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ISIS Leader ‘Baghdadi’ Urges No Retreat as Iraqi Troops Deploy near Mosul


ISIS Leader 'Baghdadi' Urges No Retreat as Iraqi Troops Deploy near Mosul

The ISIS terrorist group has released an audiotape from its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, ordering the group’s members and “Iraqis” to defend the city of Mosul against the ‘Western crusaders’ and their ‘Iraqi minions’.

The recording has not been verified yet but some experts have said Baghdadi may be inside Mosul alongside ISIS terrorists. Baghdadi declared a caliphate in Mosul two years ago.

The ISIS leader called Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan an ally of the crusaiders and called ISIS members and their supporters to attack Turkey.

The auditape indicates that the US plan to allow ISIS fighters to redeploy from Iraq to Syria has ended with a total failure. ISIS is offering a battle to the Iraqi military, the Popular Mobilization Units and the Kurdish Pesherga alongside with the US Special Forces. In this case, US statements about fast and pinpoint operation to retake the city from ISIS is a low-quality propaganda.

The question is how is Washington going to explain thousands of civilian casualties needed to achieve the victory in Mosu and to blame the Russian-Syrian-Iranian alliance for the operation in Aleppo at the same time?



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