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ISIS Intensifies Operations In Deir Ezzor, Takes Panorama Roundabout South Of City


ISIS Intensifies Operations In Deir Ezzor, Takes Panorama Roundabout South Of City

A screenshot from the ISIS video

ISIS terrorists have intensified operations against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area of the city of Deir Ezzor.

According to local sources, ISIS units operating in the area received additional reinforcements, including artillery pieces and military equipment. This allowed them to captured the Panorama roundabout south of Deir Ezzor.

The goal of this move is to further isolate the government-held 137th regiment military base south of the city. The ISIS leadership beleives that it may allow terrorists to capture this strategic government defense site in the area.

If th 137th regimen military base falls into hands of ISIS, this may lead to a collapse of government forces defenses in a large part of Deir Ezzor.

ISIS Intensifies Operations In Deir Ezzor, Takes Panorama Roundabout South Of City

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  • John Mason

    AMN reports otherwise that the terrorists failed in their objective. Which is true, AMN or Southfront?

    • peoplot

      amn has direct sources while SF just read twitter. also amn history (leith) is more reliable. is prob entered to some point of panorama but got expelled soon after

      • Joe Doe

        Could be true, but ISIS retreating units from Raqqa and Aleppo province will put more pressure on DEIR EZZOR. SAA needs to make faster advances. Just example, took 3 weeks to advance from Jirah Air Base to Maskanah, distance of 14 km. This is very slow progress. If such speed was implemented in WW2 or Desert Storm those wars still be in progress. DEIR EZZOR will fall to ISIS, if SAA will make such slow advances

        • Solomon Krupacek

          yesterdey AMN had article with title Strategic advance … on palmyra deir ez zor highway. in the article wrote, Arak is only 6 km distance. so, strategic advance is 1-2 km. that means, in your example there were >10 strategic advances, and >200 strategic victories, because took 200 empty vllages. you are too hard in your opinion. :DDDDD

        • Tudor Miron

          I’m not sure which part of WW2 you talk but if you talk about Russia’s part than I would never agree that fighting to repel nazi invaders from your Motherland (in Russian we use/or don’t use capital letter in this world depending on context) should be compared to Desert storm. From military point of view one was a fight between compearable forces (technology, resources) and another was a predetermined fight between overhelming force against insignificant (technological, resources, moral aspect) force. I would not go into other differences here :)
          I have a feeling that you overestimate the power of SAA a little bit. With all due respect, here in Russia we don’t consider middle easterns as good warriors in the traditional orginized warfare (army against army) but they are good at partizan/guerillia type of war. I’m actually happy that they do as they do now. Anything better/faster would be a bonus.

          • dutchnational

            He was talking about the “blitzkrieg”, taking most of western Europe in just a few weeks in 1940.

            As for MENA fighting capabilities, I tend to agree with you.

          • Tudor Miron

            If it was about compearing Desert storm and blitzkrieg, than I would not argue much.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      failed in objective to take the whole city

    • MeMadMax

      Southfront is notoriously slow.
      Both are true.
      It’s just that southfront hasn’t had a chance to put out the article that says otherwise.

    • John

      I have been reading AMN for about two years. I would go with their latest report. They seem to be a first news site regarding places like Syria and Yemen. They don’t blow a lot of smoke and if they are reporting something, it can be taken as information that is as close to true as possible at the time of publication. They also update as it changes or becomes more clear on the ground. They don’t stick with the same story, after it is no longer in the realm of reality. I pay attention to what they have to say. Have a good week J M. :)

      • John Mason

        Thanks John, you also have a good week.

  • Fritz Otto

    NICE are the weapons still ordered by Obama finally arrived vom Bulgaria!?? – There we can see in which the kind the players and gamblers in Washington helds its worths and bonds….


  • Lupus

    Cant they just carpet bomb these goddamn daesh mofos? 24/7 for about 2 weeks? I will celebrate the day Deir Ezzor is liberated by SAA like the day Kuweires was liberated.

