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MAY 2021

ISIS Hunters Reveal New Details About U.S. Attack On Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor

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ISIS Hunters Reveal New Details About U.S. Attack On Syrian Army In Deir Ezzor

A flag of the ISIS Hunters

On February 11, the ISIS Hunters of the 5th Assault Corps of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) releveled in an official statement that the US-led collation attacked the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its units on February 7 because they had  repelled a joint attack of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS on their positions.

In its official statement, the unit said that a joint convoy of the SDF and ISIS was first spotted near the SDF-held town of al-Suwar in the eastern Deir Ezzor countryside. Later, the joint force launched an attack on SAA positions in the village of Khasham east of Deir Ezzor.

“Almost immediately Hunters managed to suppress ISIS and make them retreat. (Later an intercepted radio traffic confirmed that the group was partly ISIS, partly Kurds and they retreated towards CONOCO factory),” the statement said.

The ISIS Hunters acknowledged that it lost 20 fighters in the US-led coalition airstrikes on February 7 and said that the SAA lost a higher number of soldiers.

Syrian pro-government sources reported on February 10 that a funeral for dozens of Syrian fighters of the ISIS Hunters was held in the Christian town of al-Suqaylabiyah in northern Hama.

The ISIS Hunters held the SDF responsibility for the US-led coalition airstrikes on its units in Deir Ezzor and vowed to “hunt” ISIS and the SDF’s Kurdish fighters from now on.

“Since now there is no difference for us between ISIS and Kurds. Same terrorists, same attitude towards them. Kurds, be sure, ISIS Hunters are going to hunt you on Syrian soil like your ISIS mercenaries are hunted. Our brothers will be revenged!” the unit said.

Meanwhile, several Syrian opposition sources reported that clashes between the SAA and the SDF are ongoing around Khasham for the fourth day in a row. However, these reports have not not confirmed by the SAA or the SDF.

According to pro-government Syrian experts, the SAA and the ISIS Hunters will not likely launch attacks against the US-backed forces. However, a serious response to the SDF and the US-led coalition is highly possible in case they launch another attack against the SAA in Deir Ezzor. A response that might be similar to the one Israel faced on February 10.

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  1. Oingo Boingo says:

    The CIA and MOSSAD get upset when their ISIS pets are killed, and the spread of Israeli hegemony in The Middle East is thwarted or slowed.

    1. Roddy Wehrmacht says:

      It’s gotten painfully obvious now. Amerika is there as Israel’s first line of defense. The bullshit about fighting ISIS after supporting them for years, now it appears the Kurds are going to bend over and spread for Uncle Sam again.
      All the money and weaponry sent to these kikes and still they need their pound of US flesh.

      1. as says:

        ISIS HUNTERS outfit is non politically aligned with anyone even government forces SAA. Their main mission is to destroy ISIS and aligned radicals. Now they have to kill Kurds to avenge their fallen brothers.

        1. Merijn says:

          But the Kurds were there with ISIS doesn’t that make him a little bit aligned radicals?

          1. Jonathan Cohen says:

            That depends on who ends up in control of the territory they take, and it looks to me like that will be the Kurds and that East Der Ezzor will end up with ABORTION RIGHTS, which will prove that they are not ISIS.

          2. Merijn says:

            So Abortion Rights or Not is the way to distinguish The Kurds from ISIS….? Good! I will remember that…..

      2. Mountains says:

        If Uncle sam didn’t enter ISIS would have raped Iraq and captured baghdad by now. Pay respect where it’s due. You can’t liberate jackshit.

        1. Rafik Chauhan says:

          US dint help Iraq for one year when isil attacked Iraq it was Iran who send immediately and Sisitani fatwa was the one Iraq rised against isil and when US seen that isil will be defeated they started helping with limited air supports to take credit. Iraqi dint need US at all. They will soon get rid of US

          1. RichardD says:

            This Jew world order troll isn’t called mountain of lies for nothing.

          2. iosongasingsing says:

            Beautiful definition of the Jewish world masters of the speech.

          3. FlorianGeyer says:


          4. Mountains says:

            You couldn’t do jackshit. You panic’ed and fled your positions and ISIS were close to Baghdad then Uncle sam came to your dirty ass saving.

            You can’t liberate jackshit. As if you fought ISIS or defeated. It was the US who defeated ISIS who destroyed bulidings and everything.

            You ain’t nobody.. I have even no doubt if a tiny insurgence rise again you would fall if UNCLE sam dosen’t come in.

            Iraq is like a woman’s private part that can’t do jackshit for themselves. They couldn’t liberate themselves off Saddam or ISIS uncle sam had to do all these things.

