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MARCH 2021

ISIS Has Innovative Methods for Placing Explosives in Electronic Devices – US Special Services


According to US special services, new terrorists’ methods to place explosives in electronic devices do not allow detecting them by scanners at airports.

ISIS Has Innovative Methods for Placing Explosives in Electronic Devices - US Special Services

Photo: Fotolia / fantom_rd

US intelligence and law enforcement agencies believe that terrorist organizations, including the Islamic State (IS) group, have developed innovative methods for placing explosives in electronic devices, which cannot be detected by scanners, used at airports, the CNN TV-channel reported.

According to the TV-channel, the US intelligence believes terrorists got equipment, used at airports, in order to test possibilities of concealing explosives in laptops and other electronic devices. As US officials said, terrorists could develop ways to install explosives in a battery. According to the new intelligence finds, the IS and other terrorist groups can conceal explosives in such a way that a portable device is capable to hold its charge during the time that is enough to pass a test in a functioning state. At the same time, tests of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) showed that computer devices can be converted with usage of ordinary household tools.

As CNN reported, reconnaissance data, obtained over the last few months, has played a significant role in the decision of the US President Donald Trump’s administration to ban transportation of electronics on board of planes, coming to the US from a number of countries in Africa and the Middle East.

Intelligence “indicates terrorist groups continue to target commercial aviation” by “smuggling explosive devices in various consumer items,” the US Department of Homeland Security said, commenting the TV-channel’s report.

Earlier, the US announced its intention to impose a ban on transport of electronic devices on board of planes, coming to the US from eight countries in North Africa and the Middle East: Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the UAE. The ban was introduced for an indefinite period. The US ban on electronics on board is connected with a terrorist threat. Later, the UK announced introduction of a similar ban on airplanes, coming to the country from Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Saudi Arabia.



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