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JUNE 2021

ISIS Kills 12 Fighters Of Liwa al-Quds In Eastern Hama Countryside

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ISIS announced that 12 pro-Syrian government fighters were killed during clashes with its fighters near the village of Dakila east of Salamya city in the eastern Hama countryside.

Liwa al-Quds, one of the main allies of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), announced on its official Facebook page that 12 of its fighters were killed in battles with ISIS in the same area.

ISIS Kills 12 Fighters Of Liwa al-Quds In Eastern Hama Countryside

Despite considerable losses, the SAA and its allies managed to make some gains in the area. Governmment forces recaptured two points around the oil pipeline east of Salamya and captured a BMP-1 vehicle.

ISIS Kills 12 Fighters Of Liwa al-Quds In Eastern Hama Countryside

Russian and Syrian Air Force warplanes continued carrying out airstrikes on ISIS positions in Aqirabat town and its vicinity in the eastern Hama countryside, and in Sukhna town and its vicinity in the eastern Homs countryside.

Sources from the opposition confirmed that the SAA managed to secure the villages of Shanan, Al-Rahbi, Al-Ratba, Al-Sabkha, Ghanem Al-Ali, Al-Shiredi in the southern Raqqah countryside and is now preparing for an advance towards its next target, the strategic town of Maadan located between the western Deir Ezzor countryside and the eastern Raqqa countryside.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the SAA killed 233 ISIS fighters during its advance in the southern Raqqa countryside and eastern Homs countryside in the last 19 days.

However, the SAA has not made any notable gains in the eastern Hama countryside so far. Local sources report that the reason behind this failure is a lack of coordination among pro-government units.

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Justin Ryan

comment image

Jordan Katz

Strange to see a supposed IS/HTS cheerleader typing away in perfect english. Probably a disgruntled CIA troll clawing for relavence. And did he try to delete the comment after posting it?


Thank you for complimenting my command of the english language.

I am no fan of HTS nor of IS. However, one is stupid not to consider what the options for opponents are, so you (in this case the SAA) can plan for countermoves.

That is not being partisan, that is being prudent. Not being prudent will get your troops killed, your strategies defeated. This is also the reason why Russian foreign policies often succeed and fi the Turkish ones fail. No strategic planning, no scenarios.

This seems to be beyond the mental capacities of some people here, including you and my dear and ass focussed friend Justin.

It is a pity because it does not enhance the quality of the comments here. But however, be happy if you want to rant.

As for deleting, on disqus that is very easy as it also easy to correct typo’s which I make regularly. Deleting a comment in toto is something I do not think I ever did, oh, once or twice when someone made exactly the same comment as I did on an earlier time.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This one dutchnational always cheers for terrorists, what do you expect from communist-fascist.

Justin Ryan

Oh no…. I’m sure he is proud of himself!
Im sure he will defend all he said and say he was playing “Devils advocate”!
But if u know this guys history of comments, u quickly learn he is anti-SAA and pro SDF!
I think he is a paid Troll to be honest!
Always criticises SouthFronts reporting!


Elsewhere on this site I have asked about the fight for Sukhna as there are no more reports by anyone on the storming of the city that started two three days ago.

On #sukhna I read that the assault is still going on (so failed as a storming) and that according to tweets over 50+ SAA were killed in just the last 24 hours due to bombs and general fighting.

So not going well. Is that why there is no follow up reporting?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just the usual fighting when ieds are planted everywhere snipers are shooting from in ambushing the De-mining teams. The SAA have reclaimed territory in other areas and continue to wipe out IS bases and gatherings.

The issue for IS is either fight here or die in the desert piecemeal , they are becoming bogged down and they are losing ground elsewhere fast.

This is just a hard a fight on IS there since they are bleeding manpower as much as the SAA and here are there Elite defenders, defending here.

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