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ISIS Is On The Rise In US-occupied Part Of Syria

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ISIS Is On The Rise In US-occupied Part Of Syria

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ISIS activity is still high on the eastern bank of the Euphrats, in the area not controlled by the Syrian government, a spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mariya Zakharova said on March 27.

According to the statement, in the period from March 20 to March 24, ISIS terrorists carried over 20 terrorist attacks in the provinces of Deir ez-Zor, Raqqa and Hasakah killing about 50 people.

Zakharova recalled that on March 23 the US State Department published a statement on the occasion of the anniversary of the defeat of ISIS’ Caliphate in northeastern Syria.

“The question arises: what kind of terrorists were destroyed by the allies, if the number of ISIS members, according to US representatives, were 10,000 and remained 10,,000? Obviously, these militants simply went underground and continue their attacks with impunity,” she said.

The foreign ministry spokesperson noted that there is no doubt that the US-led coalition really defeated, or rather, razed entire cities and towns on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. Before the start of the US-led operation in Raqqa in 2016, the population of the city was about 230,000 people. After the campaign ended in 2017, there were only 3,000 inhabitants.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), there are no hospitals in the city, and all civilian infrastructure have to be restored literally from scratch. Another mentioned fact is that there still remains a large number of blockages, unexploded ordnance and mines, Zakharova said.

She added that in 2018, Hadjin and Baguz faced a similar fate. Their residents were forced to flee to the camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) ‘al-Houl’. Then the number of people in the camp increased by 7 times – from 10,000 to 73,000 people. People there live in disastrous conditions and there is no constant humanitarian access to the camp.

Zakharova said that the similar situation in the IDP camp “Rukban”. It’s located in the area of al-Tanf illegally occupied by the US. According to she, thanks to the joint efforts of the Russian military and Syrian authorities, about 19 thousand people were evacuated from the camp. All of them have already returned to their places of permanent residence. However, several thousand people still remain in the camp. Their exit is actually blocked by members of the US-sponsored miltiant group ‘Jaysh Maghawir al-Thawra’. She emphasized that in this situation the US, as the party occupying this territory, is fully responsible for the civilian population there and ensuring the corresponding humanitarian conditions.


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klove and light

Home Iran US military ordered to plan for major escalation with Iran in Iraq:… IranIraq US military ordered to plan for major escalation with Iran in Iraq: report By News Desk – almasdar news 2020-03-28 2

BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:45 A.M.) – The Pentagon has ordered the U.S. military to remain on high alert for a major escalation in Iraq, the New York Times (NYT) reported on Friday. According to the NYT article, the Pentagon ordered U.S. military commanders to plan for an escalation and prepare for campaign to destroy the “Iranian-backed militia group that has threatened more attacks against American troops.”

However, while some Pentagon officials are bracing for a confrontation, others are not so sure that the U.S. should commit to such a campaign at this time. “But the United States’ top commander in Iraq has warned that such a campaign could be bloody and counterproductive and risks war with Iran,” the NYT reported. ” In a blunt memo last week, the commander, Lt. Gen. Robert P. White, wrote that a new military campaign would also require thousands more American troops be sent to Iraq and divert resources from what has been the primary American military mission there: training Iraqi troops to combat the Islamic State.” The primary culprits behind this potential military escalation are top officials, including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Robert C. O’Brien, the national security adviser. Both O’Brien and Pompeo have sought to intensify the U.S.’ campaign against the Iranian government, despite the coronavirus pandemic that has killed thousands of people worldwide, including nearly 3,000 people in Iran. While U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has been wary of such a campaign, it appears he has approved this new campaign in Iraq. “Still, American officials said Mr. Esper authorized planning for a new campaign inside Iraq — even as the military reduces its counterterrorism presence there — to provide options for Mr. Trump in the event that Iranian-backed militia groups escalate their own attacks against American troops,” two U.S. officials told the NYT.

Zionism = EVIL

They don’t have the manpower posture and are shit scared of what Iran may do. Here is a Pentagon report on Iranian capabilities after the headache inducing missile strike at Taji and Arbil occupation bases.

