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JUNE 2021

ISIS Deploys Large Reinforcements To Retake Sukhna From Army

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ISIS Deploys Large Reinforcements To Retake Sukhna From Army

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ISIS has reportedly deployed large reinforcements, including experienced infantry and technicals, from the terrorist group’s strong points in the eastern Salamiyah countryside in order to launch a counter-attack and to retake the strategic town of Sukhna from the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies.

According to reports, a notable ISIS force is still deployed in the hills north of Sukhna. The terrorists use this area to coordinate artillery strikes on government troops inside the town. At the same time, a high number of IEDs and a threat of suicide bombing attacks don’t allow government forces to secure the Sukhna countryside.

On Monday, the SAA and allies repelled few ISIS attacks in the Sukhna area, but sporadic clashes continued appearing near the town.

If ISIS is able to deploy reinforcements and to re-group before the SAA secures the town and nearby hills, the terrorists will likely have a chance to take Sukhna back. The situation remains tense.

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Hoe can these rats move large reinforcements without getting noticed and carpet bombed?

Manuel Flores Escobar

The question is why ISIS never have send reinforcements to Raqqa( ISIS capital)?..beside many ISIS rats have abandoned Raqqa…


The situation is like the last weeks of the Second World War, German Army seemingly ignores the UK and US divisions and masses agains the Russians.


Well, there wasn’t much the Wehrmacht could do in those last weeks in the West, it had all but ceased to exist after the Rhineland battles and the Ruhr encirclement. And all the Wehrmacht did in the East was hold the line just long enough to let as many Germans escape to the Allied lines. But in the end there was no central leadership anymore, with Hitler cut off in Berlin playing with imaginary armies.

But I like your analogy. I’d say the situation is more like in the first months of 1945. When Hitler felt he had regained the initiative in the West with the Ardennes offensive and sent his best remaining forces, the 6th SS Panzer Army, into Hungary to regain the Balaton oil fields. Or him sending stripping the 9th Army defending the Oder from its last panzer divisions to defend Prague instead.

Historical analogies aside this is a good thing. Even if ISIS retakes Sukhnah, it will be a Pyrrhic victory, as they will bleed heavily for it, and end up stripping their other fronts of their best units. It could be the battle for the Ramousah academy all over again.


Wrong analogy. Did USA bomb the ones that were fighting Germany to let Germany make their attacks ? XD.


This is all sounding very nice and might well be correct in itself as far as IS is concerned.

One should just hope that wjile SAA is so occupied by taking oilfields, empty desert, ending the siege of DeZ, they will not lose their back to attacks by HTS out of Idlib region.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

HTS is still trying to consolidate and are limited in what arms they have and ability launch an assault , why they are trying probing rids and being turned back for their attempts.


We will see. As HTS has now some 65k+ and Turkestan Islamic Party has some 10k+, they can mount a sizable unified force that can overwhelm rather large forces if they have the surprise, like the last big attack on Hama. That attack was also a surprise and nearly succeeded.

Likely they have not completely integrated all the taken over forces but on the other hand, they still have time as long as large parts of elite forces of the SAA are in the east.

Sebastian Vicente

THe attack of rebels in Hama what you say “almost suceeded” was a disaster, you may thanks to cautious SAA direction. The rebels facing an agressive command would have been decimated, and an agressive general would have taken until Maarat NUman. A rebel column here, another one there, and the backward uncover. Should be a party for a Patton, Guderian, Nguyen Giap ( Vietnam), etc

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The numbers you quote are way above the actual total between Ahrar al Sham and HTS and the Turkmani party, when its about 45k+ doesn’t mean a whole lot when they are all so divided. The people in the region want them out and support neither of the groups and work against these groups as it stands in that region.

There are still large parts of SAA elite fighters in the region the 4th mechanized are in that region and elite portions of the NDF which is spotted throughout all of the fronts along with the SSNP Army units. The last attack was repelled with since it was a probing attack that failed.

HTS is losing members due to them breaking off not unlike Ahrar both groups are splintering just the way it is when different ideals conflict, foreigners always act this way.

Sebastian Vicente

And Poland almost undefended, was a delirium of Hitler with the “Festung”( fortress), attacked by six russian fronts, and the psycho reinforce Hungary

Dustil schmit

They viewed Russians as inferior and hated them more.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They are being bombed in the desert just a great many of these rats are getting bombed and eliminated , the US knows their proxies are being destroyed in the desert and Deir Ez zoir.

Wolfgang Wolf

Suknah is still the honeytrap for ISIS idiots, let them fight on this side of the front, instead of letting them run to Deir Ezzor

Solomon Krupacek

americans shelled iraqi PMU units near syrian-iraqi border. dozens of casualties.


yeah pmu helped to liberate iraq from IS and recieve the thanks from USA now.

