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ISIS Fighters Carry Out Inghimasi Attack On Key SDF-Controlled Oil Field In Southeastern Deir Ezzor

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ISIS Fighters Carry Out Inghimasi Attack On Key SDF-Controlled Oil Field In Southeastern Deir Ezzor

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On August 18, more than 20 ISIS fighters attacked positions of the US-led coalition and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the Omar oil fields in the southeastern Deir Ezzor countryside, according to the Syrian observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

In details, ISIS fighters launched the attack from their positions in the town of Diban south of the Omar oil fields. The terrorists successfully penetrated the SDF defense around the oil fields and attacked a housing complex, which hosts several commanders of the US-led coalition and the SDF, according to the UK-based monitoring group.

The SDF managed to repel the attack only after the intervention of US-led coalition warplanes, which targeted ISIS fighters. The SOHR said that 7 ISIS fighters were killed during the clashes and added that the SDF is currently conducting a security operation inside and around the Omar oil fields to find the remaining terrorists.

Earlier this week, ISIS launched a similar attack on the al-Taim oil field in southern Deir Ezzor. However, the SAA and its allies repelled the attack within few hours.

These attacks indicate that the terrorist group is attempting to recapture oil sources in order to re-establish its illegal oil trade between Syria and Iraq.

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leon mc pilibin

How very convenient to be able to take over an oil field when you are supposed to be on the run.Nutandyahoo must be short of a few sheckels ,to have ordered this ,and even while his zio yank puppets are acting like they are heros for destroying isis.What a sick joke.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“…oil trade between Syria and Iraq.” ?(!) And just who the hell is buying this oil? And how do thy get it to the destination without it being interdicted? It’s not like you can sneak it.

Pave Way IV

SOHR fed this bogus story by MI6 or CIA. 20 ISIS fighters attacking the Omar Oil Field US/SDF housing complex? Yeah… sure. It’s so preposterous as to be comical. Justification for CENTCOM’s ForeverWar® in SDFistan ‘until the threat of ISIS is removed’ is more like it. Got to keep a few ‘attacks’ in the news every so often. See? Still a clear threat. Better build another U.S. base or three around Omar. You know… just in case.

Bill Wilson

ISIS sold oil to anyone who showed up with a tanker truck and had the cash to fill it up. They didn’t care who was buying the oil, where it was going, if the smugglers got caught or blown up by aerial bombs. They just wanted to earn fast cash with the least amount of effort and risk. Quite often the truckers would return with a load of diesel fuel or kerosene that was bought by ISIS to resell inside their caliphate or use themselves,


Previously it was Israel that bought the oil, which was first shipped to Turkey.


Of course you can sneak it. ISIS and Turkey did it for a long time, until some Russians appeared out of the blue.

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