    • Joe Doe

      Yes, the Air Force is capable for doing this and they may have to do this, otherwise Deir Ezzor will be overrun by ISIS. SAA should already made contingency plan. This was very easy to predict when SDF press to Raqqa, the ISIS will retreat and go towards Deir Ezzor. The the SAA advances in Aleppo province, those ISIS most likely will retreat to Deir Ezzor

      • Luigi

        ISIS will try again to capture Deir Ezzor just to give an excuse for the Kurds to move south after taking Raqqa. The US wants to split both Syria and Iraq.

        • Jens Holm

          You must have blind eays on Your feet and dirty socks on them. Do You believe it Yourself.

          Its a skizzo since the civile war here started. You blame kurds for being norting, bastards and hardly able to take more then deserts adn hamlets.

          Here we again see they are blamed taking too much and ISIS helping Kurds or something.

          But ISIS throw almost all Kurds and millions away from, where they were. Now them help them back.

          And who has acted neutral in all those matters: Kurds has as much as possible. They have almost only attacked kurds and the dirtproducing Turkish flee markets.

          • Luigi

            For the USA, all those who accept its arms and money are its puppets. ISIS, FSA and now the Kurds are just pawns on the chessboard. If ISIS and the FSA had been successful in defeating the SAA and also the Kurds, the USA would not being even talking to the Kurds today. But they resisted hard and proved to be the best warriors in the region. So they are now the best friends of USA and will be used firstly to defead ISIS and then to not alow the formation of the Shiite axis.

          • Kell

            Kurds are taking lands not restoring original holdings there is no doubt about this only about their intention of holding them long term or temporarily. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/78a3e3b7bd2e0c1d100ae57ebc8b38563a168f27a9d6f777e7f4515e14263413.png

          • Jens Holm

            You can only rely very partly of this map. I know all about it. Its a tecnic mathmatic update mainly something like 1960. There is no update of the urbanisation since as well and its forgotten that so many has abandonned dry land, where many died by stravation.

            A lot of Turkmen(lila) has either moved, other Turkmen are today only Syrians and not Turkmen at all. Parts of the Kurds around Aleppo as well as around Al Bab are not there anymore and havnt been for many of them. here and there you find many(Qabasin 10.000).

            So You original holdings are an update of, what was.

            But You manipulate very much, when You write kurds grab land. Its a war map and about war possetions. They took them from ISIS, which took them from Assads. Kurds has been as neutral as possible in all mattters exept taking back, whát ISIS took.

            You are right. 2 wide zones north-sout has never had a kurdish population, but they cant defend themselves having ISIS there as well as illoyal arabs and others armed to teaths.

            Almost all refugees from there also are made by ISIS NOT kurds. Its correct they have moved many arabs but from warzones. They can be 2 things: Loyal to SAA,FSA or ISIS and staying in villages and hamlets there has made them victims for many ISIS terror attacs, where not only men but also woman and children are killed in hundreds are being raped being plundered.

            Its also kurds has taken houses and villages and moved arabs from there. Thats because Old Assad deported those kurds to Afrin and pother places away from the borderlines as well – with no compendation. So kurds has taken back what belonged to Grandparents still lving as old people at their house today.

            Yes, some smaller kind of etnic cleansings has been there. But compared to otthers(Like Assads today are trading people) it in the absolute low end. Im sure their law system in the Rojava Possesion is not the best. But I have never heard much good about that from Baatistas and Assad. Same thing with Sharia in the Johadist areas.

            The borderlines of today also has to bee seen as SDF grows and the main parts actually are ARABS from the zones with many arabs there. It should be 25% or in numbers 20.000 militaries from the lowest kind and relative few veterans. If that goes on, the SDF zone is hardly kurdish but a unity.

            I will finally add, that the now improvised Raqqa civile counsil are allowed to choose as they wish. They could join the rest, they could be themselves being protected by SDF in obly military matters – or Join Assads.

            So You are wrong about territory and support.

            Kurds has gained a lot of respect figting ISIS well. They havnt plundred and raped. SAA hasnt liberated them and they havnt seen any SAA`s there for years. There is a infrastructure, which give them food and they can smoke and wear hijabs as they wish.

    • Gregory Louis

      The Russians will probably target the countryside and nearby areas and intensify air attacks to help too.

