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JUNE 2021

ISIS-Held Area In Marawi City Shrinks To 0.2 Km2

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ISIS-Held Area In Marawi City Shrinks To 0.2 Km2


On Friday, Captain Jo-ann Petinglay, spokesperson for Marawi Joint Task Force, announced that only 0.2 square kilometer of Marawi city is still under ISIS control.

“Our soldiers are still trying to clear a portion of about 20-21 hectares [0.2 square kilometer] land area in the main battle area,” Petinglay said.

So far 653 ISIS fighters have been killed in the Marawi battle by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), while the AFP has lost 145 soldiers.

In a related development, Australian Minister for Defense Marise Payne announced after a meeting Philippines Defense Minister Delfin Lorenzana in Manila that Australia will send a small unit of Australian soldiers to train AFP soldiers.

“We are very committed to supporting the Philippines in its efforts to defend itself against terrorist threats,” Payne said.

The Australian soldiers will advise the AFP soldiers and train them, according to Payne’s statement. However, the Australian soldiers will not engage in any direct battle against ISIS in the Philippines.

The AFP has received a military support from the USA, Australian, Singapore and China so far. The support of this countries has improved the AFP surveillance capabilities mainly, while only few weapons have been supplied to the AFP.

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Brother Ma

It wont be long! Another ISIS rebellion will start soon enough somewhere else in phillipines…that is until Duterte says sorry to america again..

Then by magic a helicopter will arrive and fly away some VIP headchoppers and ..poof… into thin air the rebellion will disappear.

ajay prasad

USAF Airlifted ISIS commanders off syria,Don’t know to where.

Riky Nik

To Berlin, probably…

ajay prasad



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A job well done by the AFP to rid this island of ISIS! The terrain is dense.
0.2 KM2 = 400 x 400 meters?
Don’t screw with Rodrigo!


0.2 km2 = 200,000 m2 = 400 m x 500 m


No doubt ISIS will form a small circle on the island.
So the area held will be 3.14 x 250 meters squared! :D

MD Ranix

great news about zio brainwashed head chopping scumbags – hope they disappear from the face of earth soon

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