            Now shout the F’ up and take it

          5. Alpha&Omega says:

            We’ve served along US troops. Mostly good men and women. But what you don’t understand is that the whole world hates you now, Serve satan and their chosen people and you will reap what God has coming for you. It doesn’t matter if we are your partners from Europe or elsewhere, we’ve got enough now. Those that align themselves with ISIS are terrorists whoever you are and you will be treated accordingly.

          6. Merijn says:

            Everyone aligned with Headchoppers, Satanic Khazarian Banksters, Illegal Organ Choppers, Dictators, Childmolesters and so on, I consider an Enemy of Humanity an thus should be Eradicated & Destroyed…….so in my humble opinion….: It’s better to stay away from those kind of People as far as American Citizens are concerned….. no “Ich Habe Es Nicht Gewusst”…… we got internet these days…..so no excuses….

          7. Jens Holm says:

            Thats mainly right. Most from the region here totally forget, that ISIS was strong because of the outside support and not only soldiers in Isil/Isis.

            You have to add those parts from almost all the rest of the world incl. russia.

            The coalision and affiliates fight in many parts of the world right now as well feeding refugees there too.

            The remarkable thing is, where ISIS could take land and why. Very cheep and onesided to blame fx americans and zionists.

            Saudis, Qatars, Emirates, Iranians, Kuwaits are not muslims involved as well ? A minimum would be to name those as friends or affiliated to USA – if and when they are.

          8. Rob says:

            US never helped Iraq. US ponding bomb on Iraqi security forces and then say this is by mistake or lake or coordination. What a joke.

          9. Merijn says:

            And they had to Airlift some ISIS Commanders out……destroy some evidence of involvement here & there….. you don’t want them Iraqis to find that right?


          10. Jens Holm says:

            The facts are taken from a Russian copypaste from a videogame.

          11. tony ebanks says:

            Iran is the one who helped Iraq

        2. Rafik Chauhan says:

          US is the one helped isil to enter Iraq . So you talking about us help Iraq to get rid isil is total nonsense and ignorant talk. Go tell that story to a small baby

        3. TiredOfBsToo says:

          Funny how Iraq, Libya and Syria had no problem from terrorists until the US desired to destroy those countries. It’s interesting how whichever country the US sets it’s eye on for destruction, terrorists spring up almost as if by magic and fully armed with modern weapons. In fact, one could say that if it weren’t for the US, Isis and Alqeda wouldn’t exist. Funny how the terrorists kept gaining new ground in Syria with huge oil convoys in the open desert while the US and it’s terrorist supporting coalition flew overhead. The US was really upset when Russia entered the fray, turned those convoys to cinders and began to roll back the terrorists gains. Now that most of the terrorists have been defeated, the US is going to be striking the Syrian people and their army directly, as their proxy army of terrorists has had their clocks cleaned.

          1. Jens Holm says:

            Hahaha. All opposition was until then killed. Thats the culture and religion which made You happy: Kill, Kill, Kill.

            Now they shoot back. Shame on them ???

          2. TiredOfBsToo says:

            The US and Israel shooting back….. hahahahaha What planet do you live on? They’ve never stopped shooting, it’s the only thing they know, kill, kill, destroy, destroy, it’s called AngloZionist dementia syndrome.

        4. iosongasingsing says:

          Good fellow, your uncle accidentally bombed the Iraqis in Mosul, the Syrians in Deir ez Zor, he gave away thousands of Humwee, Man Pads, machine guns, missiles, trucks to ISIS and Al Qaeda, who under his eyes made a state like Britain. Say thank you to the Holy Russia if in Syria ISIS is gone.

          1. You can call me Al says:

            “who under his eyes made a state like Britain.?” – sorry I don’t get that bit.

          2. FlorianGeyer says:

            I suppose we do have the terrorists. They just need supplying with weapons and cash now and then the real terrorism will start.

            The cries from British Subjects will then be ‘ Someone must do something about it’ as they panic :)

            If only the majority of British Subjects had challenged what Britain was doing in the US/Israeli wars and demanded that Britain stayed out of the illegal wars, terrorism would not be as much of a problem here.

          3. Jens Holm says:

            Pure speculations. Another way could be better integration as well as letting so many in.

            We se kind of the same for france(and belgium). They have big colony tradtions being open for that for good reasons, but like in EU shengen, you also see the free transportation of people and trading also get thieves and stolen things.

            So you have to compensate more as well as reduce entrence to something to handle. Our help to others being refugees as well as need for fulfilling some joibs did not expects incvasions like that having people, which would like us to be more like them.

            There is a limit for, what is acceptable. Brits reached that level, but its not a new attitude. Its the cup full by the last incommers from Dover as well as cheep labour from eastern Europe.

