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ISIS Fighters Launch Counter-Attack In Euphrates Valley, Demand Evacuation Agreement

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ISIS Fighters Launch Counter-Attack In Euphrates Valley, Demand Evacuation Agreement

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At the early hours of January 10, remaining ISIS fighters in the middle Euphrates River Valley launched a new counter attack in the region and recaptured several positions in the southern part of the town of al-Shaafah, which was supposedly liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) a day earlier.

Following the successful counter-attack, the terrorist group requested an evacuating agreement. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said that ISIS wanted the US-led coalition and the SDF to allow its fighters to withdraw to a desert in western Iraq.

However, the coalition rejected ISIS’ proposal and told the terrorist group’s fighters that have two options only “surrender or die.” According to the SOHR, this is the first time the group made such a demand.

US-backed forces will likely recapture all the positions they lost inside al-Shaafah within a few hours because ISIS is collapsing. In the last few weeks, hundreds of fighters of the terrorist group run away from the battle to the SDF-held area.

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Motherfuckers… Absolutely no mercy … this “”people “” are not human .. burn them alive..to feel a fraction of the pain which they inflicted on ordinary people.
Motherfuckers ….

Real Anti-Racist Action

ISIS has killed tens of thousands. Kurd’s wiped out millions of unarmed civilian Christians during the Armenian genocide. The land Kurd’s squat on today belong to millions of Christians.
The genocide of Armenians by Kurd’s was meticulously carried out by tribal Kurd’s who were organized into an auxiliary force called the “Hamidiye Alaylari” (Hamidiye Brigades)
They even crucified tens of thousands of their women alive and naked on crosses.


This happened 100 years ago
We are in 2019 now
Before there was no education
Now it is
And they refuse education Now
So last option for them if they don’t want to live in a fairly normal society.. is to die because they bring only suffering around the world, …forgiveness never to this non human species they are worst than animals. ..there is nothing in planet earth to compare this scum of ISIS..I don’t find anything to compare them.. O maybe they were created in laboratory. Mutant to kill the world


ahah kill the racist kurds!! glory remenber the armenians and christians syriaques!

Gregory Casey

The Tip of the Ottoman Spear!


thrue! 100%

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Let them go to Iraq, Isis only exist in Iraq now because of this group and the other one operating around Al Tanf, once these 2 groups in Syria are gone, Isis in Iraq will go too. Back in october last year the SAA, Russia and Iraq coordinated a devastating operation against Iraq that practically wiped them out on both sides of the southern areas of syria and Iraq in less than 2 months, when the Syrian and Russians aren’t so busy, they’ll do exactly the same thing they did in october, but this time they won’t stop until the jobs completely done, they couldn’t do that the first time because the US wouldn’t let them, but they will now.

Bill Wilson

Why are you making up this nonsense?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

SHUT UP YOU STUPID CHIMP, use google search to find out the truth, YOU MORON.


Shouldn’t Iraq get a say in this, where unknown of crazed and hardened ISIS fighters want to go to its territory? I can imagine that no country would be willing to agree to this, not even namby pamby treehugging countries like Sweden.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

I didn’t mean without Iraqi permission, the Iraqis, Iranians and Syrians all cooperate on everything concerning security, especially Isis, they would have evacuated them to the best area suitable for future elimination. I should have made that clear, but rereading my comment after your reply, I realize I didn’t, thanks for pointing that out, time for a quick edit, thanks.


No way eliminate them, there isno place for such animals in the world. Yhe only good one is a dead islamic terror bringer, do not forget what they did to the women, childern and unbelievers: rape slaves, bely gutting, burning alive. No pity for the unhamans.


Sorry you missed the first batch of US helicopters transporting your ‘leaders’ to other lands. The Empire use by date has expired.

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