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ISIS-held Pocket In Euphrates Valley Is Close To Collapse Under Tiger Forces Pressure (Map)

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The ISIS-held pocket on the western bank of the Euphrates is close to a full collapse after the Tiger Forces have retaken a number of villages in the Euphrates Valley and encircled terrorists in the only ISIS-held town in the area – Quriyah.

Earlier, the Tiger Forces and their allies liberated Gharibah, Dablan, Wadi Fulaytah and Tall Tafran in the same area.

As soon as government forces purge the entire ISIS-held pocket, they will likely continue their operation along the Euphrates bank in order to reach the government-held city of al-Bukamal located near the Iraqi border.

ISIS-held Pocket In Euphrates Valley Is Close To Collapse Under Tiger Forces Pressure (Map)

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Is it true that Tiger Forces have only about 1000 fighters and that they had 250 casaulties in Euphrates bank?

Jens Holm

I remember no brutto numbers are mentioned. Hard to say exact, because You also have to ask when.

It must be witout Tigers, which went to west og Aleppo as if they had too much fuel.I think You should add Hesbollah from Sukna-T2 and also 1-2000 more or less local tribers.

I cant confirm 250 casualties, but the 2 bridgehead tryes must have been expensive and others too incl. the Sukna counterattack from ISIS.

If all that is included, the losses must be much more and the troops many more as well.

But I only use reflexions and guessings.

Gary Sellars

Sounds like Jihadi agitprop to me. Calling BS on it…


Wait for what you talking about from which period of time and when. There are only 5400 Hezbollah fighters fighting now at this very moment at south-western bank of the Euphrates + too many Iranian IRGC and as for SAA+Tiger in total estimations are 4000. So I don’t know for what period of time, maybe only in those 4000 Syrian army groups there are 1000 tiger forces, but as for the casualties for 250 you have yet again bad Intel and I will mention again the time framework is “when” for this statement of yours. So there are some 10400 soldiers of all this places that I mentioned are fighting in South-East Syria including the central Syrian pocket and all over the pocket……


The Tigers have been involved in most of the major battles of the war, and at least constantly since 2015 ranging from Aleppo, Hama, to Taiba, Sukhnah, Deir Ezzor, now the Euphrates. If they suffered those kind of attrition rates their effectiveness as a unit would have ended long before the Russian intervention even started. The fact that despite all those battles they remain a well performing elite force that are always sent against the heaviest fortified Jihadi fronts says to me that they either have insanely good training to replace those losses, or that the Tigers’ losses are massively overrated.

Maybe those 250 casualties came from other SAA units, and the Tigers are like the WWII German tank of the same name, who got constantly spotted all over the various fronts by panicking Allied tankers, even though at any given time only a handful of the behemoths were active. Same with the Tigers. Jihadis getting a spanking? Must be the Tigers!


where did u hear this?

Frank Behrens


Seems to be a surprising sober and honest answer. Often actual ground military leaders are surprisingly honest (cause often fed up even with the own propaganda).

As to the 1000 fighters…that number is often mentioned concerning the Tiger Forces and seem to be true. The fightings seem to be bitter and IS is not giving in (you have to give them that..they are no cowards and know their buisness all to well). So yes, I guess the casulties given seem to be reasonable.


sexy :)))


Snaillmotion, but still moving….that is good.


The problem is the SAA does the real work, fighting ISIS, while US-SOF/SDF just holds slightly back on east side of Euphrates valley, sitting slightly behind and waiting. The SDF waits for the SAA to engage an area of ISIS on west bank of Euphrates, fighting that draws in localized ISIS reserves from both sides of river. Then when SAA has cleared or besieged the area and SAA is catching its breath, the US-SOF/SDF then invariably launches southwards on the bank – meeting virtually no significant ISIS resistance in process – to level up with the SAA southward advance lines. The US-SOF/SDF operate in a fundamentally parasitical way – always advancing off the back of the SAA’s real fighting and momentum against ISIS in lower Euphrates valley.


Good observation.
Also note that SAA is fighting for the west bank of river, which is more built up than the east bank. It seems ISIS is willing to put up a fight for the remaining areas.
It’s great to see the death of the caliphate :))). I think more TU-22 strikes may be on the way to wear them down into dust.
comment image

Langaniso Mhlobo

Good analyst ISIS parasites. Waiting cleared areas to infect it.Dumps up Mr.Bob.


To be honest, the SAA also took advantage of the big SDF attack on Raqqa and the turkish attack on Al Bab. That’s why they reached the Euphrates and surrounded the jihadists in that pocket in center Syria.


Not really. The SAA’s move toward Dier Ezzore city was a basic pincer from prior successes in the central north, at Aleppo, and the centre, at Palmyra, both these SAA formations consistently advanced to east over several months throughout 2017 and did so in very hard fought environments. The US-SOF/SDF were firmly located in north east engaging toward Raqqa, but when it became quite clear the SAA were really going to relieve the ISIS siege of Dier Ezzore city, the US-SOF/SDF went into full race mode to flank toward the south east as quickly as possible – despite Raqqa being still under ISIS occupation – and the US-SOF/SDF never having made any serious incursions into Deir Ezzore against ISIS previously.

Frank Behrens

bull shit….and anybody can make up its own picture

February 2017


April 2017

only after SDF starts to surround Raqqa, SAA starts to move vs. IS.

July 2017

SAA offensive gains momentum only while SDF surrounds Raqqqa fully after heavy clashes ( still IS suffers from the battle of Mossul in addition).


You forget that the SDF had already given a bloody nose to ISIS in Manbij, that was a major battle, it wasn’t only the Raqqa operation.

Frank Behrens

and lets not forget Al Bab…IS was hard pressed before the SAA even started their advance…

Frank Behrens

well one could call that clever…no one forced the SAA and it´s iranian mercs. to press on after Deir-ez-sor was reached.


What rubbish. Whilst it’s all a Geo-strategic game and territorial land grab to US-SOF/SDF – the SAA actually want to liberate their own nation-state’s provinces from factions of ultra violent, Sunni proxy, ISIS terrorists and mercenaries.

Frank Behrens

jaja,, blablabla…keep that pro-assadist propaganda (or poor attempt to troll people) were it belongs …people here are are more interessted on real informations and a good , sober, discussion ..



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