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JUNE 2023

ISIS Explosive Devices Kill Four Syrian Service Members In Homs In Two Days

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ISIS Explosive Devices Kill Four Syrian Service Members In Homs In Two Days

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Four service members of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) were reportedly killed by explosive devices which were planted by ISIS cells in Syria’s central region.

On November 12, two soldiers were killed on a highway linking the city of Homs with Palmyra in the eastern countryside of the governorate when their vehicle was struck by an explosive device. The next day, November 13, two army officers were killed on the same highway in a similar fashion.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said that the explosive devices were likely planted by ISIS cells, which are known to be present and active in the eastern Homs countryside. However, the terrorist group is yet to claim responsibility via its official news agency, Amaq.

ISIS terrorists been waging an insurgency against Syrian government forces in the central region for around four years now.

The SAA conduct operation against ISIS cells in the region with support from the Russian Aerospace Forces and armed groups backed by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps on a regular basis. Recent operations inflicted some heavy human and material losses on terrorists in the eastern Homs countryside, the southern Raqqa countryside and the western countryside of Deir Ezzor.

Despite all recent efforts by the SAA and its allies, ISIS insurgency in central Syria will likely continue next year. The terrorist appears to be receiving serious support, possibly from their comrades in U.S.-occupied areas in the northeastern and southeaster regions of the country.



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