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ISIS Fighters Ambush Syrian Army Unit In Southern Deir Ezzor. Casualties Reported


ISIS Fighters Ambush Syrian Army Unit In Southern Deir Ezzor. Casualties Reported

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ISIS fighters ambushed on July 18 a unit of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) west of the city of al-Mayadin in the southern Deir Ezzor countryside.

Pro-opposition sources claimed that nine service members of the army were killed and many others were injured in the surprise attack.

Al-Masdar News, a pro-government blog, confirmed that several SAA personnel were killed in the attack. However, it revealed that reinforcements from the army were able to kill many of the attackers, forcing them to retreat.

The attack was likely launched from the Homs desert, which lays between western Deir Ezzor and eastern Homs. ISIS reportedly control over 4,000km2 in the heart of the desert.

In the last few months, the remaining ISIS fighters in the Homs desert stepped up their attacks on the SAA’s positions in western Deir Ezzor and eastern Homs. However, they have failed to capture any key area, so far.

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  • Toronto Tonto

    Its a win win situation when terrorists kill terrorists EH .

    • J Ramirez

      Only if the terrorist are Canadian EH :}

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    All these recent attacks by Isis are usually conducted by a very small numbers of fighters, usually half a dozen to a dozen fighters, and perhaps on the odd occasion 20 or 30, but never enough to take over any significant towns, and even if they could they couldn’t hold on to any town for very long, the SAA would just overwhelm them.
    These attacks aren’t doing anything but disrupting local security, and that’s mainly because that’s all that Isis can do right now, though that in itself is bad enough and should be stopped, so I think the SAA should start using the local police force’s to find out who the Isis supporters really are, and then start locking them up to stop them.