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ISIS Launches Large-Scale Attack in Deir ez-Zor

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A day before, the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group launched several attacks on positions of the Syrian Army in Deir ez-Zor. According to the latest data, the fighting in the area is ongoing.

ISIS Launches Large-Scale Attack in Deir ez-Zor

A day before, terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) group attempted to attack positions of the Syrian government forces in Deir ez-Zor, Syrian sources reported. According to reports, terrorists launched the offensive from several directions (the north-west and south) and used armored vehicles, loaded with explosive agents, in order to overcome the forward positions of Syrian troops.

The terrorist group launched its attacks not only in suburbs of Deir ez-Zor, but also on an airdrome, which is a strategically important object of the province. The military forces of the airdrome have been deterring attacks of terrorists for more than two years, providing access of food, weapons and ammunition to the city to counter militants.

Servicemen of the 123rd Brigade of the Syrian Armed Forces hold the front against IS terrorists in Deir ez-Zor and its approaches. As a result of several strikes, terrorists managed to capture three villages in Deir ez-Zor, but then soldiers of the 123rd Brigade restored the lost control over the populated localities.

According to the Syrian military command, about 70 IS terrorists have been killed during the fighting. However, the Syrian Army also has suffered heavy losses: 20 soldiers were killed, while 30 others were wounded.

According to the latest data, the fighting in the area of Deir ez-Zor is ongoing.

ISIS Launches Large-Scale Attack in Deir ez-Zor

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Pave Way IV

By some estimates, there are hundred thousand Syrians (residents and refugees) in the government-held area of Deir EzZor. These are the poorest of the poor, and have not had running water, electricity or much food for almost two years thanks to the ISIS blockade. There are no money or jobs and they ran out of adequate housing a long time ago. Total western humanitarian aid organizations present: zero. This is how the U.S. punishes civilians who dare to defy the neocon schemes to ‘democratize’ their country.

This entire time, CJTF-OIR and CENTCOM have witnessed the human suffering caused by ISIS and haven’t lifted a finger to help the besieged residents. They occasionally bomb a pickup truck or oil well in the middle of nowhere, but nothing to relieve the pressure on the 123rd Brigade or the trapped Syrians – because they are on the government’s side, of course. In fact, the coalition’s biggest kill count on a strike was when they intentionally bombed Syrian troops prior to an ISIS attack on the position. The coalition never had that kind of ‘success’ against the ISIS head-choppers in Deir EzZor.

The evil CJTF-OIR coalition will let ISIS run wild and slaughter anyone if their victims are Syrian loyalist soldiers or civilians. The only time OIR seems to care about fighting ISIS is when they attack the Turks, the Kurds or al Nusra.


Deir Ezzor situation is difficult, but they have endured and adapted. Latest ISUS offensive appears to be serious. Airfield may be shut down except for some night time reinforcements. Resupply can still be airdropped in open western section. Russian cargo planes can deliver a descent tonnage. Airstrikes around perimeter will start to take a heavy toll on Daesh.

I was f*ing pissed off about coalition airstrikes against SAA. Not only did they lose troops and heavy equipment (which is hard to replace), but they lost the heights and where not able to retake them. This is why the situation is much more difficult now.

I was thinking about SAA fuel supplies. They still hold an oil field. Do you think some wells can be supplied with field generators for power and oil distilled in crude refinery?

PS: Last night I decided to watch James Bond movie instead :)

Trustin Judeau

Deir Al Zor wont fall.This is not Palmyra.

Hanny Benny

i hope so.
also i hope the SAA push through to DAZ, before is to late..!



UPDATE: According to ‘unverified’ reports the Israeli air-strike on the Mazzeh airbase near Damascus destroyed S-300 surface to air missiles


Bah, ‘unverified’ means total rubbish…


we will see. i put here to provoke SF. perhaps they write article about this. :)

Pave Way IV

And a retalitory strike on Israel’s Hatzor Ashdod Ai r Base. What to believe?


nye znayu

Pave Way IV

Sorry, I don’t speak or read Russian, sólyomszem. Google autotranslated the article (as I look at it), but the link brings up the original Russian version. Apologies to anyone confused by the Russian Tweet and the link that points to a French article. Google translates the article to this:

“…According to the Dimpenews.com website, referring to Lebanese sources (Addounia TV) a strong explosion was heard today at the Hatzor air base in southern Israel. For now, this information has only filtered through the Twitter network thanks to Israeli activists. It is the blackout on the part of the army, the authorities and the media.

Some of the explanations suggested by the tweeters talk about technical problems, from crash to fuel depot at the base. Others see Hezbollah’s hand and link with the recent attack by the Israeli military base in Mazzeh.

These two events are too close together not to think about it. Moreover, the complete silence around the explosion of Hatzor proves that this is not an ordinary accident. Have there been deaths, wounded, damage? What happened ? These are, usually, information that journalists try to obtain, unless secrecy is imposed on them. This would be the case if it were a Syrian retaliation, which would reveal the impotence of the so-popular iron dome to the Israeli and world public…”

The english translation for the tweet itself is: “…A strong explosion took place at the Hatzor air force base in southern Israel http: // reseauinternational.net/israel-violent e-explosion-today-on-the-base-aerial-de-Hatzor-au-southeast Disrael / … ”

I can’t copy or past the translated Russian text above the image itself.

There was one reply on the tweet that said this in Russian:

Виталий Б ‏@wemnXLOMazBI7vG 5h5 hours ago
@Rus_NV ответка от сирийцев прилетела за Дамаск?

Which translates to “otvetka from Syrians flew over Damascus?” I can’t find a translation for otvetka – does it mean aircraft or missiles?


all right.

i understood the russian text. i answered: i do not know (menas, i dont know, whether is anser. but i doubt. too far from syria and syria is not in situation to answer in such way).

of corse, IF would be destroyed s300, then russia is able to answer in this way. but probaly there is only a coincidence.

Pave Way IV

Thanks. What does the word ‘otvetka’ mean in the reply?




Sadly, it would appear that Deir Ezzor is about to fall. If one studies the recent agreements with Turkey, it looks like Putin has signed on to the notion of a partitioning. Also, no reports of air support for Deir Ezzor.



Paulo Romero

The Russians need to step up with tactical air support and airlift capability here. The manpower issue is beginning to hurt the SAA again. The US led coalition will sit idly and wait to see where SAA forces are shifted from to reinforce Deir Izzor. Once a gap opens up elsewhere Al Nusrah and Isis will get a US facilitated flanking opportunity.


Russian air force could easily destroy these terrorists ¿ what are they waiting to take action ? here is needed a heavy bombing action now.

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