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ISIS Launches Multiple Attacks Against Syrian Democratic Forces

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ISIS announced that 16 suicide bombers attacked positions of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the town of Al-Shadadi in the Al-Hasakah province. The suicide bombers managed to sneak into the city and attacked positions of the SDF and the US Special Forces in the districts of Masakin al-Ghar and Al-Mitin. Two other groups attacked positions allegedly belonging to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the village of Al-Hariri and the vicinity of the Rujm Salibi camp. ISIS militants shelled positions inside Al-Shaddadi with a heavy artillery and Grad rockets during the operation.

The SDF denied that ISIS attackers were able to peneterate its defense llines in Al-Shaddadi and published a video of one of the suicide bombers who detonated himself in an empty area.

Separately, ISIS launched a violent attack on SDF positions in Al-Sifsafeh in the eastern part of Tabqa town. The SDF repelled the attack, killed a group of ISIS militants and destroyed a technical.

These ISIS attacks are aimed at slowing down the progress of the SDF in Tabqa. The SDF has besieged militants in the Tabqa Dam and Al-Mashirafa north of the town of Tabqa.

The SDF also announced that clashes in the first, second and third districts in northern Tabqqa have continued until now. So far SDF troops have killed 20 ISIS militants and seized many weapons and ammunition.

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Bill Wilson

Fake news for disheartened Daesh troops.


yeah right, lets not run, walk dont duck or move low. by all means stroll upright lets not put any more effort than necessary just enough sandbags for heavy mg 2-3 is fine


An extensive and hidden tunnelsystem allowed IS to infiltrate liberated areas in the north of Taqba, resulting in a very chaotic fight in the northern quarters.

There were no frontlines and as the isolated IS fighters are killed, one by one, there is no chance for a loss of the liberated area, but no complete control either.

Slowly, the tunnels will have to be found and destroyed.

One can expect this to happen again, and on a larger scale, in Raqqah.It seems advisable to have counter insurgency units operating behand the SDF lines to prevent as much as possible this happening agan.

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