Solomon Krupacek

the american thanks is alwys packed into TNT


And nobody does anything about that. USA is helping ISIS since the first day and everybody is looking at them. XD.


Americans do what Americans do; the question is what the other side can do back. Not so long ago, Iraqis knew how to kill Americans good; has all that expertise dissipated already? The US presence in Iraq is relatively small, I’d guess they’re pretty exposed if the whole country would turn against them.


Iraqis will do nothing. Iraqis are too corrupted.

USA invaded them, had killed 1 million+ Iraqis for nothing and they did nothing about that. They even hanged Saddam Hussein I don’t know for what reason while Bush and Blair are still playing golf. Now, the iraqi government is working with USA. XD.

They are paying their own hypocrisy, corruption and stupidity. USA is ruthless. If you can’t defend yourself they will exterminate you. Just look at the Amerindians. Americans are genociders.


Even worse; at a pretty horrible price, under Prime Minister Maliki they’d at least gotten the orcs out. Then, under the successor government, they were let back in when ISIS showed up. Indeed the rumor goes that the US paid off the Iraqi parliament big time to make that and related votes go the right way.


It’s not very difficult to find mercenaries in that region. If they like their ennemis, nobody cares. It’s not Chinese nor Brasilians nor Indians, .. that are being killed by millions.

Daniel Castro

Keep us brasileiros out of your rant, we don’t do aggression wars, we’re out of this game, the blame is entirely on USA imperialism, chinese opportunism, or russian complacency with the west, they’ve let USA do what it so desired until they got entirely surrounded, you rip what you sow.


Of course, Brasil has nothing to do with this. I have never said that. But, you forgot to say that Sunnis let this to happen too. In fact, Sunnis are the ones that allowed all this to happen. This “war on terror” began with 9/11 and sunnis had never ever say a damn word about this false flag attack whereas they were the main actors.

Why are you treating sunnis like babies ??

Daniel Castro

You’re mixing sunnis with wahabists/salafists, these sects are the ones allieds with the anglo-zionist empire, the source of all evil.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

These ones who attacked were in Syria and they want Iraq to attack Al Tanf to start a Fort Sumter like invasion in which they fired the guns on people and surrendered after that brazen cowardly act.

Graeme Rymill

The Union surrendered Fort Sumter to the Confederacy in the opening battle of the American Civil War. Everything I have read says the Confederacy started the battle by opening fire on the Fort with a massive number of cannon.

Richard M

He probably means “surrendered four years later”.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US has dirty secrets in that war like every other war, the sources mostly regarding this war are from Union perspective and all seem to repeat the same story. The “Fort Sumter” was never completed or Federally commissioned just like at Al Tanf there illegally , the US had warships and troops nearby to make good their stay since they were there under orders of Lincoln.

The Fort fired it’s guns during practice towards civilians as a way to intimidate the amassed people waiting for their peaceful surrender. The people of the Charleston kept the garrison fed but they sent 8 warships with 26 guns and about 1400 men as a relief that is the real joke since the Fort was never federally commissioned at the time as it was an illegal occupation, and would therefore be deemed State property.

Graeme Rymill


If Charleston was a Kurdish city fighting for independence from the Syrian Govt. and Fort Sumter was an unfinished SAA fort you would be arguing the exact opposite!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This how the US operates ,now why do you bring up Kurds who try to assimilate all the small minorites not unlike the Mongols and then treat them as second class. There is a reason there are distinctions in the world we all claim a different history.

Brits are just an amalgamation of European people but all are distinct cultures. Then the world wonders why the Christian culture is vanishing in the Middle East we think it’s ok to assimilate into another ethnic group. This is not the case of the Middle east which needs to keep it’s identity separate to maintain it’s old world identities in order to keep the old histories alive.

You can hold onto the idea of the new culture yet remember that you are connected to an old culture since it is strong and vibrant. Yet you want to see an end for others whose culture is slowly dying because we see that not as part of ours and yet it is at the same time, since we have no real knowledge of history past several thousands of years with accuracy.

Keep to your naivete about this and just remember this things can turn into unicorns and dragons stuff of myth and legend. This is the new thinking of the day since many of today’s youth have not heard of much of these cultures since they have short attention spans.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They did this from Al Tanf and could be starting an invasion , but it could be the petty commander there who will have Harrigan replace him and send him for an tribunal in front of the Pentagon to answer for his actions.

Graeme Rymill

The Americans are officially denying any strikes have taken place. https://twitter.com/OIRSpox

Solomon Krupacek

they lie


So. Arabs sunnis are killing syrians arabs and USA is killing shia arabs in Iraq. XD.