            To me its unrealistic brittain in the future should be less in wars. They and we dont know that. I certainly hope You hope You add illegal to all the non-wars just killing civilians or worse and are hapoy about that internal matter in the russian isolating the world in bites, it can handle one by one.

            Estonia, Lituania, Latvia, Polen and others certainly not celebrated USSR as winner and great fatherland war being taken by them.

          4. FlorianGeyer says:

            ” So you have to compensate more as well as reduce entrence to something to handle. ”

            That has always been the case with any migration over time. One fairly recent example was the mass migration of Europeans to the America’s. The original populations were almost wiped out. This includes the ‘take over’ of nations by birthrates as well.

            Much of the European migration was of course caused by continual wars within Greater Europe that also impacted of Russia with the mass migrations of Germans for instance. The Volga Germans etc.

            As for the post Soviet Union Baltic states and Poland, all of them wielded great power in history and seek to regain some of their former glory. The Baltic States populations now are no more that the population of a large EU city. They irrelevant today in economic terms. Even Poland is to some extent as she has become in effect, a large Employment Agency for the EU that has driven down wages in Britain etc.

          5. as says:

            Search up demonstrations against Iraq war in UK. Nowadays millenials is war numbs. Some of them are trashy enough to laugh at dead Syrian childrens picture.

          6. FlorianGeyer says:

            Things will need to get a lot worse in the UK before sanity returns I think.

          7. as says:

            I really hope it don’t have to but i see no other way about it. Politicians blowing hot air and military has to please the ‘voice of the people’ somehow.

          8. FlorianGeyer says:

            History has illustrated that a ‘mania’ within any population group has always caused great disruption and destruction.

            Religions being the main culprits.

          9. as says:

            Nah. Mostly greed. And to certain extents ill conceived pride.

          10. You can call me Al says:

            We have challenged – 1 million against Iraq, hundreds of thousands against Syria. The anti-Israeli / anti-yank rhetoric is growing daily but is squashed by the MSM and government. Sit back and watch, the time is coming.

          11. FlorianGeyer says:

            I am sure you are correct. The whole Western edifice of Superiority is about to come crashing down under the weight of debt and out of control migration whilst our leaders have angst about LGBT issues.

          12. iosongasingsing says:

            I mean large territorially as GB.

          13. You can call me Al says:

            Got it, cheers.

          14. Merijn says:

            the NATO as the ISIS ROYAL AIR FORCE, the strategic HQs placed everywhere stuffed with Western intelligence to coordinate all operations, the transfer from ISIS division RAQQA to the west…..to fight the SAA….from ISIS to HTS to Al Qaeda to Al Nusra to the Kurds, the SDF & the WTF. I really dunno how much terrorist organisations these U.S. peeps have put up for the whole show….. I lost count……..

          15. Jens Holm says:

            You might take Your trousers on again and not put you behind so much up in the sky.

          16. Merijn says:

            I’m all geared up & ready……

          17. Jens Holm says:

            80 out of 400.000 is 0,02%.

        5. FlorianGeyer says:

          Mountains, you must remember to take your meds. You are talking nonsense again.

      3. Attrition47 says:

        Back to front; the zionist proxy is American Caesar’s aircraft carrier in the Levant.

        1. FlorianGeyer says:

          If that’s the case its time to sink the aircraft carrier :)

        2. Jens Holm says:

          Yes, and ISIS dig to relate with the chinese…

      4. Merijn says:

        But it makes the fighting a lot easier…… now everyone openly became part of the “Great Imperial Headchopper Army of Retardia”………

  2. Travis Kelso says:

    Haha, what a stupid statement. You got your ass skull stomped and now you pull out the normal playbook of making shit up.

    1. Robert Duran says:

      So you support an American attack on the armed forces of a country doing its best to fight terrorism and saving the lives of its sons and daughters..You see why some embryos are best used for research purposes?

      1. wwinsti says:



  3. Michał Hunicz says:

    The ISIS Hunters should shoot down some aircraft. Yankee rustics are so inept.

  4. François says:

    Syria must reinforce Anti Aircraft defense in Deir Ezzor region. The US are indeed used to striking SAA there with total impunity. May them be heavily frustrated.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Very unrealistic. You certainly get Yourself an illusion of the powers in the world and especially the Damaskus one.

      If You took the whole military of Baathist today and attacked the other part of Golan, the front after a few days has taken Damaskus unless Russians and Hesbollah gave many lives. They are in 1967 level.

