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ISIS Intensifies Attacks In Nigeria. Ambushes & Shelling Became Daily Practice (Photos)

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ISIS cells in the northeastern Nigerian state of Borno have intensified their operations against government forces.

The group’s terrorists ambushed on May 12 a unit of the Nigerian Armed Forces (NAF) on a road linking the towns of Gajiram and Monguno. A Nigerian service member was killed and a pick-up truck was captured by the terrorists.

ISIS Intensifies Attacks In Nigeria. Ambushes & Shelling Became Daily Practice (Photos)

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ISIS Intensifies Attacks In Nigeria. Ambushes & Shelling Became Daily Practice (Photos)

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A day later, ISIS cells attacked a position of the NAF near the town of Mainok. The terrorists also ambushed a convoy of reinforcements as it arrived in the scene. At least 17 soldiers were killed and others were injured, according to ISIS’ claims.

The terrorist group’s agency, Amaq, also claimed that two vehicles and loads of weapons were captured. An armored vehicle and a fuel tanker were allegedly destroyed.

ISIS operations were not limited to assaults and ambushes. On May 13, the group’s terrorists shelled two positions of the NAF in the towns of Maiduguri and Jakana with six Grad rockets.

On the same day, the terrorists shelled a base of the NAF near the town of Malam Fatori with ten 107mm rockets and ten mortar shells.

ISIS in West Africa (ISWA), known as Boko Haram, has been active in Borno, mainly in the areas bordering Lake Chad, for several years now.

The recent attacks in Borno indicate that ISWA’s cells are gaining momentum, once again. The NAF and local security forces are yet to take effective measures to address the growing threat of the terrorist group in the state.


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AM Hants

Nigeria? Hasn’t Gates just given a member of the Government $10 million, to force through vaccination. Using a vaccine, with little testing and Gates immune from prosecution.
What is the story with Trump stating the military will force through millions of vaccines on the people of America? Article on Breit Bart.

Boris Johnson has signed upto Bio-Science Group, headed by a spy, to handle UK Corona Virus genocide.


Breitburt …… Lol.
About the bill in Nigeria, opposition publicly brought up the issue of the the 10millon $ bribe to the speaker of parliament and the bill is practically dead, unless they sneak it in late on Sunday night. The bill is similar to TRACE but for actual vaccination. Wtf…. Can’t trust an eugenecist…..

AM Hants

Not a Breit Bart fan, but even less a fan of Gates or ID2020. Could not understand why Trump would embrace it, if he is.

Brilliant one Nigeria and being on top of the scam. Wish many more Governments did the sa. E. Wish them luck with the Mobsters that have turned up.

cechas vodobenikov

amerikans/israelis now attempting to steal more oil


Has the army actually considered fighting back? Or do they just run away all the time?


At this point they should just hire the Chadian army…… Nigeria are like the Saudis, all equipment and no bite. The Chadians are like the houthis.
Btw, shekalu has been known to be in sambisa forest forever and the Nigerians haven’t even touched it it seems

AM Hants

Coincidence with timing? Gates provided $10 million to some Nigerian politician to force through his vaccine, with immunity to Gates should it work out like the Indian and African vaccines. Opposition found out and said no to vaccine programme. Allegedly, can still be sneaked through on Sunday night (forgot name of poster who provided comment) and now ISIS have turned up in Nigeria.

Coincidence, when Gates invests heavily in Monsanto-Beer, who purchased Erik Prince Black Water Mercenaries.

How many ISIS members are just bog standard mercenaries from Monsanto-Beer Academia?

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