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ISIS IEDs Take Toll On Egyptian Forces In Sinai (Photos)

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On January 7, the ISIS news agency Amaq released photos of a recent attack with an improvised explosive device (IED) on a vehicle of the Egyptian Armed Forces in the Sinai Peninsula.

ISIS terrorists targeted the vehicle, a heavily armored RG-33, near the al-Nufalah checkpoint west of the city of Rafah in northern Sinai. The attack took place on January 6. Amaq’s photos shows the vehicle vanishing in a fire ball.

ISIS IEDs Take Toll On Egyptian Forces In Sinai (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

ISIS IEDs Take Toll On Egyptian Forces In Sinai (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

ISIS IEDs Take Toll On Egyptian Forces In Sinai (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

A second attack took place in the same area on January 7. ISIS cells struck a military bulldozer of the Egyptian Armed Forces with an IED.

These were the second and third attacks in Sinai this week. On January 4, a vehicle was hit with an IED near the town of Toufaha south of the city of Bir al-Abd.

ISIS cells in Sinai carried out dozens of IED attacks during the last year. Explosive devices provide the group with a low-risk, low-cost method to inflict serious losses on its enemies.

The ongoing operations of Egyptian government forces in Sinai have been putting pressure on ISIS cells. However, the group’s threat in the region appears to be growing.


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Fog of War

The mighty Egyptian army cant handle some goat herders in the Sinai ?


UK-Based opposition website “ Al Araby “ Says the following about the situation in Sinai : The successive military campaigns of the Egyptian army against the “Sinai Province” organization affiliated with “ISIS” in the cities of North Sinai Governorate in the east of the country have led to an unprecedented tightening of the screws on it, by cutting supply routes between the areas of its presence, especially in the cities of Sheikh Zuweid and Bir al-Abd. . This prompted the organization to turn towards theft of citizens and their commercial interests, to meet the living needs of its members. Several robberies and looting were recorded during the past few days, including commercial and supply stores and a poultry farm, while other attempts failed, due to the alertness of the people to the movement of ISIS members.

“Wilayat Sinai” stole the homes and interests of citizens and shops In details, tribal sources said, “Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed”, that the Egyptian army operations that began last month, led to the restoration of a number of villages within the city of Bir al-Abed, as well as preventing the movement of “Sinai Province” in dozens of villages and neighborhoods in the cities of Rafah, Sheikh Zuweid, Al-Arish and Bir The slave. This act did not happen before that during the years of conflict between the army and the organization. The military operations cut off supplies between the organization’s concentration points in those areas, forcing it to search for alternatives, the most prominent of which was the theft of citizens, whether homes, shops, and economic interests. There is a state of anxiety among the citizens in the areas close to the presence of ISIS, that they will be exposed to danger during their response to the organization’s attempts to loot commercial stores during the coming period in the event that the siege of the army continues.

The same sources added that during the past few days, “Wilayat Sinai” had been recorded in the theft of commercial stores south of Sheikh Zuweid, taking advantage of the weather represented by the spread of fog, while some groups of the organization succeeded in looting supplies in the village of Al-Kawthar, and the citizens failed some with the help of militants affiliated with the groups Tribal support for the army. On the other hand, ISIS operatives stole a poultry farm in the village of Al-Talul, within the city of Bir al-Abed, kidnapped its workers, and transferred them to an unknown destination, accompanied by hundreds of poultry and feed that were inside the farm. The army and police forces were not able to track down the perpetrators or capture them, noting that the stolen quantity is sufficient to feed the elements of Wilayat Sinai for several weeks in the areas of his presence in Bir al-Abd, as well as the outskirts of Al-Arish and Sheikh Zuweid, in case he was able to move it and violate the army’s procedures in cutting off the organization’s supplies .

Military sources in North Sinai published photos of a number of ISIS operatives who were killed last week during their attempt to smuggle food supplies to the besieged groups in the villages of Al-Touma and Al-Muqataa, south of Rafah, and Sheikh Zuwaid, through the pages of those close to them on social media. In parallel, drones do not leave the skies of the cities of North Sinai, to monitor the movement of “Wilayat Sinai”, in light of the movement of ground campaigns on the ground, to complete control of the villages and areas that are still under its control. The army had taken control of a number of villages, such as Fater, Tufaha, Qasrawit, Al-Hamisa and other villages in the Bir al-Abd area, to be added to the villages of Rab’a, Qatiya, Qatiya, Al-Janayen and Al-Meryh.

The Egyptian army changed its operating strategies in North Sinai In the context, a researcher in Sinai affairs said, in an interview with Al-Araby Al-Jadeed, that the concrete results on the ground confirm beyond any doubt that the Egyptian army has changed its working strategies in North Sinai during the recent recent period. This is what led to the damage to the strength of “ISIS” organization, and keeping it in a state of self-defense instead of attack, in conjunction with its loss of large areas that were under its control since the beginning of 2020. He pointed out that the organization did not carry out any specific attack for a long time, other than the camp attack Fourth, last July, noting that the army intends to cut the connections between the cities and the roads used by the organization on the desert back of the cities. He pointed out that this situation had a real impact on the cohesion of the organization’s strength, and led to a clear shortage of supplies between the outposts, which led to its withdrawal from villages that it had controlled for many months, as well as its endeavor to obtain supplies, even food, at least through the theft of citizens and their shops. .

The researcher added that if the army continues to operate in this way, more field achievements will be achieved during the coming period, and this certainly does not prevent the continued recording of human and material losses in the ranks of the army, in light of the organization’s response to the ongoing military campaigns in several regions. He stressed that the army is obligated to protect citizens more than ever before, to preserve their property, and not to leave them easy prey for the organization to steal them and do anything in exchange for obtaining the necessary food for its members. Consequently, observers expect to continue recording cases of theft and looting of shops, farms, etc., in light of the continued army operations in several cities in the governorate. It should be noted that the situation dominating the scene at the present time may not last for long, given its connection to several field and geographical factors, and others related to the nature of the organization’s work and its ability to adapt to all circumstances, and this is what has been proven in several countries such as Iraq and Syria.

Jens Holm

Even few, those are first class guerilla.

The Egyptian army probatly is only mighty in regular warfare. Its kind of Assads and Bagdad. People seemes not able to understand and educate according to tradition, whats need for guerilla warfare. Even more advanced systems has their problems.

Shia man

I wonder who is supplying isis in Sinai Egypt? Its funny how the patch of land they control is on the borders of Israel yet they never attack Israel I wonder why? https://egypt.liveuamap.com/ Check the map out

Jens Holm

You wonder becauseYou are stupid and Your own kind of people are adding themself, so lives are worth close to nothing exept in propaganda.

Here its easyto seefence and protectzones and alert soldiers a guards.

The rest is same thing too. Those Jihadists lives in Egypt. Sinai is Egypt.

..And Cairo and Tel Aviv actually do assist each other and has done well for several years. Egypt is not in war with Israel and Israel fx has a network with them for local oil and gas.

Your version of control land is a relative too. Its more like having bacterias and You might never get ried of the last ones whatever You do.

Furkan Sahin

you know Isis is a killer they is much worse than Assad

Jens Holm

My comment is connected to some fellow wondering why Israel has none of those Jihadists. I told its because they are not from Israel as well as Israel also is better to protect its populaton.

Your comment is completly irrelevent. The reasons for extremisme is the same all over. If enough is not included in the population, they will make opposition. If they speak and that makes no difference and they even gets punishes – They figh back.

You can only make sensible including be sendoble reforms. I see none of that in Egypt as well as Syria. The only choise people have is to shoot back, and they do.

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