A big concern in Pentagon is the not-too-distant future arrival of precision weapons in the hands of various Iran allied resistance groups, Hezbollah and Hamas being the most immediate worry, but others, even Iranians firing precision missiles from Syria, Iraq or Lebanon posing a growing problem.

In the past the US occupation forces have been able to sustain enemy missile strikes because the weapons used, principally 122mm Katyushas and bigger missiles such as Fajr-5 and Zelzal, these were neither terribly reliable nor accurate. But the newer hybrid sophisticated weapons in Iran and flowing out to their surrogates makes the challenge to US and the Zionist regime more serious, because Iran could now more accurately target US bases and Israeli airfields, air defense systems, command posts and critical infrastructure crippling the Zionist regime in a very short time and launch an overwhelming ground invasion, considering its demographic superiority and regional proxies.

The recent Iranian strike against Saudi Arabia’s oil installations featured precision attack drones and cruise missiles. Top Israeli experts say that these Iranian systems showed extreme accuracy and attributed their pinpoint capability to new, autonomous guidance systems that, once aimed properly, could fly to their targets without an operator adjusting the flight path.

There is an US suspicion the Iranian weapons that showed up in Saudi Arabia may have the equivalent of a TERCOM guidance system (used in long range American cruise missiles), meaning there was no need to rely on GPS for running the flight profile or fixing the target. What Pentagon fears most is the increasingly emboldened Iran after the counter-productive assassination of General Soleimani.


Soleomani open the gates in afghanistan to pave the way for bush/cheney/cia cocksuking zionist fraternity,which means now no more soros drugs for you kweers!

Zionism = EVIL

No you idiot, Ghaani then a colonel was resp[sensible for Afghanistan desk. Speaks fluent Pashto. Soleimani was incharge of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon and much milder than battle hardened Ghaani.

Zionism = EVIL

Let’s get real, so-called ISIS is a Jew, Americunt and Turkey enterprise dating back to Russo-Afghan era and time tested CIA strategy of proxy wars via madrassa brainwashed Wahhabi fuckwits. The only way to deal with these bastards to make it costly for their masters. Shoigu who was in Syria last week gets it, but Putin is still kissing Jew and Turkey arse. The Russian military is as frustrated as these ceasefires only five more time for the Americunts and Turkeys to arm the terrorist arsewipes.


klove and light

100% spot on…. and do you remember how PISSEd off Shoigu was when the israeli airforce used thei russian inrtelliegnce plane as cover, which lead to the destrcution and death of over a dozen russian Military personal???? Shoigu WOULD NOT EVEN meet a high Level israeli Delegation in Moskau and sent them away!!

5 days later bib personally flew to Moskau…..meets with treacherous Zionist pig Putin, and voila….ALl is gOOD….and i Quote from the press release after the Meeting from putin

” Israel and Russia are connected by a Long Lasting friendship and we will contniue to work with our israeli Friends on the Situation in syria” PUTIN 5 days after russian Military plane was shot out of the air.

Putin is atreacherosu Zionist pig

Zionism = EVIL

As I have said from get go, Putin is corrupt and a Jew and was put in power by the oligarchs. Most Russians do not like him as today’s Moscow poll showed. He has Americunt and Jew support and the Russia lacks a civil society that can protect its national interest. Putin is beholden to the Jews, who are destroying Russia. Just look at the hasbara Jew comments here and they are all anti-Russia and never criticize Putin personally and cheer on when the Jew butt ugly Nutter Yahoo visit Putin every month. Russia needs an honest nationalist to free itself of Jew control. He made Russia, a great power, look weak when the Zionists and Turkeys killed Russian service men with impunity in Syria.

AM Hants

As President Assad said, ‘You either have a nation or you do not’, when speaking about the sane, intelligent, strategic planning of Russia and the Government, compared to the immaturity, stupidity and arrogance of the US.

So many ‘soundbite’ comments, that knock President Putin. Trying to make him irrelevant or create discord. However, remind what state Syria was in, prior to President Putin making his speech, over at the UN, back in September 2015. Just before the Commander in Chief of the Russian Forces, sent his military to Syria, at the request of the Syrian Government, to lend a hand? Emphasis on ‘lend a hand’, not take control.

