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ISIS Launches Surprise Attack, Seizes Village From Govt Forces In Homs Province


Late on December 22, ISIS terrrists attacked the National Defense Forces (NDF) in the outskirts of Khattab in the Syrian province of Homs. After a series of clashes ISIS seized control of the village and some weapons and equipment belonging to the NDF.

On December 23, the terrorist group continued to develop the advace in the direction of Jubb al-Jarah. Clashes were reported in the area.

The terroirst group changed the area of attacks against government forces in the province because it had faled to gain a success in the area of the Tyas Airbase.

The flank attack by ISIS units already pushed the Syrian military to sent some reinforcements to the area.

As a matter of fact ISIS is continuing to hold initiative in the province of Homs by executing of moving warfare.

ISIS Launches Surprise Attack, Seizes Village From Govt Forces In Homs Province

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  • S600

    Where is the current military HQ of ISIS as Raqqa and Al Bab under attack? Its a well organized and well equipped strategy but why all surprise attacks are carried out against SAA but not other invading forces?

    • John Brown

      Well maybe these other forces really aren’t against ISIS. The Kurds and the Turks are never going to march into Rakkah or Mosul ever and ISIS knows it. ISIS needs to break through government territory to its true master Israel, so they can get reinforcement, weapons, Man Pads and TOW missiles and medical attention for its wounded.

      This should prove to any who thought this ISIS offensive could be
      ignored, that it must be given top priority. All these ISIS fighters must
      be hunted down and destroyed ASAP. the only real threats to ISIS long term are the Syrian Arab army, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah.