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JUNE 2021

ISIS Daylight Attack Kills, Injures Four SDF Fighters In Raqqa City

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ISIS Daylight Attack Kills, Injures Four SDF Fighters In Raqqa City

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On August 18, an IED, which had been planted by ISIS cells, struck a vehicle of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) at the street of al-Noor in the northeastern part of the city of Raqqa, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq. The terrorist group claimed that four fighters of the SDF were killed and injured in the attack.

The pro-opposition blog Raqqa Is Being Slaughtered Silently confirmed ISIS’ claims and revealed that the IED had  been planted near the main mosque of al-Noor.

A day earlier, Amaq reported that an IED struck a vehicle of US-backed forces in the area of Kasarat in the southern Raqqa countryside killing three fighters of the SDF. Furthermore, ISIS cells assassinated a fighter of the SDF in the town of al-Mansoura in the western Raqqa countryside.

The SDF’s press center has not commented on the incident so far. However, security forces of the SDF will likely launch an operation in Raqqa in response to the attack.

During the last three months, ISIS cells in the governorate of Raqqa stepped up their operations against the SDF. So far, most of the attacks have been carried out with IEDs and suppressed guns. However, any success of these operations will likely encourage these cells to use more harmful methods.

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How come they never attack US-NATO bases there?
To cut the roots of ISIS evil, Assad and allays will have to get rid off those who support them there.
And those are US-CIA-Mossad and NATO.

OFF topic
“Only 900 Christians left in Syrian region where 10,000 lived before the Islamic State came in”

You can call me Al

Good to see another reading jihadwatch.

leon mc pilibin

LOOKS like the sdf will have to suffer isis untill the SAA arrives to defeat them,,because nobody else seems to be doing anything ,as they are thriving under the zionists so called occupation,,,i wonder why that is ?


ISIS are the US Military equivalent of US government CRISIS actors in mainland USA :)


Where is the evidence of this ? ISIS attacking SDF sound really very strange.


Is there a single Syrian based militantt, or their NATO training camp instructors in Turkey and Jordan, that bothered to read the SVD rifle manual? They invariably prop it up at wrong end of the barrel guard on bricks or walls – more or less guaranteeing distorted and inaccurate shot. It has specific handling action – the manual tells how to hold it correctly. These NATO trainers are kinda lousy with foriegn weapons systems.


A man smart enough to read manual is smart enough not to join militants. :)
It’s not SVD specific thing, but more of a common sense.


Lol – the bigger picture!

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