Nobody does a damn thing because the world doesn’t give a f… about arabs killing arabs. If they like to kill themselfs, let them killing themselfs until total genocide. Maybe, when they will disappear, they will understand something.


Sad . Youre right. It wasnt until the creation of isreael and usa that shias and sunnis began battaling …. sounds like money is involved from israel/usa


You know, Sunnis and shias were fighting each others since the beginning of Islam. USA is just using that to destroy their lifes. For me, arab sunnis are the first responsible for all this mess because they are the ones that want to fight, they are the ones that are the most violent, the ones that are the most stupid and the ones that are being the most killed.

Arab sunnis will never ever understand a damn thing. They are lost for ever.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Just not all Sunnis support this war for money like some do, many are foreigners as we see more as this progresses even the rebels are foreigners. This is becoming too much an embarrassment for the US when the core of these groups are foreigners.

French Patriot

Hello, I just read your messages and want to react :
1. you are to manichean and it disturbs your way of thinking : the Syrian Arab army is a conscripted army and the Syrian Sunni population represent at least 60% of the population and according Bruno Guigue, a demographic specialist of Syria, he talked about 75% of the legitimate Syrian being Sunni, and those soldiers are patriots.

2. This Sunni/Shia divide is bullshit since it was over since centuries : it was recreate as Wahabism tried to expand helped by the British empire and widely exploited and spreaded through Wahabi propaganda just since last decades by the American neocons and their Wahabi vassals. Some friends who study in Europa were shocked to be asked which sect they belong to once here since they weren’t ask in their whole life about it and didn’t give a damn about it.

3. What you say about the Sunnis apply for wahabized sunnis mind ( like The Ikhwani = “Muslim” Brotherhood whose sheeps follow the direction of the wind directed by Qatar and their fake Mossad Cheikh like Cheikh piece of shit Al Qardawi) and the Wahabis ( Salafistes or whatever their new brand). True sunnis and sincere believers doesn’t even label themselves as sunnis, that’s ridiculous! There were always idiots and extremists but it was always as a tiny fringe and nobody paid attention until today’s!
That’s why I find unfair your judgement about what you say packaging all sunnis as a whole and branding them like you do. But I totally agree with what you say about all these sunnis idiots or aware warmongers bloodthirsty who fall in the Wahabi and Ikhwani propaganda. They’re stupid beyond reason : i tried to convince a palestinian wahabized Ikhwani from UAE who was brainwashed bringing him all proofs, videos, documents etc… the guy hysterically answered me that Iran Hezbollah and Assad Government was with Israel looooool i stopped there since at such a point it is madness to try to discuss : i told him “yes you re right! And USA are with Palestinians bye!”
But since the Qatar diplomatic crisis, all these People have even more cognitive problems loooool
Those people are unable to critics their certitudes and never ever question what is presented to them as “authority”! I’ve been explain that even if that kind of people would see their mother raped in front of their eyes by a zio-wahabi they would keep accusing Hezbollah, Iran, the Russians, the Venezuelians, the Martians etc…


@ French Patriot
This Serious , must be a troll , he constantly brands all Sunni’s as Wahhabi , and will not accept that there is a vast difference between Sunni and Wahhabi Sunni . Mind you , that lack of knowledge is exactly the thing American deep state , is able to take advantage of , and accuse Iran of being the bad guys , rather than Saudi Arabia , home of the Wahhabi ideology .


You are wrong. Saudi Arabia is against sunnis and against muslims. They spent their time killing muslims around the world. Saudi Arabia doesn’t give a f… about Sunnis. They even made 9/11 with USA. And wahabbists are sunnis. That’s exactly why sunnis can’t fight against wahabists. That’s why they need a dictatorship. That’s why they are very easy to destabilize.


You can’t explain them that they are wrong because they are too brainwashed by their own religion they even not respect. If Palestinians were shias, they will never be in such a situation. Their friends is Saudi Arabia. So, they don’t need ennemis.

First you explain to me that sunnis are not the problem and then you explain that you can’ talk with them because they are stupid even if you bring all the proofs. Contradiction. It’s not my fault if they are stupid and violent. Even Assad can’t explain them that they are wrong. The “rebels” prefer to kill arabs syrians than to negociate. And I don’t know what they want that they didn’t have with Assad.

You said 60% of SAA is sunni. OK. But, tell me who are the “rebels” ???? 100% SUNNIS.


If you think the Sunni Shia divide is a thing of the past, just watch the processions of Shia people towards the yearly events in Karbala etc. The naked passion, hatred, is unbelievable for westerners, but very real to them. All about incidents some 1300 years ago.


