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ISIS Destroyed 2 Syrian Warplanes In Deir Ezzor Airport (Photos)

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On Firday evening, ISIS militants bombarded the government-hedl Deir Ezzor Airport with mortars and missiles, destroying two warplanes belonging to the Syrian Air Force.

The attack on the Deir Ezzor Airport was a part of the ongoing efforts of the ISIS terrorist group to put pressure on government forces in Deir Ezzor.

On Sunday, ISIS units continued attacks on the Syrian army inside and outside the city of Deir Ezzor, but they failed to achieve notable gains.

Meanwhile, ISIS propaganda outlets claimed that “regime forces” suffered dozens of casualties in the recent clashes for this Syrian city. No videos or photos confirming these claims were provided.

ISIS Destroyed 2 Syrian Warplanes In Deir Ezzor Airport (Photos) ISIS Destroyed 2 Syrian Warplanes In Deir Ezzor Airport (Photos) ISIS Destroyed 2 Syrian Warplanes In Deir Ezzor Airport (Photos) ISIS Destroyed 2 Syrian Warplanes In Deir Ezzor Airport (Photos)

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Why cant they build sand berms to hide the planes? Stupid to leave them in the open like this when you know the enemy can destroy them. Heck thy an just use sacks of sand filld using a shovel and do the work in a few days. to cover the openings.

Takumi Fujiwara

Lack of resources


>100 000 people are there.


You are supposed to have patrols and a buffer zone around your airport.

They can’t protect their airfield and you ask why they don’t have sandbags in front of their airplanes ahahaaaa, dude, you crack me up :D


Because all the armchair generals are keeping their invaluable expertise for themselves. We should send few of those for a week to win a war or two.

Planes need to go in and out of the hangars, and there are no towing vehicles around (and of course, planes can’t go in reverse).
The fact that they have been under siege for years, and yet are still holding against repeated attacks somehow tells me that they know how to fight a war.


Maybe a couple of old Mig-21’s waiting for spare parts. At least the pilots survived! Should cover the hanger openings with 2 large trash trucks? Battle for Deir Ezzor will pick up, with more ISUS bodies around the perimeter. The Russian backfire’s should be in the air soon.


This is a long war, the enemy has unlimited support from outside, including real-time tactical intelligence, the latest modern weaponery and training. Not surprising that they can achieve many local successes and advances, The rag-tag groupings of dis-organized undisciplined jihadis are systematically being shifted into Idlib governate, but Da’ísh are better organized, co-ordinated, and with high morale. They remain a real threat and should not be underestimated. Unfortunately for these terrorists they are facing the best fighting force ever seen in the Arab nation !


The times have changed! Idlib rebels and ISUS now have very little support from outside! Both are growing weaker. This has happened with latest TU/RU ceasefire plan. The US and Saudis are not invited to mediation!! Hello !?!
Turkey controls Idliib border.
ISUS gave it their all in Palmyra and is in retrograde towards Al Raqqa, they are losing manpower and equipment, and can’t replace loses fast enough.


I’ll go there, and whip them into shape.


The question here is: how is it possible this happen with the whole intelligent system (drons, satellite, ellicopters with night vision, etc.) that Syria and Russia have in the area ? why haven’t Syra and Russia simply locate these terrorists and bomb and destroy them ? I looks like there is something wrong with the intelligent service here. How is it possible that the terrorists can be so close to the air basis ?


Check the map. This airport is deep inside ISIS controlled territory. It has been encircled for a long time, and is under constant attacks (including the case of US bombing synchronised with ISIS assault). Terrorists are very close, and there is nowhere to retreat.


The airfield defenses were designed to oppose foreign government attack not local insurgency.The airfield were located near civilian areas . The civilian areas can be infiltrated with man portable wire guided and laser missiles . Result appears to be hits inside hangars.


Does the Syrian air force even actively use that airfield? I thought other then occasionally ferrying in some troops and supplies the base was too hot to use. It basically sits right in the sits of ISIS guns.

Pave Way IV

So the U.S. is arming ISIS with TOW missiles now? I guess coalition air strikes killing scores of Syrian troops wasn’t going over too well in the press. The U.S. has always been intensely interested in seeing Deir EzZor fall completely to ISIS for some reason. These are mostly al Qaeda turned ISIS, so there are likely plenty of U.S. and GCC mercs running the show there. While everyone in Damascus gets ready to celebrate drinkable water again, most of the 100,000 besieged residents of Deir EzZor have been without water, electricity, gas or hardly any food for two years.


This is a model – маскировка!!!


Here is the exact location:

There are only two of those hardened aircraft shelters (one on each side of the runway). Judging by the tower in the background, video vas taken from the south-southwest.

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