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ISIS Executes Another Civilian Hostage From Eastern Al-Suwayda

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On October 2, ISIS cells in the Damascus desert executed another civilian hostage who was abducted by its fighters during the attack on the eastern al-Suwayda countryside on July 25. Ten days after the attack, the terrorist group executed the first hostage “Muhanad Zuqan Abu Amar.”

A video sent by ISIS to the local negotiation committee showed two terrorists executing a young woman by shooting her in the head twice. The al-Suwayda 24 blog identified the new victim as 25 years old “Tharawat al-Fadel Abu Amar,” one of the civilians who were abducted from their homes in the village of Shbeiki.

ISIS Executes Another Civilian Hostage From Eastern Al-Suwayda

Tharawat al-Fadel Abu Amar”

In the video, the ISIS members demanded the Damascus government to halt the ongoing military operation of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the area of al-Safa and to release several female members of the terrorist group.

The terrorists even threatened to execute all the remaining civilian hostages within three days, if the Damascus government didn’t comply with their demands. Local sources believe that around 28 civilians, all of whom are women and children, are still in the hands of ISIS.

The upcoming days will likely be decisive for the fate of the hostages, as ISIS appears to be unwilling to give up any of its demands and the SAA is still unable to find the hostages in the desert area.

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These ISIS terrorists in Al-Safa have been trained by US and UK advisors in Al-Tanf. US and UK are the brutal enemies of this world.


If my may interject!
Can we say they have been trained by CIA and Mossad instead?
The USA hates the CIA! The former Director has had his security clearance removed and the agency is getting ass fucked as we speak!
US citizens are as much a victim of the CIA and Mossad as Syria is! This news will come to light after mid November!
Stay tuned!

Bubba Junior

i wonder what kind of an A-hole you would have to be to kill a 25 year old girl who you never knew. God bless her-and to her murderer-you are not a man-you will be judged.


Uncle Sam always employs top quality psycho’s to fight its wars. USA USA USA.


There are privately held in tanf, protected by invaders.

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