Do shiites believe in sharia law or is that sunnis?
Cuz that ish is a mess


And you are right. What arab sunnis like the most is money. They love more money than Islam. CIA put a lot of money there and arab sunnis was given a lot of money.



U$ american citizens, donned in Combat gear, Everyone of them a Volunteer have recently arrived in Syria ,,, Are these the reinforcements ???



Jan Tjarks

Well, I already was surprised that taking Sukhna was so easy, but with this development it shows that something went wrong big time in the defense of the city, allowing SAA to take it. Preparing Sukhna for battle obviously wasn’t very successful. And while Daesh might have a presence in the surrounding hills, it’s not the position they would have preferred to fight from, as the air power can fully strike there. No matter the counter attack/s, it will bleed them even faster, even if they manage to take the city, it won’t be for long. SAA’s main goal should be to secure the ground, while preparing for further fights or a push to the north.

With the SAA lengthening the front lines ever further, it would be a good idea to pocket in the west, bleeding it out while attacking it from all directions, probing for weak spots and taking areas while opportunities arise. This way the resulting pocket to the west can be cut down in two half’s too, depending on the terrains suitability. While it won’t be as easy like the Khanasir plains, it would hugely cut of supplies. Having to rely on smugglers alone is not an option on the long term.

While everyone is still staring at Deir Ezzor, one should note that the garrison over there even advanced against Daesh with it’s stunt in the cemetery area. This more indicates a strong garrison, not a weak. Especially with the air power being used against Daesh all around the garrison, it obviously took a huge toll on manpower to besiege Deir Ezzor and might have been too one of the contributing factors why Sukhna fell quicker than anticipated.

We will see how much willpower is left to fight on, but once Sukhna finally being secured, it will be clear that Deir Ezzor is only another stepping stone to secure eastern Syria in it’s whole. Sukhna will quite likely prove to be the tipping point.

Leon Auguste

solid point of view

Sebastian Vicente

Sukhna is not relevant, destroy the rats is the point. The rats are in mount Al Dahik, TUlul el Khuriyat and the rearward in Tulul El Mukthafiyah. SAA must build minefields and prepare ambushes if they go down of the mounts.


What is the stunt the saa pulled in the cemetary in deir ezzor?


Oh yeah there is footage of this on liveleak. I watch it on my firestick but there dude bails from his cover spot and starts running and hes in the repub guard and hes taking some pretty close enemy fire and finally makes it to the trench spot. Pretty awesome footage. When he makes it to the trench another saa member is laying down some pretty nice returning fire to that spot that was shooting at his boy. Saa republican guard have chasers in every round.


So how come we are not hearing about these large reinforcements of ISIS becoming sukhoi food????


Richard M

Because these large reinforcements are mythical “Twitter Jihad”!


I hope the aerospace Russia force is not sleeping and really attack any ISIS movement in Syria dessert. This is a main responsibility of Russian since the see and ear everything in Syria land.


And when is the last time you heard of ISUS attacking and holding on to anything in Syria?
Perhaps DAESH trash are held up by bumper to bumper traffic on crappy desert roads:
comment image
ON TO DEIR EZZOR !comment image


WHO is supplying ISIS with troops and arms?

Sure – like anyone really needs to ask!

Richard M

If Daesh has all these forces available why didn’t they reinforce and hold Sukhnah, instead of trying to retake it?…I hope they do can nibble eyes the Uqayrbat Pocket because Tiger Forces, NDF, SAA will eat their lunch and chase them to Sukhnah and on to DeZ while SyAF and RuAF pound their fugitives to smoking scrap.

Alessandro Lattanzio

the ISIS’ Groupies of SF are so excited, the ISIS killing and bombing syrian forces in Sukhna, peraphs the town ins’t ithe SAA’ Hands? NO, beacuse the ero-heroic heroes of SF regroiuping to attack and deafeat this stupid syrian soldiers, who aren’t skilled like SF nerds. Best, the ISIS has yet retake Sukhnah, with a snapping of doigts… They are goddess, SF’s goddess… Like in the fake ISIS’ videos spread by SF media supporting team.

Sebastian Vicente

Moving reinforcement by the road what cross mount Fasidah and others. They are moving from Uqayribat, the SAA must prepares the assault of ratcity taing Soha first. Or hire mountaingnards, Ghurkas, mountain infantery for clean the mounts ( Al Bel´as especialy)


It evades me what kind of strategy ISIS has here. First they withdraw from Sukhnah and leave behind only a small garrison – more for harassment than for defense. And now they are sending in reserves to retake the town. Either they have some grandiose plan of trapping the SAA in Sukhnah or they are wasting their resources in some rather stupid way.

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