    • dutchnational

      Carpet bombing sounds nice but what is important, will it be effective? Carpet bombing has a limited effect on a well dug in opponent.

      From what we read about Mosul, IS knows how to dig in and also to mingle among the civilians (a tactic taken from Hamas).

      Carpet bombing will, imo, hardly be effective and will cause much civilians casualties.

      There is only the one answer that I have been advocating for many month now. Get troops on the ground there to end the siege, free the civilians.

      Whether it will be SAA from Palmyra, SAA out of Hassakah, FSA from the south, PMU from the east of SDF from the north, Assad, make it happen.

      • Kell

        “From what we read about Mosul, IS knows how to dig in and also to mingle among the civilians (a tactic taken from Hamas).”

        Its a tactic from Guerrilla warfare, used by everyone fighting a more well armed and superior opponent for the last 200 000 years.

        I mean this –


        Not this –


      • Jens Holm

        Might be some here should produce carpets. There has been many carpets bombings around it as routine. It works. So whats new pussycat.

        • dutchnational

          Right. US used carpet bombing in Vietnam. The tunnel system of the Vietcong was so extensive that the bombing hardly made an impression anymore.

          • PZIVJ

            The NVA took great losses at Khe Sanh. Of course there is little ability to do “carpet bombing” any more. The largest such attack was at St Lo in France 1944 (the breakout from Normandy).

          • dutchnational

            Khe Sanh was the oppisite situation. It was the NVA isolating and attacking besieged Khe Sanh. There could have been some tunnels, not much though.

          • Kell

            Air campaign at Khe San


          • Ronald

            Actually there was an entire city built underneath the US air base there . The VC knew the US would not bomb their own air field .

          • Kell

            Look up Arc Light missions, the yanks dropped more bombs on Vietnam than they did in WWII


          • Kell

            Oh playback on other websites disables, oh well heres another.


    • Drinas

      Or send 2-3K soldiers? Airborne troops, Syrians plus a few VDV?

      • Jens Holm

        Its a matter of priority. Some kind of making a Assasadistic Syrian Alamo. They could have sended many troops yers ago, but Deir El Zor has low priority.

        • Drinas

          Actually Deir Ezzor is a TOP priority. If it is lost, then so is the entirety of Eastern Syria, the border with Iraq which ensures the vital connection with Iran, Damascus’ major ally. Damascus has repeatedly sent and rotated troops there. It’s time Russians helped with a substantive manner instead of playing petty political games.

  • Stephen

    Syria will loose well trained 8000 strong army if with in two days they did not reach from Palmyra to Deir Ezzor.

    • Tudor Miron

      I would not worry that much Stephen. I do believe that Deir Ezzor will keep staying and will be actually desieged before winter.

      • dutchnational

        There are two ways for desieging : winning and losing. The latest reports indicate a SAA loss is the most likely.

        • Tudor Miron

          I will repeat myself, sorry: “Keep dreaming”.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            the word dreaming is my copyright :P

          • dutchnational

            What is there to dream about. A 100.000 cilians starving?

            DeZ is a tactical disgrace, a strategic fault. SAA should have started an advance out of Palmyra half a year earlier.

          • Tudor Miron

            Are you one of those that claim that Assad is the sourse of suffering of Syrian people in general and Deir Ezzor in particular?
            You posted that “The latest reports indicate a SAA loss is the most likely.”(c) and also claim that defense of DZ is a disgrace and strategic fault. Unreasonable starving of 100k civillians (by Assad is it?)
            I see it very differently. I see heroic city and its citizens and its soldiers defending their land and not giving up despite terrible situation. Yes they are starving but they’re not giving up.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            Tumor, Assad can be blamed for not sending of real help in deir ez zor. Assad made huge amount of bog miostakes. and is clear, he has very instable position. he showed, he is not THE competent leader.

          • Solomon Krupacek
          • PZIVJ

            From the same article:
            “The military source informed Al-Masdar that ISIL is losing a significant number of fighters to achieve this advance in Deir Ezzor, so this could be prove costly in the future for the terrorist group.”

