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JUNE 2023

ISIS Counter-Attacks Near Iraqi Border, Claims Killing Of 20 Pro-Government Fighters

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ISIS terrorists have conducted an attack against Syrian government forces in the al-Waer area near the Iraqi border, according to the ISIS-linked news agency Amaq.

Amaq claimed that ISIS members killed about 20 members of the Syrian Army and Hezbollah and destroyed 6 military vehicles and 2 artillery pieces. However, ISIS was not able to seize the area.

Earlier this month, the army and its allies achieved an important success against ISIS near the border and liberated the key village of Humaymah. The T2 pumping station will likely become a next target of the army operation.

ISIS Counter-Attacks Near Iraqi Border, Claims Killing Of 20 Pro-Government Fighters

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Trustin Judeau

Why SF continues to post ISIS propaganda ?

Trustin Judeau

Probably another raid . One of the reasons Humaymah wasnt captured for so long was this . Bukamal battle btw should start once Iraqis do their part on the other side of the border


And if Iraq wants to take out the Tal Afar and Hawija pocket first. ISUS is going to be in this area well into next year. :(




Wow, that must have been a freudian slip! :DD


Then definetely, right anti-freudian :)


Wait for 2 years before USA let Iraq go west. Seems like Iraq move USA, so let them eat american shit.


Probably because the US still foots a large part of the Iraqi army’s bill. Whose bread you eat, whose words you have to speak.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They foot that bill with Iraqi Oil which the US really isn’t footing anything, just supplying them equipment which they are paying for and their training is coming from other countries.

Joe Doe

SAA should be prepare and reinforce the front lines to prevent of such attack from ISIS in South, as does attacks will intensify when ISIS will be pushed from, central Syria

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

There is not much to believe in this story as it was only reported by Amaq/CIA News Agency, just more propaganda from them to say they aren’t completely losing.


South of Wadi al Waer on the map in Akashat, where the PMU received a bloody nose from ISUS. It appears Daesh trash still have strength along this stretch of the river to do raids, etc. So probably this area will remain a problem for the SAA for quite some time (with the Iraqi army still sitting idle at Haditha dam). :(

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

This particular group are known as the American Foreign Legion and operate near Al Tanf and between the camp , they get good cover from the US there.They rotate to Jordan every 2 weeks or so, why you don’t see them active very much.


Is this the same group that took out the com towers near Al Tanf border crossing? I thought that was just a false flag op by the US coalition to show how they where still needed in Al Tanf area. Sort of like “we can’t leave this area, ISIS is still in the area” :D

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

the very same group who did the comm towers and the bridges 1 day they are FSA next ISIS , they rotate out to Jordan and why they Jordanian soldiers have no problem letting them cross back and forth.


Why aren’t the Coalition forces in the area fighting ISIS?

The day after Coalition forces struck at government forces in May , ISIS raided an Iraqi position just south of the Coalition position at al Tanf. There was no riposte made on those forces. Apparently they are still holding ‘their’ territory in strength enough to want to, and be able to, strike into Syria.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The Iraqi army is not attacking them because they were duped by the US into attacking Tal afar which has been an isolated pocket for sometime. They should have mounted an attack on several fronts but blame the incompetent US command muddying the waters with their inferior style of tactics which is meant to slow any real eviction of ISIS.


And particularly the US. Where are they when ISUS attacks, having lunch? The mighty anti-ISIS coalition! What a joke.

Bill Wilson

You fuckin’ idiots, the US/FSA had cleared ISIS out of that area in early Spring and the Sissy Arab Army failed to send in units to secure the region. Those fags were supposed to come in from Palmyra yet were too chicken shit to take casualties fighting thru the few ISIS units in their way. The Iraqi Army isn’t concerned about ISIS out in the far western desert since there’s nothing out there worth fighting over. There’s an idle pipeline and a few highways made unusable by massive bomb craters. There’s no oil, water or anything else. Just a wasteland like the Syrian Desert.

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