      1. François says:

        “I get myself an illusion of the powers in the world?” Nothing to see with my comment. I don’t know where is the problem is having anti aircraft defense in Deir Ezzor, which is a key part of Syria beacuse of pertroleum/gas fields, that are coveted by the US, that’s why they regularly strike SAA. So far the US has attacked SAA twice, covering ISIS…

  5. jerry hamilton says:

    At the same time, America are announcing to the world that they are the leading terrorist nation.
    Well done Trump.

  6. 1eeripsa says:

    US supports ISIS for sure! Go SAA and ISIS Hunters!!!

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Far out conclusion. Those hunters hardly can hit some rabbits, but probatly are good in campfire stories.

  7. Mountains says:

    fuck these irrelevant piece of shit. They can’t even cross the river and they fucking Russian occupied. Lowless cannon fodders. I don’t even understand why they would need an article written about them and their threats is as irrelevant as the next

    1. John Wallace says:

      I think the molehill pretending to be a mountain that can’t write proper English is the irrelevant one talking shit . Hope you wipe your mouth before you eat. Happy now ??.

      1. Mountains says:

        They are nothing more then lowly cannon fodders. Dying like flies everywhere while being extremely cheap

        1. jorge says:

          Go there tell them that, be brave.

          1. Mountains says:

            I would massacre these cannon fodders if I meet them. I would probably take them out of their misery. F-16s and The mother of all bombs would be dropped from the air on them. They are irrevelant and chicken farm house level for me. Go play outside son

          2. Tudor Miron says:

            You? Brave keyboard worrior?

          3. jorge says:

            Don’t ‘would´, go. And someone who don’t respect a dead ennemy don’t worth nothing.

          4. Mountains says:

            There are not worth much dead or alive

          5. jorge says:

            We will see.

          6. Alpha&Omega says:

            Hasbara troll, how’s the weather in Tel Aviv?

          7. as says:

            ISIS Hunters comprises some foreign volunteers that’s also coming from Europe. Some of them even once fight the ISIS with Kurds.

          8. jorge says:

            Thanks for the information, as. This site, even in the comments, has plenty of information. Pity that has trolls, but almost all sites have those curious creatures.

          9. Alpha&Omega says:

            Very true and they are quite aware about trolls and traitors in Europa.

        2. Gregory Louis says:

          The ISIS hunters are fodder….lol XD….lol omg dude I haven’t laughed this hard in awhile

        3. John Wallace says:

          I’m not going to lose any sleep over it but I do hope you wear a bib when you come for dinner Grandad. You are going to massacre them , big brave tuff guy, .. ohh… you need to do it with a big plane with a big bomb , and I was thinking you were going to do it man to man not like a piece of gutless shit like McCain. I guess you are more of a mole than a molehill.. Just here to wind everyone up as you lack the intelligence to offer anything else.. If you had to face a man with a gun shooting at you make sure you wear your nappies and keep away from everyone else as the smell would be overpowering.

        4. Sinbad2 says:

          And coming to America real soon.
          Will you be so uncaring when you and your children are the cannon fodder?

  8. Robert Duran says:

    This has been debated here for months now…ISIS just changes uniform and become SDF.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      America created the Mujahideen, to kill Russians, then upgraded them to al Qaeda, then upgraded them to ISIS, then SDF.
      America keeps changing the look of its terrorists, just like Microsoft changes the look of its software.
      It’s the same mentality, a business mentality. The USA is not a country, it’s a corporation.

      1. Merijn says:

        Perhaps it’s time for some CEOs of this corporate to appear in Court for mismanagement……

      2. so says:

        That is an excellent and concise observation. Crystalline.

      3. FlorianGeyer says:

        And the most indebdted corporation the world has seen :)

      4. Jens Holm says:

        Its united states. Almost all corporations are on the stockmarket, where all can be owners. Thats the vital thing about western economy. We own each other and invest in companies, which sometimes get too much power.

        I have many stockings from USA. I have them because I have paid into a pensionfond for many years. But I am no america. You can do the same and get some money from it too every year.

        They also by our stockings and own parts of us. And why not. Our products are sold almost all over the world and includes we have bougt some of their companies as well.

      5. zman says:

        …and an evil one at that.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Thats not debated. i only se strange facts religios fanatics over nigh should become of no religion and added the total opposite.

  9. kraaiiii says:

    there a chess game being played here, the chess pawn are SDF and SAA

  10. Rob says:

    There is no difference between ISIS and SDF both work for Washington and Israeli terrorists. Therefore, Syria and their allies must get rid of these ISIS and SDF bastards.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Why not go after their bosses?

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Thats right. But Russia protect Assad and Maliki in Iraq still have a Goverment job.

    2. Sinbad2 says:

      I know this sounds cruel, and is cruel, but a video of American troops getting crucified would so enrage the American people, that the US would have to withdraw its death squads.
      It was the pics of Americans burning children to death that caused the American people to demand the US leave Vietnam.
      You have to put it right in the face of Americans to get them to protest.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Thats right, but sept 11 did the opposite.

