ISIS Killed Dozens Of Al-Qaeda Fighters In Mali (Photos, Video 18+)

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On September 18, ISIS’ news agency, Amaq, shared footage of a recent attack by the group on al-Qaeda members in Mali.

The attack, which took place on August 2, targeted several hideouts of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in the area of Tlatayt to the west of the town of Ménaka in the southeastern part of Mali.

The new footage revealed that ISIS attack took al-Qaeda members by surprise. Dozens of terrorists were killed or injured in the battle.

Photos shared by Amaq show the dead bodies of eight AQIM terrorists, who were killed in the battle. Many of them were shot in the back.

The conflict between ISIS  and AQIM in West Africa heated up in the last few months. In a recent audio message, ISIS spokesman Abu Hamza Al-Qurashi said that al-Qaeda in Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso and Algeria had shown “desire” to negotiate with governments in the region.

The ongoing war between Jihadists in Mali, which will not likely end soon, is playing in favor of government forces and the French military, that intervened in the country in 2013.


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“The ongoing war between Jihadists in Mali, which will not likely end anytime soon, is playing in favor of government forces and the French military”

Who knows, maybe they are the French dressed in ISIS

Fog of War

Look at my previous comment. Maybe the French were dressed as AQIM .


“Click to see full-size image”
Ha ha ha ha ha when one clicks to see “full-size” details there you have even more pixelated image ! :)
So what is the purpose of that idiocy to see even more pixelated image “full-size”?
To admire huge square pixels ?!?


This one appears to be very graphic. :)
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Daily Beatings

It’s like watching Japanese porn.


Damn PZIVJ now I am going to have “graphic” pixelated nightmares because of you! :-)


I can see the exotic fruits from his last launch


Something Rotten in Denmark’: Netizens Slam Show Where Adults Strip Naked Before Kids
Aw , Jens you dirty sick Danish PERVERT!
I knew it from day one that you are sick in the head but I didn’t know that you are that much sick!

Daily Beatings

“Something Rotten in Denmark”

That would be Jens Holm, but we already knew that.


ZioTerrorists rats in West Africa.
We expect Nato interventions soon….
God help us

Free man

Jihadists Killing Jihadists is good news.

Fog of War

Somwthings odd here. The last dead AQIM fighter didnt look African at all. Also, I see the ISIS thugs cant even color cordinate their uniforms, let alone shoot properly. Any African government that cant take on this ” clown show ” is incompetent beyond believe.

Fog of War

Stop posting pixelated photos SF, as we cant make anything out anyway. What the hell is the point ? just give us descriptions if need be. We’ll take you word that someone died.


Jihadists Killing Jihadists!!! Something’s strange here!

Fog of War

Hell Yeah !! ((( Democracy ))) has come to Thailand.

– Protests Shake Bangkok, Challenging Old Guard’s Grip on Thailand –

BANGKOK — The monsoonal showers did not stop them. Nor did the specter of 8,550 police officers, whose armed presence evoked violently crushed protest movements in Thailand’s past.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Bangkok on Saturday, calling for change: change to Thailand’s military-dominated government, change to the army-drafted constitution and, most explosively, change to the exalted status of the monarchy.

“We have to conquer our fear because if we don’t come out to fight then our future will not improve,” said Rewat Chusub, a 41-year-old tailor sitting under a red umbrella with the gilded Grand Palace as a backdrop.

Even as rain occasionally poured down, muffling the sound system, a procession of speakers addressed a big tent’s worth of issues: the military’s monopoly on power, L.G.B.T.Q. discrimination, social welfare, women’s rights and the economic impact of the coronavirus. ”

James Adams

?? This proves that they don’t just fight for religion but power. Power for THEIR group to solely exist. Islam is cancer !

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