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ISIS Destroyed 6 Vehicles of Syrian Army With Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (Photos)

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On November 29, members of ISIS destroyed three bulldozers of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) with anti-tank guided missiles (ATGMs) north of the T-2 station, near the Syrian-Iraq border, according to the ISIS-linked news Agency Amaq.

Amaq also reported that ISIS fighters destroyed a vehicle armed with a 23mm gun and a bulldozer of the SAA with ATGMs north of the border city of al-Bukamal. The outlet added that a battle tank of the SAA was also damaged north al-Bukamal with an ATGM.

ISIS fighters also destroyed the second SAA vehicle armed with a 23mm gun near the al-Ward oil field south of the city of Myadin, according to Amaq.

ISIS Destroyed 6 Vehicles of Syrian Army With Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Destroyed 6 Vehicles of Syrian Army With Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

ISIS Destroyed 6 Vehicles of Syrian Army With Anti-Tank Guided Missiles (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

This intense usage of ATGMs by ISIS against the SAA shows that ISIS is now relaying on rapid hit and run attacks as its main tactic to stop the government advance. However, due to the limited number of ATGMs ISIS will not be able to conduct a high number of ATMG strikes for a long time.

The SAA and its allies are now only 20km away from securing the Mayadin – al-Bukamal highway and eliminating ISIS on the western bank on the Euphrates river. Once the SAA secures the western bank, ISIS will be trapped in the empty Homs desert.

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Fucking vaporize the bastards that did this!!!!

MD Ranix

fake news or the ameritards’ support to their slaves – will result in their elimination sooner or later – losers

Man Dagang

Guerilla warfare just started, isis is partnering sdf as they facing same enemy of turkey, Assad, iran & russia..sdf to supply another thousand of atgm to isis

Γιάννης Καράς

Turkey?Not a long time ago,Erdogan was a partner of these animals…


Still is….πατριωτη…..

Man Dagang

Turkey attacking Afrin then sdf no choice to send reinforcement only after peace with isis in eastern front


If they had those, they would save them for SAA or Turkey.

Rafik Chauhan

once it proved that SDF supplying ISIL with this Anti tank with the help of “US . it will bring hell on SDF by SAA and allies they will pay heavily

Pál Póli

Nonsense! If SDF has ATGMs, they will save them for the fight with the Turks.

Rafik Chauhan

U know very well SDF cannot use ATGM against kurds . bcuz it will prove that US has lied to turkey and it will bring big war in the area wher US will regret. Tell me why ISIL has not use this all ATGM against SDF . why only SAA. it has been supplied directly or indirectly to isil by US. and its not nonsense


Yes. They supply IS by their stealth magic carpet to cross the river that has no bridges anymore.


Use of atmg will not decrease but increase as US will supply them

Tough times ahead

Jozsef Osztronkovics

zionistisrael US is so desperate to stop Russia and that SAA –they setting up the terror scum’s to do much damage as possible to Syria –the puppet us is a bloodthirsty demon


This Boys whom drive those dosers have my sympathy, and they know they are sitting ducks, but also their job is highly vital, where no cover exists, you have to make one, this IS the front line, dont forget that.
But why arent this remote controlled, from an safer position, all tho close aprox, but still, not in it.
They are simple machines to make remote controllable and visually operated thru the close aporx of the controller.

Weapons, have some impact, but again, the war will be done on and by, by what we call, the horses of the apostles, aka the infantry whom have to do the last bit on their own feets.
Thats where lines are moved, and when you are in the front line, of course, the enemy is much closer, and will be dangerous.

This war is over, and again, of course to bunker down in the mountains, will make the last flushing out of the scums, more difficult, but then we have the logistics, witch is run by the west, aka uISISa, along with the rest, incl Brits/France/Norway, Norwegian specs all over the place.
What do you expect, we are after all dealing with the scum of this earth, the Khazars, if you still dont get that, all tho they are 100% europeans, not an drop of anything else, like I am, but they are the dark white, this, fight will be our race nemesis, unless somebody dont stop them, we all will go down, they are crazy, and insane people cant be trusted, they lie about everything, I know them all, and they will not stop until they are crushed completely or wins

Show No mercy in Syria or Iraq, and else where, since no mercy is given.
Unite or die, and I am not joking, there is no other options left.

And to this so called white nationalists, like the latest MSM hype about this Brit Gril, witch I consider to be an fake joojo, aka an Khazar, controlled opposition, to create hate, the propaganda have two main goals, to alienate Islam as an evil religion, and alienate Europa, thru protecting this attacks in our people from entering the MSM constructed Islamic, to me, the problem is diametrically opposite, Islam isnt the problem, Muslims cults are. Again I dont consider Islam in it self to an problem what so ever, anyone saying anything else is an lying scumbag and an ignorant pissant, period, the Laws in the Noble Quran is crystal clear, so to me, this so called Muslims are most Wahabistic lunatics, like the Kharian Brothers in the even more bonkers, the Babylonian Talmud, the belief of an perverted cult, like the Wahabists, tribalism and racism , the insane belife in been an chousen one, by their so called God, massivly indoctrinated from birth, llook how close the ISISraeli Khazars and Saudi-barbarian is this days, both are the main cause of this “Islamic” problem, not Arabs or Islam.
And again the MSM jumps on this to highlight western peoples so called racism, because we show it on the MSM, the same people whines about racial profiling, well hell, when most rapes and plundering, incl drugs to mobile phones in done by an NON europeans, an a lot of it by Africans, yeah, why, huh, like the downfall of the Nordic lands, witch I blame on the people them self, for letting them be butt f…. by the MSM and their own insane PC and Sore-ass accommodates and whores, crawling all over the MSM.
This, is nothing but pure cowardliness, kicks their own people down and hails the rotten scums whom did this to our lands, the Police are qujones, the worst of them all, dont forget that Sweds, they are not our friends, they are an part of the problem, deal with them, and then simply throw out anyone whom isnt European, kick them all out, no exceptions what so ever.
But, and here is the deal, in this common core days of sniveling drivel, if people cant differentiate, we will never win this fight, forget that, because non of this freaks from both sides, talks about what caused all this problems in the fist place, The wars, until that one is solved, forget anything, to think change will come anyway is dumber than believing in Santa.
This invasion is an willed one, never ever forget that, to stop it, we need an bloody revolution, nothing less, start building Guillotines or Gallows.

The third, last warning, all wars are bankers, wars.


Icarus Tanović

These Wahaby motherflockers busting our brains for decades, already. Lets get rid of that Zionistic-American-Imeprialistic unhuman terminatos.
They are zero humans. And zero Muslims. Period.


Could you translate this for me?

Icarus Tanović

Find your self translator, idiot.


I disagree with this report! This road between Al-Buckmal and al-mayadeen is very important for Iran and Hezbollah and very concerning for Israel!
We can be very certain that ATGM’s will be supplied by the USA via the SDF region!
You can bet your balls on it!

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