    3. Jens Holm says:

      Again far out. ISIS did for a short time used as the last hard one to remove Assads. It has been stopped since.

      THEN SDF`s came in against ISIS. Those were well motivated, becauese the wars between them and Assads and FSA(+Nusra I think) made 2 million refugees in Turkey and probatly close to 400.000 more from Kobane.

      So the ignorant llliterate bastard must be You ignoring so many facts about it. Well, You can be censures or born yesterday too. If so, I excuse my comment.

  11. Roddy Wehrmacht says:

    Keep shooting down jew warplanes and raising the risk and cost of israel bombing Syria to the delight of millions of observers.

    1. Merijn says:

      We want Mo’ Missiles…….

    1. Revan Maximillanius Filiaecksd says:

      jazakallah kharain for this

    2. so says:

      No offence but I could make up one of these at home too if I had the skills. Why is this here?

  12. Real Anti-Racist Action says:

    Syria was wrong to deploy that anti air defense in the north against Turkey (who is not even bombing SAA at all). No need to defend the Kurdish-Empire.
    Instead Syria needs to deploy that anti air system to the east to defend the actual SAA troops.

    1. gustavo says:

      Well,I think, Russia can provide Syria with more air defense, and Russia must do this for Syria be able to cover all its nation of air attack.

      1. Samuel Boas says:

        Syria cannot pay for all of this high tech equipment that you speak about. Russia does not just keep giving away free equipment to the Syrian government.

        1. Alpha&Omega says:

          No, and that’s the reason there is reason to start to doubt the intentions of Vladimir “our partners” Putin intentions.
          Sell S-400 to Turkey and now considering even UAE, but not selling to Iran and Syria speaks volumes.

        2. Sinbad2 says:

          So who do you think is picking up the bill to defeat the US in Syria?
          Think about, who has more cash than the US can borrow?

      2. Sinbad2 says:

        It seems it was an Iranian missile that shot down the Israeli plane.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      But the troops are not attacked. Unless they would attack the turks having an airforce its like skiing with no snow,

      If anything it should be against Israel. The lines there are very thin and they doi have an airforce.

  13. Christian Gains says:

    WHAT a “Goat F*&K!!!” WHEN, oh WHEN!! will my Country come to it’s senses!!! AND! Get their A$$es OUT OF THAT THEATER!!! It’s NOT OUR FIGHT!!!???…

    B.O.,[duh STINK’A] came up with the “Rid the World of ASAD” doctrine1!!…He & HELL-R-eee even developed the original ISIA band of cretins!!! NOTHING those two EVER HAVE DONE was worth the COST, NEVER brought positive results & simply destroyed things and Nations and peoples!!! The ENTIRE “brand” of “PROGRESSIVE & LIBTARDS are worthless & dangerous, & stupid!

    I’m ashamed of my Government!!! BUT! I have hopes that my PEOPLE will prevail & get us OUT of such wrongful efforts!!!

    1. zman says:

      So it was all Obummer, huh? Read this: http://yournewswire.com/wars-were-planned-seven-countries-in-five-years-general-wesley-clark-video/ Your neocon buddies in the Christian fundamentalist movement are the ones that enabled this crap from the get-go. They started their infiltration of the US military back in Rayguns regime. They basically run the AF. Obama may have tooted the ‘get rid of Assad’, but the baby belongs to Bushcorp. This country will come to it’s senses when people like you realize that you’ve been fooled. There hasn’t been an administration worth a shit since Reagan screwed this country every way he possibly could.

      1. Christian Gains says:

        Thanks zman…but honestly, no new news here, I agree…I’m NOT saying that B.O. was the ONLY STINKER in the bunch…(or Bush, as it may be), just that he & she were the PRIME SHAKERS in “so called”…”ARAB SPRING”….Which, pretty much, has been the destruction of several Nations & led to the deaths of only GOD knows how many innocents! But, these are simply problems that plague this Nation. AND! These are basically the same as EVERY Empire develops as it degenerates…CORRUPTION at the TOP, which seeps down wind to the BOTTOM…AND, as for those “Christians” you refer to, they are no more “Children of Jesus” than were MARX, ENGLES, or HANNIBAL…

        As TRUE History reveals, {ALWAYS 100’s of years AFTER the events}, the “POWER BROKERS” are RARELY KNOWN to “The people”…but rule from FAR DEEPER sources than merely Presidents or Shahs, or other “figure heads”…THOSE “sources” are the “SOURCES” I’d VERY MUCH like to see dissolved & obliterated…BUT!

