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JUNE 2021

ISIS Counter-Attacks to Lift Siege from Manbij, Syria

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On June 13, ISIS militants launched counterattacks in order to break the Syrian Democratic Forces siege of Manbij in Northern Syria. There are 2 possible objectives:

  1. To break the siege from the city of Manbij
  2. If point 1 is succeed, the goal is to isolate the SDF in Shuwayhat Khaznawi area
ISIS Counter-Attacks to Lift Siege from Manbij, Syria

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As far as I heard the counterattack near Hudhud has already been defeated though heavy fighting is still going on.

As fas as the western front is concerned, the SDF is already way beyond the west of Arima, tapping into the kurdish countryside there.

On the west the other extremists are nearing Dabiq, so I am very interested to hear and see how it will all work out.

chris chuba

This demonstrates that ISIS sees this as a serious threat to their well being, as they should. They have also counter-attacked the road that is supporting the SAA advance on Tabaqa. ISIS is on the road to ruin.

Were it not for that huge Al Nusra / Army of Islam contingent supported by Turkey in North/west Syria, ISIS would be well on its way to becoming extinct.

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