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JUNE 2021

ISIS Executes 6 Hostages In Marawi For Refusing To Fight Philippine Army

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ISIS Executes 6 Hostages In Marawi For Refusing To Fight Philippine Army

Government troops are seen during an assault on insurgents from the so-called Maute group, who have taken over large parts of Marawi City, in Marawi City, southern Philippines May 25, 2017. REUTERS/Romeo Ranoco

According to the Philippine military, ISIS fighters executed six hostages in front of other prisoners for refusing to fight the Philippine Army in the city of Marawi.

Lt. Col. Christopher Tampus, commander in the Philippine Army, said three freed hostages confirmed that ISIS was forcing the hostages to fight the Philippine Army.

“They were forced to do that. Six of the hostages were shot and killed in front of them that’s why they can’t do anything but follow the orders given to them,” Tampus added.

According to Tampus, 1722 civilians were rescued by the Philippine Army during its advance in Marawi, and about 300 civilians are still trapped inside the ISIS-held areas in Marawi.

“The enemy’s resistance continues, but they have no more automatic fire… The resistance usually comes from snipers with grenade launcher fires,” he added.

ISIS has claimed that its snipers killed six soldiers from the Philippine Army, including an officer in Lilloud Madia district in Marawi. Dozens of ISIS fighters still control sensitive areas of the city. According to the Philippine government, over 400 people have been killed during the Marawi battle so far, and the Philippine Army is still unable to fully recapture the city.

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Again ISIS reminds me of the German army in WWII, where in the last days they executed German males without valid paperwork as deserters for not fighting the Allies/Red Army.
– Meteoric rise to power? Check!
– Overreaching themselves? Check!
– Racist ideology leading to persecution of minorities? Check!
– Committing terrible atrocities against enemies and civilians? Check!
– Making stupid costly battlefield mistakes (Kobani, Deir Ezzor)? Check!
– Fanatical armed forces, still capable of inflicting the odd battlefield defeat on their enemies? Check!
– Götterdammerung style ending? Check!
– Probably still inspiring impressionable youths for decades to come with its poison ideology? Check!
– And now going after their own who refuse to fight? Check, check, check!!!

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