        THAT’S a SPIRITUAL battle that I’m not called to…yet…There’s still some “trying & testing” to be done before my hopes can become reality.

        1. Jens Holm says:

          What a babling non sense. You might need some spirituel bath Yourself.

        2. zman says:

          The ‘7 countries in 5 years’ IS the Arab spring. O and Killery are as much a part as the Bushes, I just don’t like the neocons not getting the publicity they deserve, especially since they were the ones that started all this shit back under Reagan.

    2. Sinbad2 says:

      I sympathize with normal peace loving Americans, but history shows us that to defeat the evil that controls your country will require the destruction of America, and millions of dead Americans.
      Americans are no more responsible for the evil that infests America, than the German people were for the Nazis, but 8 million Germans died.
      It’s the way of things, your leaders will sacrifice your children without hesitation.

  14. Drogba says:

    The ziokurds don’t deserve to gain an inch of Syrian land on the pretense of fighting their buddies is is. They should be hounded out of Syria alongside their zionist paymaster warmongers,

  15. Manuel Flores Escobar says:

    ISIS have been defeated…so its time to deploy air defense system in Deir Ezzor to protect SAA…otherwise USA will attack SAA step to step!

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Hard to understand. They are not attacked if they dont attack themselves, so the things that hit them was pay for something.

  16. Bob says:

    Syrian ISIS Hunters unit are Russian trained and equipped elite group – with Russian advisors and SOF embedded. This and the F-16 incident suggest a possible shift currently occurring in regard to tolerance of direct US and Israeli attacks inside Syria…?

  17. Mahmoud Larfi says:

    I believe Iraq must be responsibilized for most of US coalition aicraft that struck SAA and its allies actually entered from Iraqi airspace.. as well as most weapon supply convoys to SDF are making it to Syria through Iraqi border.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Iraq like Japan Germany Korea, etc etc is an occupied nation.
      Only when the allies defeat the evil empire, will Iraq and the rest of the world be able to go free.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Haha. The russian adventures in the USSR times all started with: Soon in the future, there will come.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      It could be. I dont think USA has much for that in iraq anymore. The iraqi airforce are ok now and have told, they do not need help anymore.

      They are given and has bought enough airplanes from different sources as well as having different kinds of helicopters.

  18. Henrique Luz says:

    Syria Army must to uso S-200 when will be closer this aerea.

  19. Rodney Loder says:

    US nuclear arsenal upgrade is associated with their state of denial, waiting to see what Xi Jinping will come out with concerning Trump’s demands for subservience.

    1. so says:

      Man made islands in the South China sea is probably a good one.

      1. Rodney Loder says:

        Obama was pivoting to the Pacific until the Libian Armed Forces called him back, the Democrats panicked threw the election deliberately so Trump who is totally mind controlled by jewish telepathic operatives can go for broke, he might win and become Trump the Great in which case the Democrats will salute him or if he fails just kick him out and replace his sorry arse with Democratic Glonalists.

        Xi knows this and will have to respond, Trump the Great would wipe China out.

        So he might start on the South China Sea becoming the mainland of China by eroding the foundations of Japan done as horizontal dredging, I advised Ryan Dawson to get the f–k out of there, or start building Ryan’s Ark and loading it up with the Japanese animals that he wants to save, they can all come to my place on the Sacred Mountain, for a small consideration of course.

  20. Attrition47 says:

    The Syrians should be careful to ignore provocations and get their revenge in cold blood, when circumstances favour them.

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      Revenge is a dish best served cold.

      1. Alpha&Omega says:

        Very true, and served it will be.

  21. Starlight says:

    Trump ordered massive strikes against ELITE Russian irregulars. When you understand the Great Game, and how it is played, such an act is but one stage below actual hot war.

    And for why? A probing action against ‘muscular vicar’ Putin, to see if he is still ‘spineless’- and he was. The jewish attack followed, and now this terrorist strike in mother Russia.

    Few here comprehend the true motivation. The Deep State needs ‘convincers’ to work on the various authorities that must green light the Iran War. Individuals, organisations, nations etc. The Deep State alone, much to its eternal regret, cannot simply ‘press the button’. Putin must seem fully humiliated in the eyes of key people. And his unwillingness to rightfully confront the evil of the Deep State must be clearly demonstrated to the right people.

    Those that the Deep State most need to convince require Russia itself to be clearly ‘bloodied’ without any real response from Putin. THEN they can happily back the Iran War.

    WE are NOT winning or even holding our own. The irrestistable force of the Deep State pushes against a VERY movable object that is Putin’s Russia. For sure the muscular vicar digs in his heels- but every day he slides backwards ever faster.