The same Commander in Chief of the Russian Forces, who responded to the call of assistance from Italy. When he sent an unit of his nuclear/chemical/bio weapon team to Italy, to lend a hand, in their hour of need. When Poland was refusing Russian humanitarian assistance to fly through it’s airspace.

Some days I wonder why President Putin bothers helping others, owing to all the personal grief he gets. Then I bless myself and think, thank goodness he does.

The world’s leading statesman, for a reason. He leads by example and has one heck of an understanding, where timing is concerned in relation to ‘The Art of War’.

Zionism = EVIL

To be honest, Putin is nothing but a washed out KGB major with no real experience. Only is corrupt post USSR-Russia such a vain and pathetic little midget could become the top honcho. I know the Kremlin trolls build him up, but some of us are not easily fooled. Putin is part of the Bilderberg Jew enterprise and very unpopular in Russia, sadly there is no alternative at this stage. If he clings on to power, he will destroy Russia like the other CIA paid idiot Gorbachev destroyed the USSR.


You are the washed out zombie p00f,not christian orthodox 9th dan (period) Get over it losers,you and ultra lethatrgic bipolar aids infested facists are the cry babys indeed,either way Putin is helping the peoples in need not ye p00fs!



AM Hants

Feel sorry for you love.

Where was Russia in 2000?

What did the washed up KGB analyst do for the bankrupted, 11 time zone nation? Especially when you compare it with what Yeltsin did for the nation?

1996, didn’t Yeltsin default on the Paris Club Debt?

2006, didn’t President Putin pay off the $45 billion, Soviet Union debt, including from the time the Bolsheviks overthrew the Russian Empire?

2006, didn’t President Putin or Dr Vladimir Putin, PhD (economics, based on macro-economics, a speciality of analysts), paid off the $16.5 billion Russian Federation debt.

2016, President Putin threw the Rothschild out of Russia, when he paid compensation to the Baltics nations, on behalf of the Soviet Union.

2004, after kicking the bad oligarchs out of Russia, to live in exile, those who would not pay the standard 13% flat tax, keep out of politics or be good, kind, Russian citizens. Sorry, after kicking out the toxic oligarchs, now running Ukraine, after finding exile in South Kensington, President Putin took back control of Russia’s resources.

Remember, the US wrote Russian legislation and taxes on the back of the Shared Partnership Agreements. US received 80 cents to the $US from Russia’s natural resources. Russia received 20 cents, plus, had to pay contract fees to the US to mine their own natural resources.

US has at least $22 trillion of national debt to finance, not including the Socialist corporate Covid 19 bail out and cannot feed her people, owing to being an import dominant, debtor nation. Neither can the US provide free health are or education, including University level, to her people.

Russia, on the other hand is a creditor nation, with over $600 billion in currency and gold reserves and rising. A nation with minimal debt and only for the convince of market trading, her savings more than cover her debts. She can feed her people, on GM free agricultural products, with plenty left to export to the world. Together with providing free health care, plus, education, including University level, to her people. A nation investing in the latest infrastructure, engineering projects. Plus, a nation with a modest defence budget, that not only supports the 11ctime zone, nuclear triad nation, but, also leaves all NATO member nations, have between themselves, obsolete (weapons and systems).

So compared with your personal achievements, I guess the washed out KGB midget, obviously cannot compete with your strengths.

When did President Putin first take up leadership, of the Bankrupt, 11 time zone nation? Was it 31 December 1999, just over 20 years ago today?

Name just one other 21st century leader that has done more than President Putin for his nation, people and dependent territories?

