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JUNE 2021

ISIS Killed 11 Members Of Syrian Democratic Forces In Raqqa

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ISIS Killed 11 Members Of Syrian Democratic Forces In Raqqa


ISIS claimed that its snipers killed 5 Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters near the Al-Atiq Mosque and Al-the Farousiah and Panorama roundabouts in Raqqa city.

6 other SDF fighters were reportedly killed during the Saturday clashes on the Abu Al-Hayes Street in the eastern part of Raqqa.

Furthermore, an ISIS VBIED targeted SDF positions in the Al-Edikhar housing in the western part of Raqqa city on Sunday.

SDF commander, Ibrahim Abdo, explained that the SDF advances slowly because ISIS uses civilians as human shields, and announced that SDF had managed over the past two days to evacuate more than 200 civilians from the Hisham ibn Abd al-Malik district.

Opposition sources announced that the US-led coalition targeted Raqqa with 31 air strikes during the past 48 hours.

According to reports, a father and his two daughters lost their life as a result of an air strike of the US-led coalition that hit the Tariq bin Ziad school in Raqqa city.

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I getting tired of these legally mad western politicians who accuses Assad for slauthering some porn gang blasfemiant and ipostatic bastards while them are slauthering Syrians and their home.
I prey…


I don’t get tired of those politicians, because politicians are ALWAYS like that. They excuse what is wrong and wrong that which is right. To complain about that is like complaining about bad weather. It just is.

I do complain about Western media not calling bullshit on that and swallowing that bullshit like its the Holy Gospel.

Justin Ryan

(Warning… Sarcasm below)
We cannot confirm this story until DUTCHNATIONAL makes a comment here!
He seems to be the only person who can do this!
He is the only person who can call “Bullshit” or “Truth”.
We will just have to wait!


If they are democratic, who voted for them ?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The sad problem is no one voted for them but the US did and originally the US were brought in by the Turkmen , as to help the Arabs. The US seen a minority group(YPG) and decided they should support them even though they are Terrorists. This is how the US operates put a minority in power over the objections of the majority and the US get to stay around because of the instability.

The US spin factories are hard at work again in trying to rebrand Terrorist like they did with Al Qaeda in the late 70’s then called them Mujaheddin fighters , then the Kosovar drug gangs they turned into the KLA freedom fighters.They will be keeping Ruder Global busy for some time until they get caught in their habits by the public.


Of course. They used Kurds as a prooxy to fight Assad. The fake name “democratic” means a lot. It’a a word meant to fool stupid people

Jonathan Cohen

SDF should let Raqqa starve and go after the oil.

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