    Look at Britain in N Ireland when it decided to END the ‘troubles’. Or Britain and America in S Africa when they decided to end Apartheid. Or Germany after the fall of the Soviet Empire. Did war and fighting continue in those nations AFTER the Empire of the West finally intervened. OF COURSE NOT.

    Now compare with Russia in Syria. Does anyone here with even one working brain cell think the fighting there will ever end? The West gets the job done properly- pathetic Putin will never use the might of Russia to the same ends.

    The West may be evil, but it is also ruthlessly efficient. There is NOTHING ruthless about Putin- nothing! Look at the sickening humiliation of these winter olympics. So wherever Russia goes, the bully Empire goes after Russia and russian interests. And mass murdering the elite russian irregulars involved in hunting down the West’s best terror gangs without ANY response from Putin is the sweetest taste for the Deep State demons.

    1. RichardD says:

      Your alternate reality is fiction.

      1. zman says:

        You’re being generous.

      2. Alpha&Omega says:

        Unfortunately Starlight tells more truth than most of us wants to admit.

        1. RichardD says:

          Such as?

    2. Serious says:

      The problem of Russia is that Russia never back his allies and at the end Russia remains alone and vulnerable. I think, people don’t understand that Russia can’t fight alone and must have strong allies to stop being bullied by the west. But, Russia keeps not backing his allies.

      Russia must create strong allies but seem to not know how to do.

      1. Sinbad2 says:

        “it may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”
        Henry Kissinger

        1. Jens Holm says:

          I can another one: We done fear arabs, when they are strong.

      2. John Whitehot says:

        your problem is that you’re troll that has to say that “Russia is a traitor” at every single post, and even elementary school kids who waste time reading your comments know it by now.

        1. Serious says:

          If you act like traitor, smell like traitor, .. maybe you are a traitor. I don’t say that also about Putin but also about sunnis and kurds. So, I don’t care if you don’t agree. Facts remain facts.

          1. John Whitehot says:

            and if you act like troll and talk troll shit, facts remain facts anyway, and you’s a darned troll in any case.

        2. FlorianGeyer says:

          Funnily enough I was thinking the same thing John. :)

        3. RedBaron9495 says:

          He’s either a Ukrainian twit of Hasbara Jewish shill

      3. Merijn says:

        Give me one name of a Country that ever helped Russia……..just one……..

      4. Jens Holm says:

        That can hardly reach the level of today. Most russians problems are they dont regain their country after the USSR defeat even there are reliable methods for it.

        You even can see it in their miliatry production. They have several very sophiticated invensions, but are not able to produce them fast by modern methods. An the military complex should be the most modern of them. They have a big export there. Prices seemes to be relative low and fair as well.

        You dont get allies if you have nothing to offer. BNP is like Spain even of course You get much more for a dollar in Russia.

    3. George King says:

      You have no clue of what you are talking about. Putin’s Russia has given the signal of new rules of engagement as demonstrated. Would you not agree on this? Confrontation with Israel is the same as US confrontation. Game on in the skies over Syria and the region by default.

      Also note the destruction of Patriot defense system by Houthi coalition in Saudi Arabia as well this past week of what is awaiting for Israel.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Thats to elect Putin again as a main purpose.

    4. Jens Holm says:

      Yerrrrh all there Turks as well as any arab even ISIS and SDF all are sitting on their hands drinking tea.

      So what do they actually do : Mainly making excuses for doing nothing. The only hard working people there, are the women serving them using spoons making whirspools of sugar.

    5. Sinbad2 says:

      “Look at Britain in N Ireland when it decided to END the ‘troubles’.”
      The troubles ended because Britain got the USA to stop funding the Irish terrorists, in exchange for backing the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

      You are right, Putin does not want to start a war that would kill a billion people, so he is using guerilla tactics. In Syria, the objective is to stop the gas pipeline. By spending a few hundred million in Syria, Russia is stopping the US from taking over the EU energy market, a trillion dollar industry.
      Whilst China tightens credit to the US, Russia gets the US to spend more money on war.
      This is the same tactic the US used against the Soviet Union, so we know it works.
      The only question is when will the US implode, not if.

    6. RedBaron9495 says:

      lol…the Wagner Group were not in the group that got hit.

  22. Jim Prendergast says:

    Bad news for the Kurds. They don’t really stand a chance.

  23. Joe Doe says:

    ISIS HUNTERS should get better military hardware, before making any moves against SDF. Right now they have nothing to defend themselves against Air plans attacks. Get VERBA and get good training, than you can makes advances against SDF

    1. Sinbad2 says:

      They need bombers, to bomb the enemy air bases.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      They hoped and probatlyh hope the SDF troops and the local supporters of them are weak because of Afrin/Manbij.

