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ISIS Decapitated Member Of Ismali Minority In Southern Raqqa (Photos)

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On August 15, ISIS terrorists captured and executed a man on a road near the town of Resafa in the southern Raqqa countryside. The region is controlled by Syrian government forces.

In a statement shared by its news agency, Amaq, the terrorist group said the victim was executed simply because he was a member of the Ismali minority.

Some opposition sources, however, claimed that the unidentified victim was a fighter in pro-government forces. These claims appear to be meant to justify ISIS crime. In photos released by Amaq the victim can be seen in civilian clothes. Nothing indicates that he was a fighter.

ISIS Decapitated Member Of Ismali Minority In Southern Raqqa (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

ISIS Decapitated Member Of Ismali Minority In Southern Raqqa (Photos)

Click to see full-size image

The Syrian Arab Army and its allies liberated al-Resafa and the rest of the southern Raqqa countryside from ISIS after a fierce battle in 2017.

ISIS cells appeared in southern Raqqa only a few months ago. The terrorists sneaked into the region from the nearby Homs desert.

The terrorist group is apparently working to establish its forces in the southern countryside of Raqqa. Executions are often used by the group to intimidate the locals and push them away from the areas that are under ISIS control.


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Damien C

These cunts are driving around in camo painted trucks, big fucking trucks that can be spotted easily. How in fucks name can these assholes not be spotted with a drone, Russia have drones in Syria and Iran are forever bumming and blowing about their drones yet for some reason they can’t get one in the sky either here or the Homs desert where these cunts are supposed to be hiding out. Have they a Thunderbirds underground bunker that can only be seen when the palm tree collapse and the swimming pool retracts? Do they have a Harry Potter cloak of invisibility and use it to sneak into government held areas to murder at will?

Christ even the HTS and other Turk sponsored scumbags have drone footage from Turkey! The Syrian government need to catch themselves on and whilst they can’t be expected to stop all attacks from militants or sleeper cell within the population the Trucked up dressed up assholes in the Homs desert should already have been dealt with


Well said.


You don’t have any idea how they operate, why did you comment in the first place? They use tunnels and caves, storing weapons and vehicles in them, they are also from within the locals, they don’t just walk in the desert freely. Besides that, the desert is massive, there is no way to actually see everything on the ground, let alone hidden terrorists, familiar with it.

Damien C

Listen you idiot there are bigger areas combed for missing hikers all the time, Caves big enough to hide multiple vehicles in have to be in a rock system that would be picked out very easily. All vehicles are easily to make out travelling through deserts to say otherwise only highlights your lack of surveillance ability in 2020.

So A) The caves are only a few miles from government non desert areas but everyone is too lazy to look for them

B) They are 100 miles into the desert and spend 4 hours driving to government ares and 4 hours back again without being spotted!

or C) They are a long way into desert but there is no drone cover to identify their hiding places or their travel convoys or supply wagons,

I forgot

D) They do have a Harry Potter cloak of invisibility the same one you used for your brain before replying to my comment


Are you trying to teach me? I’m a Syrian BTW, I’ve seen how they use tunnels and caves. Unlike you, I don’t place my lazy ass in the couch and start talking like a military expert, as if you’ve ever been in a war before. It’s stupid to hear someone, trying to teach the military to do its job, do you know what active cells mean? That’s tone entire point for the Israeli strikes in al badyia, in order to facilitate the movements of ISIS, which you have no idea about. Maybe teach the president about it, we lack so much of your massive knowledge. It’s not like we’ve been in a war for 10 years now.

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