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ISIS Defense Lines Collapse At Iraqi-Syrian Border. PMU Liberates Large Area


ISIS Defense Lines Collapse At Iraqi-Syrian Border. PMU Liberates Large Area

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On Tuesday, the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) continued crushing ISIS terrorists in the area near the border with Iraq.

According to preliminary reports, the PMU liberated over 10 villages, including Namla, Duwim, Tal Reem, Jayr, Tuwal, Tal Mas’ada, Rawi and Wasmi Maruki, near the ISIS stronghold of al-Baaj in the province of Nineveh.



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  • LR captain

    Lets count some factors shall we.

    1) The PMU has blocked Iraqi kurds from moving south. So there not ALL of Iraqi’s resources will be stolen by kurds.

    2) The PMU is now taking more villages near the border with Iraqi. The USA wanted to the kurds to take this territory to help form the buffer zone.

    3) The SAA does not need to make it to the border to kill the US hopes for a Buffer zone. They just reduce the amount of territory that the rebels can occupy. The rebels will then have to give it up once the war grinds down. (after ISIS is gone)

    4) SAA still control Deri-rizzor (i can’t spell)

    5) the SAA could limit kurdish expanding very soon.

    So the hopes of an actual buffer zone has almost faded but the US lap dogs still think they pull it off.

    • Jacek Wolski

      Your first factor is all wrong. Peshmerga stopped their south advances last October.

      • Samuel Boas

        Until the US tells them to act. Slaves is what they are and nothing more.

    • Wahid Algiers

      I do not agree with points 3 and 5.
      @3: All ISIS fighters who could flee from Iraq will now increase fighting potential against any SAA unit in Syria including Deir Ezzor. SAA has to move to the border to control its own territory again in the East where PMU is operationg and especially in the South towards Iraq (al Tanf) and Jordan.
      @5: The kurdish expansion takes place alongside the Euphrate river on both borders in the Aleppo, Raqqa and Deir Ezzor provinces. That is what SAA and allies have to face later on. At the present both parties are in co-operation….

    • Bob

      Recommend this article on the topic of latest US actions to try and stay in the game on the Syrian-Iraq border (note, website is safe) :


  • MN

    “…the area near the border with Iraq…” OR SYRIA?

    • Sadde

      both, north of Iraqi-Syrian border!