Zionism = EVIL

Most of my stuff is very useful and based on experience and wisdom gained through life, some of the kids here get upset at the truth. Putin is nothing but a Jew hack and a third rate KGB major with a single foreign posting in Dresden GDR and the idiot could not even see the Berlin Wall crumbling. The Jew Oligarchs hand picked a naive Asperger syndrome CIA paid agent to run Russia. The problem with Russia since Czarist times is poor leadership and the Bolshevik system only produced incompetent YES MEN. The problem with closed systems is their inability to see the TRUTH. The Shah in Iran with SAVAK had built a similar blind system until it too late. Russia is potentially a great power with very smart people, but the leadership is worse than mediocre and totally corrupt and sell out as SF articles on corruption in the Russian military and economy often state. But the blind little Putin fan club is oblivious to reality. Putin is stacking the system with weak cronies and want to stay in power until 2036, if he survives and that will ruin Russia and led to another chaos. Only open systems with succession planning work.





klove and light

ps. i have posted the last several days…TURKEY has NOW stationed in Idlib not one but numerous different Ground to air defensive Missile systems

this was from yesterday-almasdar News SAA—

BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:25 A.M.) – On Friday, a number reports surfaced about the Turkish military transporting a U.S.-made air defense system to the Idlib Governorate in northwestern Syria. According to these reports, the Turkish military sent a U.S.-made MIMi-23 Hawk medium-range air defense system to the Idlib Governorate on Friday. ———————————————————————————————–

this MIM-23 will certainly cause Major Problems for syrian amnd russian planes..it is has a operational range of 50km adn 20,000 meters height ceiling…and TAF has plenty of them!!

it is Crystal clear that Putin is playing a teracherous Zionist role in the satanic Zionist Agenda. all of them, which recognize the illegal satanci criminal Entity anmed Israel are part of the satanic Zionist agneda…this also includes Russia or China etc… best PROOF is the current Coronavirus BS pandemic……THEY ALL PLAY BALL !!!! started in WUHAN, the first City that was 100% connected to 5G Network and ran at full 60 GHZ…and 60 GHZ causes destruction of the Oxygen molecules….that is WHY ONLY in WUHAN you saw Folks just falling over in the street like beeing hit by Lightning…….

the whole bs italian cocornavirus pandemic bs is patehtic and just Proofs that 99% are totall ybrainwashed……..just compare the influenza deaths of each Country including italy last year, year before ,year before etc…. italy has a huigh mortality rate due to their very very old Population and the very high AIR Pollution in northern italy and their in adequate Health System.

HERE ARE the INFLUENZA NUMBERS for italy in thwe past years….EYE OPENER!!!!!

In the winter seasons from 2013/14 to 2016/17, an estimated average of 5,290,000 ILI cases occurred in Italy, More than 68,000 deaths attributable to flu epidemics were estimated in the study period We estimated excess deaths of 7,027, 20,259, 15,801 and 24,981 attributable to influenza epidemics in the 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17 Over 68,000 deaths were attributable to influenza epidemics in the study period. The observed excess of deaths is not completely unexpected, given the high number of fragile very old subjects living in Italy. In conclusion, the unpredictability of the influenza virus continues to present a major challenge to health professionals and policy makers.

THIS was from the international Journal of infectious diseases!!! check it out…look at spain..look at USA etc… all a big bs satanic Zionist AGENDA procedure……for

1. forced vaccination 2.Quantum Dot Tattoo (pleease Google that ” Quantum Dot Tattoo “)- this will run concurrent with the total take down of the monetary System……….Problem= Coronavirus/monetary System Solutin=Quantum Dot Tattoo

3. CONTROLLED and planned nulclear Exchange between east and west —probelm

4. a one world Government with Jerusalem as it´s capital under satanic Leadership–solution

good luck!


Nwo is based in europe,the nazi/zio regime and their lgbtq soros clan are the true zogs

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“italy has a huigh mortality rate due to their very very old Population and the very high AIR Pollution in northern italy and their in adequate Health System.

Italy has, 92,472 infections, 10,023 deaths, That means that more than 11% of them died.

Iran has, 35,408 infections, 2,517 deaths, That means more than 7% of them died.