      They did not expect airforce and hard artillery.

  24. Serious says:

    If USA wins it’s because USA have “allies” (rather slaves”). Go search for reliable allies and try to liberate USA occupied countries.

    I don’t know, do something.

  25. antoun says:

    kurds =daesh and el quaida!!!

  26. Leon De Elias says:

    US Corporate Terrorists..

  27. Fülöp Kiss says:

    VIVA SAA !!!!

  28. Gj says:

    Trump is blowing it big time. Abort! Trump Abort now. Fire McMaster and Mattis. And tell Israel to go fly a kite. (Together with their buddy’s with the black flag their.) Leave Syria now. first !all! Invading forces..

  29. Jonathan Cohen says:


  30. pshonka i ris says:

    what about 200 russian private military contractors from wagner?

  31. ranger says:

    Russia, Please help the Syrian Army from these attacks by Israel and the U.S.. Turn on the Air Defense System and repel or destroy these aircraft. The Syrian Army will do the fighting if you just give them Air Support, PLASE!!! Mr. Putun, Help Syria!!1

  32. RichardD says:

    The same thing happened on the east west side of the river. And air cover was put in place to prevent it from happening again. I’m sure that there are plans to provide air cover on the east side of the river to prevent a recurrence of this type criminal activity on the part of the US.

    The war on the west side of the river has entered the winding down and mopping up phase. How the restoration of government administration on the east side of the river progresses. Will be determined by how far the US and it’s Jew world order partners in crime push their Israelistan secession project. Their regime change project on the west side of the river has clearly failed. Their fall back position is regime change through secession on the east side of the river.

    If there was ever any question as to the vulnerability of Jew world order aircraft to a Syrian government coalition integrated air defense system. This past weekend’s damage and destruction to Israeli aircraft should remove any doubt. And that was without interceptor aircraft being used.

    “This is not the first time that Russian technology in Syria has called into question Israel’s aerial supremacy, and the precedent was catastrophic: In the 1973 Yom Kippur War, the 2K12 “Kub” missile defense system, provided to Syria by the then-Soviet Union, destroyed dozens of Israeli planes.”

    – Israel’s air superiority clouded by new Russian missiles in Syria –


    1. RichardD says:

      Air defense system in Syria


          1. RichardD says:

            Pantsir short to medium range surface-to-air missile and anti-aircraft artillery weapon system.

          2. RichardD says:

            This is part of what I have for counter terrorism and ET contact work security:
            .223/5.56 Sniper Rifle

  33. Hornet24 says:

    I think it was been local tribe of SDF-puppets/former ISIS puppets who conducted firts strike and than call mama´s air-cover ….. I clearly remember how easy and without single bullet SDF capture huge part of Deir ez-Zor area simply by integrate ISIS units into SDF

  34. Wahid Algiers says:

    “Since now there is no difference for us between ISIS and Kurds. Same
    terrorists, same attitude towards them. Kurds, be sure, ISIS Hunters are
    going to hunt you on Syrian soil like your ISIS mercenaries are hunted.
    Our brothers will be revenged!” the unit said.” AND “A response that might be similar to the one Israel faced on February 10.”
    Good sentences. So, do so.

  35. dutchnational says:


    This link provides reconstructed events of DeZ, claiming over 600 were killed, mainly Wagner PMC’s.

    Implied is Russian miltary knew about this and even asked for a ceasefire when it all went bad for the invaders, after denying all just half an hour before the attack on SDF and US.

    1. Melotte 22 says:

      And who exactly are invaders? Local Syrians, ‘ISIS Hunters’?
      I assume Americans are local as well. Dude you are a joke.

      1. dutchnational says:

        Pleased to amuse you.

        Russian PMC’s are no local, not even Syrians. Your point is?

        1. Melotte 22 says:

          They are not invaders as they work with legitimate Syrian government. Americans on the other hand are invaders, as they have illegally entered Syria and are killing Syrian soldiers.Your Kurds work hand in hand with US invaders what makes them accomplices. All clear now?

  36. chris chuba says:

    After the Syrian Army deals with Al Qaeda in Northern Syria and is able to consolidate their forces again, I would take their threat seriously.

  37. Dick Tater says:

    Holocaust = Fake News!

  38. Mikronos says:

    If the USAF is active over Syria,Syria should have every right to stop them.

  39. David Pryce says:

    Russia is the new power in Middle east

  40. Bulgarian God says:

    Eliminate those fucking Assad terrorists! Kill ’em all ! :)

  41. Shelia Cassidy says:

    America has to get out of Syria and quit backing terrorists. their irresponsibility might well bring on WW#, which would bring the end of humanity.

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