse of the Iraqi army in northern Iraq, and the city became the group’s main bastion in Iraq which it has been keeping the hold of it ever since.



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  • Daimler

    Nice, kill each other

  • MeMadMax

    Old, old news, this happened a few months ago…