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ISIS “Dead Russian Adviser” Fake Video

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ISIS "Dead Russian Adviser" Fake Video

Screenshot from the video

Analysis by J.Hawk

ISIS recently posted a propaganda video said to be depicting the corpse of a Russian military adviser allegedly killed during the fighting around Palmyra and equipment supposedly captured with him. Even following a cursory analysis, the video is clearly a fake. Let me count the ways.

–While there is extensive photographic evidence of Russian military advisers operating in Syria, none of them were ever seen wearing any of the camouflage patterns shown on that video. Russian military personnel in Syria are wearing standard-issue uniforms and rank insignia, none of which are evident from the video. Even the helmet does not appear to be a standard-issue Russian kevlar.

–It is not clear whether what appears to be a modified AK-74M rifle in the photo is even a real weapon or an airsoft one. While the ISIS fighters making the video handle other items quite closely, they leave the weapon and the magazines lying on the ground so as not to reveal its true nature.

–Since Russian military advisers in Syria are not in a covert role but rather operating openly and with full accordance with international law, they would naturally carry documents proving their identity. Where are they?

–By the same token, the video does not show sufficient details of the dead man’s face to draw any conclusions as to his identity.

–The various first aid packets shown on the video are now in widespread use within the SAA, courtesy of the Syria Express, and were likely captured during one of recent ISIS counter-attacks, including the one at Hanasser which is known to have overrun an SAA supply depot.

–Why would a Russian military adviser be carrying a mine detector? A personal hobby of some sort?

All in all, this is nothing more than a low-quality propaganda video reminiscent of the feeble Ukrainian attempts to “prove” the Russian military has “invaded” Novorossia.

The full video can be seen here (18+)

Blurred version:

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WeDontNeed NoEducation

lol the mine detector is probably the only item that serves to give this video some credibility…it’s a good touch, one I wouldn’t expect from a bunch of ISIS morons. Also the watch looks like a Suunto, which is something typically worn by spec forces. I cannot comment on the dress, but they might have worn that to blend with SAA fighters or something.

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