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ISIS Groups Are Being Resupplied, Reinvigorated And Trained In US-Controlled Areas In Syria


ISIS Groups Are Being Resupplied, Reinvigorated And Trained In US-Controlled Areas In Syria

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On August 24th, a representative of the Russian forces in Syria claimed that the US-controlled areas in Syria such as al-Tanf and others were used to not only resupply, but also train, ISIS militants.

These areas are predominantly in the Homs – Deir Ezzor areas, where the Russian forces and the Syrian Arab Army eliminated 27 militants, destroyed 134 shelters, 17 observation posts, seven warehouses with equipment and five underground storage facilities for weapons and ammunition, as reported earlier.

According to the statement, an increase in the activity of gangs and ‘ex-ISIS’ members has been observed in the Syrian desert in the center of the country over the past month, leading up to August 25th.

Moreover, most of the militants appeared in the area after the so-called amnesty conducted by the US-controlled “autonomous administration of northeast Syria.”

ISIS gangs are being reinvigorated in the Syrian desert with militants trained in the US-occupied territories of the Al-Tanf zone and the Syrian Trans-Euphrates.

By sabotaging transport communications and carrying out other acts of sabotage at the facilities of the oil and gas industry in Syria, by attacking patrols and posts of the Syrian army, the militants are destabilizing the situation in the region.

“By their actions, the terrorists disrupt the process of socio-economic reconstruction of Syria and the establishment of relations between local Arab tribes and Damascus,” the statement read.

This situation is beneficial primarily for the United States and allows them to justify their presence in eastern Syria.

‘To counter terrorists, the government forces of Syria and the Russian Aerospace Forces have focused their efforts on identifying a network of disguised militant objects in the “white desert”.’

US troops are present in eastern Syria, occupying the country’s oil fields and using them to benefit the local population, by way of securing the sites for the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and US companies that wish to exploit them and sell them to third parties, essentially.

How that benefits the Syrian population, exactly, is still unclear.




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