          • John

            That is what stuck out most for me in the article.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            2nd time put here your shit! ga to washington, trump will gain your applause.

          • John

            Good one Solomon. I have been reading them for a while. They are pretty much on the money.

        • RGtz98

          But they’ve held out for years though now they have increased pressures , of which the SAA can support by launching the Palmyra offensive and threaten the Kurds of a Turkish advnce on Manboj in order to advance from the north

          • dutchnational

            SAA did wel within DeZ, true.

            They lack support however, what Assadophiles call “having other priorities”.

            They are being downgraded and there will come a day they will collapse unless real reinforcements, other then a plane with some paratroopers, will arrive.

            Of course a 100.000 civilians slowly starving is of no strategic value.

            Any relief will have to cross almost 200 kms and for an advance from the north, there are no SAA forces to the north of DeZ, other than the garrison of Hassakah, sitting on its butt since almost two years to wave the flag in Hassakah.

  • Julius Meinel

    Neither the Shiia collation nor the Russian’s can afford to let ISIS and their US/SA stooges take hold of south eastern Syrian/Iran border. For one, that would severe the overland supplies lines from Iran to west Syria and Hezbollah and would live the Bosporus strait as only supply route for the Russians. That would be very risky situation should Erdogan ( notoriously unstable and unreliable) decide to close the Bosporus even for just a few day for Russian ships.
    The Iranians the Shiia militia in Iraq and the Russians got to do something about it; SAA is pretty much a spent force at this point with limited offensive capabilities and with large number of Jihadist still threatening the heartland of Syrian from Idlib and Daara. They just do not have the numbers to make a great push towards the Dar El Ezzor with the required sense of urgency.

    • Joe Doe

      Looks that way. The SAA reach the capability with manpower and military hardware and strategy. I was pointing for months about SAA created very long defence lines and they need to shrink those defence lines, but didn’t happen. Now SAA have a problem

      • Jens Holm

        Well, some lines actually finally is made shorter. Very strange that artificial line in the sand suddeenly has become that importent. SAA havnt even notised it for Years….

    • Jens Holm

      And make Damaskus to a lake ???

  • Night Hunter

    Easter Syria is mostly desert terrain, advancing can be easy if they have the will. The end game will happen in Deir zour.
    Saa is taking its time to approach, they should time their advance from sukhna (once they capture it in near future) east wards very s tragically.
    Too early they’ll be the only fighting force and they’ll be heavy casualty.
    Too slow they will loose it all.
    They should time it like maskaneh. As daesh is clasping they will make a run for it all the way to Iraqi border.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      timing, timing. and when americans take 1 little station on the road and cut deir ez zor???

    • Jens Holm

      could be

  • Loveyou

    I give it another 4 months and it will be the total end of ISIS.

  • Kell

    Yeah the geo-strategic situation for Daish is dire, they will want to go out in flames with one suicidal last victory, the natural pick is Deir El Zor as its the most vulnerable and most easily attainable high profile target – remember the Allepo victory was stained by them retaking Palmyra after the much vaunted Syrian/Russian effort to retake the city, this was a carefully calculated plan and is say they will try and do it again..

    PMU and SAA are equal distances away and with no easy or quick way to get there,. Bagdadi and the core are concentrating in the Euphrates valley for their final apocalyptic show down Deir El Zor should be on Red alert, it would be a tragidy to loose this city and the forces there as IS snatches one final victory from the jaws of defeat.

    As the food situation is dire there and resupply problematic its hedging your betts as to wether adding more troops to feed and potentially lose would be a good idea or not, all I can say is hurry up SAA and PMU.


  • John

    It’s reversible. They will just be parking their gear on a position that can be easily bombed 24/7. IS is in panic mode and are getting ground up but good. Their units are getting caught in the open all over the place. Chances are the SAA and Co has not played all it’s cards. Let’s see what happens next. A good evening to all.

  • Justin Ryan

    Russia needs a copied version of a C-130 gunship.

  • qveenz

    Come on guys, resist them and ISIS will collapse in 2 weeks. You are doing great for your people and your country. All gods are on your side, even Yahve.