Italy has the oldest population demography in the whole world and Iran the youngest population demography in the world, total polar opposites of each other, and despite the fact the media tells us the virus mainly effects older people way more than it does younger healthier people, Italy has a mortality rate of 11% and the Iranians have a 7.2% mortality rate, that’s only a 3.8% difference, that’s not too much of a difference between the youngest and oldest populations in the world. But Italy’s been suffering from the pandemic for a bit longer than the Iranians have, if the same time frame is applied to the Iranians you’ll find they’re on an even worse trajectory than the Italians are, in just a few short weeks they’ll have 100,000 infections and at least and if not more than a 11% mortality rate, and Iran’s biggest population group is the under 30’s, Italy’s is the over 50’s.

But if you follow Iranians news you’ll also know the Iranians are the only ones telling us all the truth, they’re admitting the virus in some cases is causing ongoing problems in some recovered patients, they report as much as a 30% reduction of lung capacity in some recovered patients, no other country in the world is saying that, but in this case I think the Iranians are the only ones telling us the truth, they may in fact be exposing a world wide cover up.


Great points!


Israel evacuates 800 Al-Qaeda “White Helmets” encircled by the Syrian army:



Israel Aiding SaudiArabia=ISIS In Developing Nuclear Weapons:



Maybe you ought to see how many aids infesteds are dieing in europe and usa!lIKE i said ye can’t steal the crucafix to pretend it is your salvation (period)


Media is jewhadis not orthodox,either way you shan’t steal the cross for soros/lgbtq!


You got nothing on putin soros bot,blame it all on your homosexual neo/tyrants,flogged: I like better deals,not masonic facist rants squealing ;like little piggies fooked up de ass! Read right through your smoke screen creep!

Zionism = EVIL

Let not get personal little queer fantasy boy :) you punks are funny to say the least. Putin is your poster boy lol

klove and light

almasdar News breaking

Home Syria Battle for Idlib to continue as Syrian Army, militants trade heavy attacks Syria Battle for Idlib to continue as Syrian Army, militants trade heavy attacks By News Desk – 2020-03-28 0

BEIRUT, LEBANON (10:45 A.M.) – The ceasefire in the Idlib Governorate is nearing its end, despite the prospect of a six-kilometer-deep safe zone and the temporary end to hostilities between the warring parties in northwestern Syria. On Saturday morning, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Turkish-backed militants would resume their attacks against one another, as both parties traded artillery and light arms fire in the Jabal Al-Zawiya region of the Idlib Governorate.

According to reports from this front, the militant forces began the day by firing several artillery shells towards the Syrian Arab Army’s positions around the Kafr Nabl area. This prompted the Syrian Arab Army to respond with a heavy barrage of artillery and machine gun fire, culminating in a fierce exchange between the opposing parties in Idlib. A source from the Syrian Army told Al-Masdar that the situation is likely to get worse in the coming days, as the militants have refused to withdraw from the areas south of the M-4 Highway (Aleppo-Latakia Highway). The withdrawal of the militant groups was guaranteed by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on March 5th in Moscow.



AM Hants

Is it a coincidence that they are on the rise when the US closed a few of their bases in Iraq? They had to find somewhere for the CIA Mobsters to go, now didn’t they?

fayez chergui

US is ISIS. Zionism made US so zionism is ISIS.


No, zionism, like Wahhabi Islam is a US imperial confection a la Kaminski and Dirlewanger brigades.


Could the Kurds have seen sense and been negotiating with the government?


A somewhat moth-eaten brolly now.

Zionism = EVIL

True, dating back to the CIA/Mossad pact with mullah Mustafa Barzani in 1960’s to use against Baathist socialist regimes in the Arab world.


Fkn maggots think you can fool the truth,guess what,you proven to date innefective and void,so in the end when you decide if you decide why it’s goong down hard on you neo-liberal tossers, the fact remains you cannoy,nor ever have the resources to rape mother nature,thank christ and in the even you assume you can change the truth or my sex,think again,I’ll say it as it truly is, Which is why unlike the losers,I never ever need to argue with an idiot,this is to all soros ungratifieds!

Willing Conscience (The Truths


Gee I wonder why, could it have something to do with the fact that Turkey now controls the Syrian/Turkish border between Tall Abyad and Qabr Khadrawi/Ras al Ayn, an open border for Isis, which means it’s the second time Erdogan’s opened his borders for them.

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